Author#s Note: This fic is not supposed to be fantastic. I wrote in randomly without planning while I was watching Shaman King.

Author's Note 2: THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! The setting of this fic is during the final battle with Zeke when Zeke has absorbed Yoh's soul.

Disclaimer: Although this fic didn't really have much thought put into it. I would apprecitate it if you would not steal my work because it is still my work. Much appreciated.Thank you.

Goodbye, My love

Dear my darling Yoh,

I guess I never actually gotto tell you this, so I suppose now is a good a time as any. When you were with us I treated you like a dog; I guess this was my way of showing you that I cared, but I'm alsoguessing thatyou never understood that; you always thought that I was just being mean andmaking you train all day for my own personal amusement, but that was not my reason at all. I did it because I loved you, because I wanted you to become Shaman King, I did it because I wanted you to be recognised for the shining star that you are.

I just wanted to tell you that you will always be in my heart with whatever I do. You are a true Asakura warrior; and, as well as being the only person I will ever love, you were also my best friend. Rest in peace Yoh.

I'll love you forever my dear husband
Your beloved wife
Anna Asakura
xxx xxx xxx


1st September 2005 - 1st September 2005