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Beautiful warrior

Hid your feelings for so long

Alone you will die.

The border of day and night, life and death, as the dark clouds eat up the last remains of the bright sunset.

The cliff is just before him, all he has to do is jump.

A slight opportunity, to rid himself of that slow, agonizing suffering. The Shinsengumi will miss a swordsman.

But in the end no one will really miss Okita Souji.

That is a thought that leaves him smiling. Who would do such a cowardly thing? Is that a death worth dying?

He will never find out if they miss him if he dies.

Okita coughs devastatingly. But it is not his time to die yet. Since when giving up has been an option?

For as long as he can choose, he will. To be there a little while longer.


Because in the end, he doesn't want to be alone.

A/N: What do you think? I know I kinda have an obsession with the word 'alone' and smiles in general... Well, this is my first Okita fic, and frankly, I know almost nothing about this character, (I haven't seen the OVAs) but I still find him mostly interesting. (For eg, I don't know if he'd even dream of committing suicide... )So if you have comments to make that could help me with future fics, please, send them to me! Arigatou ˆˆ and yes, that thing in italics is supposed to be a haiku. Thought I'm new at that so... (sigh)