Chapter 2

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Jenn and Mattias sat at a table in the mess hall eating what past for food around there. Neither of them were saying anything, it was an awkward silence, they both wanted to talk about Chris but, for some reason didn't.

Mattias sat hunched over his food, almost like he was protecting it; he would take a bit, then look up at Jenn and then returned to his food. Jenn was sitting proper with her legs crossed and back straight and paid hardly any attention to Mattias at all. She kept her eyes on her food for the most part except to check the time.

The loud speaker came to life and Fiona's voice came on the other end. "Jennifer Mui report to my office immediately." Then clicked off again. In one fluent motion Jenn uncrossed her legs, rose from the table and headed for the door. Mattias raised his eyes as he watched her leave.

Fiona was going through papers, like she always did, she took her job very seriously and didn't joke around a whole lot. There was a light knock at her door. "Come in." Fiona said, not taking her eyes off her work. The door opened and Jenn walked in.

"You wanted to see me?" Jenn asked trying not to interrupt her.

"Yes, just give me one second." Jenn sat down at the chair across from her and waited patiently. Finally Fiona put her head up.

"Since Chris is gone I will need some extra help from you." Jenn nodded. There was a slight flicked outside the window behind Fiona that caught Jenn's eye. She looked out trying to see if there was someone or something out there.

"Jenn." Fiona interrupted her train of thought. "I'm talking to you, please listen." Fiona said.

"Sorry." She replied looking back at Fiona. Jenn listened to what Fiona had to say but just a few minuets later that same sight caught here once more, there was something coming towards the window, something round.

"Grenade!" Jenn yelled out then dove over Fiona's desk and tackled her to the ground. The grenade came through the window spreading broken glass on the floor. Jenn scrambled to reach for the live grenade, she grasped it, rolled onto her back to though it back out the window when it went off, shards of metal tore through her flesh. Metal flew into the walls and window. Fiona was still huddled in a ball on the floor, covering her head. Jenn's face was left in a bloody mess; he arm that once held a grenade was spread all over the room now. Fiona slowly put her head up, still shaking, she went to aid Jenn but she was already gone. Fiona stood up and hit the alarm; seconds later guards raced through the door and escorted Fiona from her office.

"Fiona's dead?" Mattias asked again in disbelief.

" Yea - yeah." Replied Fiona with her head down, trying to hold back her tears.

"She died saving me, that grenade was meant for me." Frustration flew through out her voice.

"I need you to find out who did it and stop them before the attack again." Fiona looked up at Mattias with tears in her eyes and still the horrified look on her face. Mattias nodded.

"No problem." He replied with full confidence.