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Kick Doubt

It was a lot more difficult then Mac expected when he actually started the run. He already had his game plan on the top of his head. He knew where and what to take, when to grind, when to jump. He realized he couldn't follow his game plan when he actually started his course. Halfway through he finally just decided to give way to all his expectations in what he expected from himself and decided to just go with the flow. That and the fact that Griff was on a roll and he knew this time it was his moment of glory. Though, even how much his ego wanted to show him he held back. Mac finished tired and somehow relieved he placed in third. Though for how long he didn't know.

Mac decided to walk back to the lodge with Griff. Deep down Mac was once in his place, the "Kid". Slowly they made their way back to the lift and rode it back to Peak Three's lodge discussing about how each other did spectacular tricks so worthy it should be in Sports Illustrated. Finally they made their way back into the small commune and into town.

"You know one day, you may even surpass me…but don't tell anyone I said that. You know, may cramp my style," Mac said as he looked down at the red cheeked kid his breath coming out in small cold puffs.

"I guess so, sometimes I'm not so sure. I mean you see when we were out there boarding in the race you kind of shove me away," Griff looked down to the side kicking snow off towards a near by shrub. Mac looked down at him he remembered times when he too doubted himself yet he realized how he always put up a brave front. How he used to put up an act sometimes even now.

"Look kid don't ever doubt yourself. IF you will you'll never get any better. I know I sometimes push you away it's more like you're a younger version of myself perhaps even a threat. If I gave you the wrong impression grommet… I'm sorry. By the way don't tell anyone I said that," Mac said on a serious note. Griff let out a small grin and nodded.

"Sure thing Mac, this is man talk," Griff said as he continued to make his way towards the lodge. Mac raised a brow in confusion and just silently followed Griff back to the lodge.


When Mac and Griff arrived in the lodge Mac had almost tripped over Griff as he suddenly stopped and blocked the entry of the lodge. Mac grabbed the sided of the door's frame until he managed to get balanced.

"Hey kid what's the big idea? Why did you do that!" Mac said as he shoved him inside so they closed to the door and stop letting the warm air out. "Hey Griff, what's your problem?" Mac asked once again. Mac looked down patiently waiting for a reply. However, Griff just stared on with a mixed up expression.

"Oh oh.. Mac.. I forgot to ask you something," Griff looked up and tugged on his jacket. Mac raised his brow once again.

"Okay what's up?"

"I'm what's up," came an angry voice. Mac suddenly felt a strong, dangerous presence. He slowly looked up as he knew that voice but never in that tone.

"What the… Nate why the bad vibes?" Mac said casually as he took a step off towards the side wandering why Nate looked really upset.

"Griff go up to your room. Mac and I are going to have a little chat," Griff nervously nodded as he started to take off.

"Bye Mac," he said meekly. Mac watched him run up the stairs and out of sight before concentrating back up at Nate.

"Okay so you wanna talk let's talk," Mac said seriously but before getting another word in Nate suddenly grabbed him by the collar and backed him into the wall. Everyone else in the room got tensed, however not tense enough to stop ease dropping. Nate suddenly grabbed a folded up paper out of his pocket.

"Do you know what this is?" Nate asked in a heavy angry tone. Mac nervously looked at the crumpled up newspaper before kicking out of Nate's grasp and shoving him back. Nate let go more willingly then he had actually expected. Mac grabbed the worn newspaper out of his hands and began to read.

Elise and Mac the most hottest and anticipated couple to touch the fresh powder. Everyone was excited when they discovered two of the most famous SSX boarders to be an item. Now sports has another connection to Hollywood, hot and steamy romances. Elise Riggs stated in an interview that…

Mac then decided to look at the picture which unfortunately was front-page. They was a picture of Elise with her arm around Mac and to his surprise his face actually seemed very content. He knew that picture had to be a one and a million shot. Mac nervously yet calmly focused back at the glaring Nate.

"You seriously don't believe this crap do you?" Mac was surprised at the words that just left his mouth. That wasn't what he had on mind to say and yet they came out anyways.

"As a matter of fact, yes! I do," Nate stated his arms crossed. " I just can't believe you and Elise would do something like that, especially.."

"Wait a second, haven't you discussed this with Elise yet? I mean she's the one you should be mad at. She's the one who started all this!" Mac said in his defense.

"How am I suppose to believe you," Nate said almost mournfully. It wasn't the same strong manly tone as it was a young nervous pre-teen whimper.

"Umm I don't know maybe it's because I'm already going out with…. Allegra." he said her name as if he'd barely just got it from the top of his head.

"Yeah you're right. It's just I don't know if I can confront this to her. She's acting like nothing has happened. I don't know what do!" Nate yelled as he slammed his fist into the wall behinds Mac's head. Mac moved just in the nick of time grabbing the back of his head making sure it was okay.

"Woah, look I mean she's your girl. If you have something to say be a man and ask her. Don't come running at me as if it was my fault. Besides I have my own problems to deal with!" Mac shoved Nate with his hands before going back outside of the lodge. Though as soon as he walked outside he was once again surrounded by photographers and journalist asking him random questions. Mac covered his eyes with his hands. Soon he realized this too is his problem.


Mac found Elise in a nearby Sports Shop she was posing for a photo shoot for a magazine. They're were lights and security everywhere. The only way he actually got in the shop was because of the fact everyone believed that he was actually Elise's boyfriend. Finally after ten more minutes Elise was done with her photo shoot.

"Elise we need to talk," Mac said as he walked up to her as she drank a cup of water.

"Oh really about what?" she said as a man carrying equipment raised his brows trying not to listen but failed miserably as his face expressions where so obvious.

"You know what! About the newspaper! About us going out!"

"Okay, just quiet down now. You're making me look bad," Elise said as she grabbed a towel to fan herself off. "Geez you'd think they're baking cookies in here. Are you hungry? I'm starving let's go out and eat; my treat," Elise said as she made her way towards a dressing room.

"Elise I'm serious here. Nate's totally going to kick my ass and just not that; the way he's acting," Mac said through the other side of the door.

"I haven't heard that he thinks anything of it," Elise said quaintly as she continued to get dress.

"Yeah I don't know about you but he's definitely ticked at me. Haven't you know talked it over yet?" Mac said as he started to scratch the back of his head.

"As a matter of fact.. No," Elise said as she opened the door and lean upon the door's frame. "Look Nate hasn't said anything about it, so why should I worry."

"Elise when's the last time you've even spoken to him?" Mac said out of curiosity. Elise face seemed to scrunch up.

"In a few days… it doesn't matter I'm not avoiding him on purpose. It's just that I've been so busy these-"

"Ha! The only reason you've been busy is because of the stunt you've pulled. That doesn't count besides Nate's seriously hurt here. I mean I never seen a man look quite like that. I mean this may sound a little you know mushy and all but do you have any considerations for Nate's feelings?" Elise looked off towards the side as she loudly inhaled.

"Look I do care about Nate's feelings. Though, when I told him when I first decided to start… you know this relationship that I'm not going to choose him over my career," Elise said as she stood up straight tall as an arrow. Mac stood there officially in shock. He knew he loved his career but the idea of choosing his career over someone else, another human being a lover at that, Mac looked down confusedly.

"Elise, that's really cold. I mean you're hurting your relationship with Nate because of popularity," Mac said to her though he knew that was something she already knew and figured that was just a waste of breath. Then Mac suddenly thought of something as he backed up and started to throw various sporting goods around the room. Elise looked taken aback and shocked.

" I should of knew it! Elise you cold bitch! I knew you were cheating on me all this time. You better warn Nate.. LOGAN next time I see him he's a DEAD MAN!" Mac yelled out loud. He took a quick look around to see if anyone was watching and sure enough the whole store stopped to see the commotion. Mac hurriedly made his way out of the store and out in the cool night. He ran off toward the side of another store and hid in a small alley before breaking out in laughter. Mac couldn't believe that he did that and yet somehow got away with it. After a couple of minutes of sucking cold air Mac decided to make his way back to the lodge.

Just a few steps he suddenly felt the real affects of the conversation. He suddenly felt sad. He realized something strange a strange feeling between people and bonds. He realized that he understood and didn't understood Elise and Nate. He realized if he was in the same situation as her ,what would he have done? Then again he never thought about a person affecting his career. In the end would he choose his career over a soul mate? Could he possibly love his career more than he could love another person? Mac continued to walk towards the lodge confused and strangely cold.

Mac woke the next day as he got ready for a break he felt he really knew he'd appreciate after yesterday's strange events. Mac got up to his usual routine slowly making his way towards breakfast where he sat down and ordered something for himself. Halfway through breakfast he noticed Allegra was eating with Viggo and Zoe. Mac looked around the room to see if he was possibly in obscure sight or the room was decently crowded. Though the room was the same as usual he didn't see why Allegra didn't want to eat breakfast with him. Mac continued to eat with a shrug as he quickly gulped down his meal and waited for her as she got out. Finally, after fifth teen minutes Allegra made her way out.

"Hey Allegra what's up I haven't seen you lately. I mean why the avoidance?" Mac said as he tapped her shoulder to get her attention. Allegra turned and smiled half heartedly.

"Oh it's nothing I mean kind of feel like having alone time," Allegra said as she continued to walk towards her room.

"Yeah? I mean… yeah I guess. Is something up in your mind? I mean you seem really distant." he said following after her.

"No…I mean I really need alone time. Time to think and concentrate on my moves. I mean seriously this peak is harder than I thought," she said a little more convincing. Suddenly they walked into the main hall where a man suddenly popped out from a near by corridor bombarding with question.

" Mac, can we ask you a few questions about you and Ms. Riggs?"

"No man can't you see I'm talking here!" Mac said as he shoved the mans notebook out of his face. Allegra's face seemed to turn green.

"Look Mac I'll just see you later… you know when you and your publicity squad isn't around," Allegra said bitterly as she rolled her eyes and took off. Mac wanted to say something but the reporter kept egging him.

Mid afternoon Mac was seriously starting to hate newspapers, reporters, journalist of all types. He couldn't believe how bad it was to be famous till now. If that wasn't enough, his fans were now too getting in with the game. As they started to stalk and yell cheers as he passed asking questions about what he and Elise did for alone time. Everywhere he went flashed from photographers or just plain fans were seemingly to kill his shadow. What's even worse he couldn't help but feel sorry for Nate. Nate kept popping back in his head. He didn't know why he really didn't know the guy personally. Though he was a good guy over all. Mac made his way towards the cafeteria until he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Mac!" he turned around to see Griff running up towards him though he seemed to be on the look out as well.

"Hey what's up my little man?" Mac said as Griff finally caught up slightly out of breath.

"Nothing much. I mean I was trying to avoid that new wave of photographers following Elise around the lodge." Griff said in dismay. All of a sudden a group of journalist came walking by and spotted Mac.

"What, all man! Let's bail," Mac said as he panicked and ran to the safest place he could think of. Mac ran into the restroom and into a stall closing it shut as he started to bang his head against the metal door. Remember to thank Elise one day for this moment.

"Hey Mac where'd ya go I need to talk to you!" Griff's voice called out as he just walked in the restrooms as well.

"I'm here… behind this door," Mac said dully.

"Oh… it's just that I wanted to talk to you about Nate," Griff started as he sat up on the counter next to a row of fancy sinks and a long mirror behind him on the wall. "I mean he told me what he did to you the other day and he's says he's really sorry about that,"

"Yeah, I know," Mac said quietly as he remembered the other day. Griff continued to sit quietly.

"Umm Mac, do you know if Nate is going to be alright?" Mac said nothing at first.

"I don't know. I mean Elise burned him pretty bad."

"Oh… I mean she seems pretty nice. I don't know why she'd do that," Griff said as he stared at the paper towel dispenser. Mac took a deep breath than exhaled.

"Look Elise has… issues. I mean she's over all a cool girl. Though, she's well… she's Elise and Elise does really stupid things. Wait I mean makes really stupid decisions that other people don't understand," Mac bang his fist on the stall door. "What am I saying I'm acting like I'm talking to a four year old." he said to himself. Griff just sat on the counter swinging his legs, quietly pondering what Mac said trying to see if he actually made any sense.

"Hmmm, I'm not sure I get it," Griff said to Mac, though Griff was sure he didn't get it at all. All he knew is that Nate was mad at Mac because of Elise. Somehow he felt Mac was the best person to help fix this problem. "Hey I got an idea!" he yelled out all of a sudden.

Mac who was resting his warm face on the metal stall door just blinked. "What?" he said unenthusiastically. "How about we get Elise and Nate to talk to each other!" he said as a matter of fact. Mac knew that was the answer to all their problems. Obviously Griff was a talented boarder not a rocket scientist. Though, Mac chuckled at the thought. Was it really that simple?

"I know… but how?" he said to Griff, who was already grabbing some paper towels thinking of other ways to entertain himself. Griff frowned dramatically. "Uhmmm…. I don't know," he said dully. "Uhmmm…Uhmmmm….Uhmmm." He kept saying as if he was meditating. All the same he was turning on the sinks and wetting the paper towels.

"Enough with the uhmmms kid," Mac said as he decided to come out of his stall to think as well.

"I know… how about this. I lead Nate to someplace and YOU can take Elise to the same place but without them knowing. Yeah!" he said all excitedly. Mac scrunched up his eyebrows. Making sure he got what he meant. Griff decided to vandalize the restrooms ceiling as he was starting to get entertained.

"So you're saying trick them into seeing each other?" Mac said as he put a hand under his chin. It sounded so simple now that he thought about it. "Yeah that is a good idea but what about Elise's paparazzi?"

"Ohhh I know we can make a distraction!" Griff said as he ran out of wet paper towels.

"Shhh not so loud I like your plan though," Mac said as he smiled and gently punched him on the shoulder. He wasn't such a four year old after all. "So about that distraction, in order for this plan to work we may need to make a few calls, or few more friends," he said as he leaned against the wet counter. "Hey check and see if the coast is clear?" Mac said and Griff made his way towards the door to check. He stuck out his head looking in both directions.

"I think the coast is clear?" he said not really sure. Mac grimaced but shrugged.

"Oh well, we'll just have to run for it," he said making his way out of the restroom. Griff and him stood there in the hall, everything was peaceful. "Okay now," he said as he started in a slow jog. "To the Bat Cave!" he yelled out and Griff ran up after him. They made the long run to Mac's room where they discussed battle plans.

Mac and Griff decided that Psymon and Zoe would be best suited for causing distractions. So Mac called them into their room where they ordered in food, soda, and hot chocolate. They knew that the distraction had to be really big and bold to get most of the Paparazzi's attention off him and Elise. They exacted a meeting spot where Griff would lure Nate and Mac with Elise and to make sure no one else where go to. It was risky and flawed, they knew a lot of things can go wrong, though that made the event even more and fun and special. Mac, Griff, Zoe, and Psymon stayed up late in the night excited about the plan while watching Morning of the Earth.

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