Disclaimer: I don't actually own any of the characters that will be appearing, except for the hani in the last chapter

Disclaimer: I don't actually own any of the characters that will be appearing, except for the hani in the last chapter. The actual hani species and the story line belong to C.J. Cherryh, and her Pride of Chanur series of books. A very good series that I highly recommend reading! Especially as I will be changing the story line a lot, and therefore you shouldn't take what I write as the way it happens in the series.

Author's notes: I can't actually give a valid reason for not updating sooner, except for sheer laziness, and procrastination, and writers block, and losing my old computer, and hard drive, but I got my old hard drive back up and running, so I recovered the last two chapters that I hadn't reposted yet. Now I guess I should say on with the story, and please don't hate me for butchering the series that are going to appear in the next few chapters, starting with this one! Plus it won't let me put in my scene change indicators, unfortunately, so just bear with me on that


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Ch. 11 - Ranma starts his training journey...among other things

Ranma suddenly found himself falling through the air from a height of about 40 ft above the ground. He was so shocked to suddenly find himself falling from such a height, especially after he was just walking on and looking at the ground, that he almost didn't get his body shifted so that he could land properly. When he landed lightly on the ground though, he was startled to hear a loud gasp of surprise from behind him. Quickly stretching out with his senses as he spun towards the sound, he relaxed a little bit as he sensed no hostile intent towards himself.

As he completed his turn, he was surprised to find himself looking at a very beautiful woman, wearing a strange outfit. It seemed to be a series of silk like gauzy linen strips of cloth wrapped around her body. As he focused on her, he got a sense of power, tightly controlled and suppressed. He also recognized the feel of her aura, as being like that of Belldandy-sama and Skuld-sama, and recently of Nabiki as well...

As he looked at the woman he said quietly, "You're a goddess aren't you?" This earned him a sharp look of surprise from the woman...goddess...in question.

She looked him and asked rather sharply, "How did you know that? Just who are you? How and why did you suddenly appear out of the very air, here in MY temple?"

Ranma scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and went with his standard greeting number 103, scratching the back of his head, he looked at the ground sheepishly and said, "I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry 'bout this. As for how and why I suddenly appeared, I have no clue whatsoever, especially since I was nowhere near the Nanban mirror, or anything else that would make me travel through time or space, and as for this being your temple, please forgive me if I have disturbed you in any way!"

Before the goddess could say anything, she looked towards the entrance to the room where she was confronting Ranma, and her face softened as she saw one of her beloved pets enter the room. Ranma didn't know why she had relaxed, but he figured he had satisfied her curiosity. The goddess looked back at Ranma and said, "You are forgiven, and you didn't disturb me, you just surprised me. Now I asked you once, and I will ask you again, how did you know I am a goddess?"

Ranma was rather sheepish at having forgotten to answer that particular question, and quickly stammered out, "Well...y-you see, I have h-had contact with goddess's back home, in fact the sister of my ex-fiancée Akane Tendo, Nabiki Tendo, is now a goddess herself. Nabiki that is, Akane is my ex-fiancée. Nabiki is being trained in her powers by a couple of Goddess's, Belldandy-sama, and Skuld-sama. And your aura has the same feeling as theirs does. And I knew from that fact, that you are a goddess. May I ask your name by the way Megami-sama?"

The goddess smiled, though she was rather puzzled as to who the two goddess's Ranma had mentioned were, and wondered if possibly he meant Verdandy instead, but she just shrugged it off for now and said; "Of course you can ask who I am Ranma, I am Bastet, goddess of hearth, and pregnancy, and goddess of cats."

As soon as Bastet started to introduce herself, Ranma smiled politely and bowed low in respect, but when she mentioned that she was the goddess of cat's, Ranma froze in shock, and stiffened in slight terror. And it was at this point in time that Ranma felt something small and furry brush up against his legs from behind him, and he also heard the most horrifying sound he has ever heard..."meow"...with a shriek of terror, Ranma jumped straight up in the air, and with an amazing display of dexterity and ingenuity, and sheer strength, Ranma clung to the ceiling above him, a good 70 ft. above the floor.

Bastet looked up at Ranma in shock, and as Ranma looked down at the floor in terror, their eyes met, and Bastet was surprised to see the first stage of the Neko-Ken looking back at her from the depths of Ranma's eyes.

With a startled gasp, she looked at her pet, which had just scared Ranma, and with a gesture, sent it scampering from the room, with a mental instruction to tell the other felines to stay out for a while. After the cat left Ranma's sight, he dropped lightly from the ceiling, shivering. As Ranma looked around the room to make sure there were no other felines present, Bastet walked up to Ranma and gently wrapped him in her arms, causing Ranma to tense in surprise.

Before he could say anything though, Bastet asked softly and with great concern in her voice, "Ranma, just where and how did you learn the initial stage of the Neko-Ken? The only ones allowed to teach it are my priests and priestesses, and they know better than to leave someone trained only in the initial stage of the Neko-Ken...If I find out that one of them did this to you, then I will punish them very severely!"

Ranma looked up at Bastet, and shook his head. He said, "My pops trained me, after he found a manual that detailed how the training should be done...He didn't read the last page though, which said that it had been banned because it drove the trainee insane, and if the trainer and trainee were lucky, then the student would die, or would learn the technique but would be deathly afraid of c-c-c-c-felines. He instead just dug the pit, starved a bunch of stray c-c-c-c them things, and then wrapped me in fish products and threw me into the pit over and over until I finally snapped and learned the technique."

Bastet was understandably pissed upon hearing this, and she caused a chair to appear behind her, and she sat down, pulling Ranma onto her lap, where upon Ranma started to protest, but Bastet hushed him gently, and started to soothe him. As Ranma relaxed, she asked him softly to tell her about his training under his father. As Ranma told her about his life with his father, Bastet started to feel her temper starting to rise, and she had to restrain herself from displaying her anger in a way that might frighten Ranma. She didn't realize that Ranma would actually feel more comfortable if she were to reveal her temper in a manner that he was familiar with, when it comes to females.

After Ranma finished telling her everything, right up to the point that he appeared in her temple, Bastet tightened her hold on Ranma, and bowed her head gently over his, and Ranma was surprised to find tears falling on top of his head, from Bastet's eye's. He looked up and started to panic, and he reacted as he usually does, by jumping out of her arms and dropping to the floor bowing over and over, apologizing for whatever he did that made her cry. Bastet stared at Ranma in shock, and stopped crying, before she lost control of her temper towards everyone that has ever hurt or manipulated Ranma, and she raised him up gently, and explained that it wasn't his fault she was crying, he had done nothing to make her cry, she was crying for him, because of what had been done to him by others. To say that Ranma was shocked would have been an understatement.

But before Ranma could say anything, Bastet looked at Ranma and asked softly, "How would you like to learn to control the Neko-Ken, and no longer be afraid of cats?"

Before she could continue, Ranma was right in front of her with big luminous eyes, and a big grin on his face. "You really mean it? You can really help me out with that?" Ranma asked her incredulously. Ranma then said, "Actually, I do have partial control of the neko-ken, it's just I can't get over the fear, you really really mean you will help me overcome the fear?"

With a simple nod of her head, Bastet suddenly found herself being hugged tightly enough by Ranma that she was afraid her ribs or her back might give out. As soon as Ranma realized what he was doing though, he backed away quickly, and raised his hands over his head apologizing profusely for being perverted. Even though he was no longer cursed to act like an idiot jock, like his pops had wanted him to act, and he knew that hugging someone wasn't perverted, it was still a force of habit due to ingrained "training" from the fiancée brigade, that hugging someone you don't know was and is perverted.

Bastet hissed like an angry cat, due to what had been done to Ranma by those who were supposed to be his friends, and family, but Ranma being Ranma, he mistook the hiss for anger at him, and started to panic. Before he could do anything to try and apologize though, Bastet forced herself to calm down, and she stepped up to Ranma and gently wrapped her arms around him in a fierce hug, and told him, "You did nothing perverted Ranma, and you did nothing wrong either, in fact, I am happy that you felt you could hug me like that. It made me happy to know that you felt comfortable enough with me to hug me after I said I could and would help you gain control of the Neko-Ken."

Ranma looked up at Bastet in surprise, and asked softly, "You're really not mad at me? You don't think I was being perverted?" When Bastet shook her head, Ranma relaxed slightly, and returned Bastet's hug.

Bastet then turned her head towards the doorway, where a temple priestess was peeking into the room, and with a simple gentle motion of her head, called the young priestess into the room. The priestess slowly and hesitantly entered the presence of her goddess, and the strangely dressed young man currently hugging her, and wondered who he was, and why he was being allowed to touch a goddess like he was.

Bastet looked at the girl, and after casting a translation spell on Ranma so that he would hear whatever was being spoken in his native tongue, and whatever he said to someone else would be understood in their language, said softly, "Sophia, be a dear and alert the high priest and priestess that I require their presence in the training chamber please?"

With a startled expression, the young priestess Sophia nodded and scurried off. Ranma then looked up at Bastet and asked her, "How is it that I can handle being in the presence of Luna and Artemis, two moon cats, but I can't handle a regular c-c-c-c-c-one of them furry demons?"

Bastet looked at Ranma sharply when she heard him call her beloved pet's demons, but the expression on her face quickly faded as she realized that it was basically force of habit, and also an honest opinion of cats, due to his fear. Bastet then sighed, and prepared to offer a quick theory.

"I believe, from what you told me of how you met the sailor scouts, that it is due to them entering your mind, and basically changing your view of them. They aren't cats in your mind, they are people, intelligent beings who deserve respect, and also they helped you after a fashion, so you feel you can trust them, and have no need to fear them. They appear to be cat's to you, but your fear does not recognize them as such." Bastet sighed, and vowed darkly in her mind, to make Ranma's father pay for what he had done to this honorable and trusting young man. The fact that she actually felt a sort of parental concern and care for him starting to form, didn't play any part in her vow, nope, not a bit of it, not even one tiny shred did it have anything to do with her vow to make those who had hurt Ranma, her so-, ah, her new young friend, yeah her new young friend, suffer for what they had done!

Outside the main training room for the Neko-ken

Ranma slowly relaxed in the presence of his new found friend, as they walked to the training chamber, and as they continued to talk, Ranma was surprised to find that he could actually feel the Neko-Ken within him responding to the presence of the Megami he was with. He didn't know why, but he actually trusted her as much as he did Belldandy-sama, and to a lesser extent, Skuld-sama. He was just very very very happy to know that he was finally going to be able to control the neko-ken, and have that one and only (cough, yeah right, cough) weakness of his taken care of!

Finally after what seemed like hours to the rather impatient martial artist, the high priest and high priestess of Bastet finally arrived. It was actually only 10 minutes, but still, with a chance to finally get cured of the horrors of the neko-ken, it seemed like forever! Finally though, both Ranma and Bastet were joined at the training chamber by the two main leaders of the temple dedicated to the Goddess Bastet.

Upon being told what had been done to Ranma, before they found out just who had done it, they both shouted in anger and dismay, "WHEN WE FIND OUT WHICH ONE OF OUR PRIESTS OR PRIESTESSES DID THIS ATTROCITY, THEY WILL BE SEVERLY PUNISHED BASTET-SAMA!!"

Bastet then explained to the pair exactly who had done it, and what Ranma had told her, including the fact that as they had talked on the way to the training chamber, that Ranma was actually from the future, basically many many cycles of the moon and sun from that present day, they were understandably confused as to how he could have ended up there. Ranma himself couldn't shed any light on the subject either, being confused in that aspect as well, but still, being in the past, and being presented with the opportunity to gain control of the neko-ken was a kami sent gift!(1)

When Ranma and the high priest and priestess entered the training room, Bastet returned to the heavenly plane to see if she could find out what was going on. She got to her office, and after starting to look through the papyrus scrolls there, she was surprised when a messenger arrived with a special scroll for her and her alone. She opened it, and slowly read the contents with growing disbelief, and also growing joy.

Subject: Ranma Saotome

Classification: Human

Affinity: Classified Kami-sama's eye's only

Attribute's: Martial Artist

Parent's: Genma Saotome- father

Nodoka Saotome- mother

Bastet- Goddess of Hearth, Fertility, and Felines (adopted mother)

- classified

- classified

- classified

Gender- Aquatransexual- gender altering curse

Aliases- Ranko Tendo, Ranko Saotome

Current location- Ancient Egypt learning to control the neko-ken, then continuing to travel.

Reason for temporal translocation- Classified Kami-sama's eye's only

History up to "present"- see attached files(2)

After reading everything that was in the main file, and then reading the attached files, Bastet vowed that once Ranma was done with his training and had mastered the TRUE neko-ken, that she would talk to him about having been adopted by her, and vowing that she will make sure that what happened on his trip doesn't happen, or at least that after he arrives in Nerima, the stuff there won't happen at all!(3)

Meanwhile back in the main training room

Ranma looked around the room with a great deal of trepidation, not that he was scared or anything, of course he wasn't scared, he was just being cautious because he didn't know where some of those small furry demon's from hell might be hiding in the room...yeah that's it, he was just being very cautious so that he didn't get caught unawares!

Once in the room, the High Priest looked at Ranma and said softly, "What needs to happen now, if you are to start to learn to control the gift bestowed upon you in the form of the neko-ken, is for you to relax, and take a meditative state of mind. You need to calm your mind and start to look within yourself, for the part of you that is the cat, and try to make it once more a part of you."

Ranma stared at the guy like he was crazy, and at the mention of the word cat, he let off a long shudder of revulsion. But he then took the guy's words as a sort of challenge, and mentally stating to himself that "Ranma Saotome don't lose" he settled in the middle of floor, and started to enter a meditative state. Before he got too far into it though, the high priestess spoke as well.

"Ranma, once you have found the part of you that is the neko-ken, as said, you must try to make it a part of you again, not flee from it. You must be in control and once you feel that you have control of the fear, if not the neko-ken, then signal us by lifting your left hand and at that time we will allow a single cat to come into the room. We will not be harmed if you lose control of yourself, so please don't worry about us. Until you can tolerate numerous cats, and start to learn to manifest the gifts of the cat consciously, and can control your actions while around cats, and are finally comfortable with cats, you will not be permitted to leave this room. Food and water will be provided for all three of us, and should you fail to learn control of the neko-ken, then unfortunately, there is no alternative but for you to die, for we can not allow you to remain a berserker in any way. Is all this understood?" As the high priestess said all this, she had a determined look on her face, that turned sad as she told Ranma that he would be killed if he couldn't master the neko-ken.

Ranma looked at the two other occupants of the room, and then with a determined nod of his head, he entered the deepest meditative trance he could. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't very deep, because he wasn't used to meditating in this manner. Finally, after several frustrating hours, Ranma stood up and started to do katas, which helped him relax, and as the other two people in the room watched, they could only stare in awe of what Ranma was capable of doing. Finally though, Ranma froze in place, and they could see the look on his face shifting from determination to relaxation, to intense concentration.

After about an hour of this, they saw his face change to one of intense fear, mixed with determination though, and they knew immediately that Ranma had found the neko part of himself. After about two hours, Ranma seemed to indicate that he had everything under control, so at that point, the high priestess let in a single, solitary playful little kitten, who immediately gravitated to Ranma, somehow sensing that he would play with her. As was no real surprise to the other two people in the room, as soon as the kitten entered the room, Ranma tensed up, and as the kitten approached, and stretched out a paw to "tag" him for a game of chase, she accidently scratched him lightly, and set him off into a full fledged neko-ken episode.(4)

With a sigh, both the leaders of the temple settled down to wait for the two "kitten's" to tire themselves out and go to sleep, before removing the kitten, and starting the process all over again.


(1)Literally it was kami or rather Kami-sama sent

(2)Since we all know basically how Ranma's training trip went, no need to belabor the already obvious! Besides, the changes I have made are present in past chapters, go back and read if necessary!

(3)Except we all know Ranma would see that as cheating and taking the easy way out, and more than likely losing, and as we all know, Ranma Saotome DOESN'T LOSE!

(4)I know it took a tiger in the manga, and the show to induce the neko-ken, and many many cat's otherwise, but he is meditating at this point in time, and is in contact with the neko-ken, so this single small kitten is more than enough to send him into the full neko-ken.

Author's ending note...

I apologize for taking so long to update, but as stated up above, I blame laziness, procrastination, a bout of very very good fanfics, and well, the ever ubiquitous writer's block! I hope you will forgive me for taking so long and I apologize for any mistakes, and also if this chapter doesn't flow like the other's did...I am just now getting back to the writing portion, and I have a lot of idea's for what to cross this over with, and again, send in idea's for who the mother's of Ranma's children should be, and who he should end up with, I have some definite plans now, but depending on who you all vote for, I will take that into consideration. I have gotten many votes, and yes, I have them all catalogued, but after getting booted for posting the results, I won't do that until probably the chapter just before I make my final decisions! TTFN, and god bless and good luck in all you do!