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As he walked to his first lesson, he noticed several dwarves glaring at him from the rooms he passed. He could only imagine what his father must have done to earn this much hatred. He rechecked his weapons, a sword and dagger combination like his father carried; he felt sure that he would need them before the end of his schooling.When he walked outside, he noticed that no one else had weapons, then he was why. Every one of them had brought their weapons tonight, and every one of them had been disarmed. The class quieted as Drizzt stood before them.

"In order to wield weapons well, you must be disciplined, you must be focused and determined, and you must be passionate. Today you will begin to learn discipline. You will wait out the night here, if any of you fall asleep, then you will all do this again tomorrow. If any of you talk, then you will all do this again tomorrow. If any of you get up, for any reason, then you will all do this again tomorrow. I will give you three ten minute breaks throughout the night. Once you all accomplish this, we will move on."

Many of the students looked worried, some even looked angry, but for the human boy, this exercise was far to easy. He sat in a comfortable position, but not so comfortable that he could fall asleep, and began to think about his family.

This is going to be a long night, the boy thought.

Drizzt eyed the boy curiously. The boy looked into his eyes without emotion. Drizzt shivered at the resemblance between the boy and his father, and yet he couldn't help but smile when he remembered the way his father had spoke on his behalf.

Having a family really changed him, Drizzt thought, I wish he could be around more now so I could judge the depth of his redemption.

The boy's gaze shifted as he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. The boys was surprised to find a black panther sitting at his side. He looked curiously at the cat and the cat's knowing gaze found him as well. Those lamp-like eyes took him in, the cat lowered her head in a sign of respect, and leaped away to keep an eye on the other students. Several hours later, a growl sounded from forty yards away. The boy turned his head in that direction and saw the source of the disturbance, another student had fallen asleep.

That's another night, he lamented, letting his mind wander.

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