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Yzak glared at the T.V. screen.

The government had begun rebuilding Orb two years ago and had made many advances. Nowadays you couldn't turn on the T.V. without seeing at least one news station doing a story on a new building sight.

It was nice…everything was going right for once and the two years of complete peace had been good for all sides. But it was just…really boring.

Dearka pressed the remote control skimming through the shows.





"Dearka just pick a channel!" Dearka frowned "there's nothing good to watch."

Yzak rolled his eyes "than turn it off!"

"…I don't wanna." He looked at the T.V."no..."

"Argh!" Yzak threw a couch pillow at him and was slightly satisfied when it knocked the remote control out of Dearka's hand.

Dearka frowned "…well…"

Yzak narrowed his eyes "what!" he shrugged "you threw the pillow so you should go pick the remote control up."

"Moron its right there!"

"I can't reach it!" Dearka stretched out his hand "see!"

A vein popped in Yzak's forehead.

"If you're so bored why don't you go watch Tamiko!" Dearka stood up in a huff and grabbed the remote control "I told you Kira's watching her!"


A loud cry was heard from the kitchen.

Dearka and Yzak looked at each other.


"was that-"


"Should we-"


"Ok than."

They both made a mad dash towards the kitchen.

Dearka ran in first "Kira is everything alrigh-ahhh!"

He slipped on a puddle of ice cream and crashed into the large ocean in the middle of the kitchen.Yzak's eyes twitched as he side stepped the mess on the floor "Kira what's going on!" he demanded.

Dearka limply raised an arm "no, no I fine thanks for your concern."

Yzak looked at him in mild contempt and than turned back to the crying Tamiko"what happened in here?"

Kira frowned "I told Tamiko to get the ice cream and she accidentally dropped it." He leaned down to try and comfort his niece.

"Shh it's alright. It was just an accident!" Tamikos cries slowly quieted until it was only an occasional sniffle "s-sorry…"

Dearka stood up leaning against the ocean for support "don't worry about it!" He smiled and than took a step forward.

"Wait!" Kira cried out.

Dearka stepped back in alarm and slipped again, banging his head against the floor.

Yzak and Kira winced.

That must've hurt…

Kira smiled apologetically "sorry…I just didn't want you tracking ice cream all over the floor."

Leaning forward using his elbows Dearka began yelling obscenities at the abashed ex gundam fighter.

Yzak began massaging his fore head.

Idiots…he was…completely surrounded by idiots.

Tamiko looked down sadly at the wasted ice cream.

Her bottom lip began to tremble, the three men's eyes widened in horror.

Oh crap…

After Dearka managed to get up with the help of Kira, he looked down at his chocolate stained shirt. "Hey could I take a quick shower?"

Kira nodded "sure, I'll throw your clothes in the laundry while you take a shower, than clean up the kitchen." He looked over at his chocolate covered niece.

"But while I'm doing that whose going to give Tamiko a bath?"


Kira and Dearka heads both swiveled towards Yzak. He frowned. What the hell were they looking at?

Kira smiled "hey Yzak…mind doing me a favor?" He glared at him "counts on what the favor is." Kira shrugged "would you mind giving Tamiko a bath?"

Yzak snorted disbelievingly "no way why do I have too!" Kira frowned "I know where the laundry room is and where all of the cleaning supplies are so it will be easier for me to clean up the kitchen." Yzak turned his gaze to Dearka "Dearka's already taking a shower so why doesn't he just give Tamiko one?"

Dearka shook his head frantically "no way I'm not a pedophile!" Yzak snorted "Miriallia is like what? Two years younger than you?"

"That's not the same!"

Tamiko's innocent voice spoke out "wat's a peedophiley?"

There was a long derange of silence.

Yzak slapped himself on the forehead "you stupid, stupid little man you."

Kira laughed nervously "I-it's nothing Tamiko, absolutely nothing." Tamiko pouted, not satisfied with that answer "does daddy know?"

"NO!" All three men shouted frantically.

Tamiko blinked in surprise and than frowned "than wat is it?"

There was an awkward silence, one of Yzak's eyes twitched. Persistent little brat wasn't she?The two other men looked over at him pleadingly.

Yzak sighed and shook his head holding out a hand to Tamiko "fine, fine I'll give her a bath."

Tamiko led him upstairs to the bathroom and was smiling happily. She grabbed his sleeve and tugged "can I have bubwels too?"

Yzak's nose twitched and he looked back at Kira and Dearka,who were trying (and failing) to hold back sneers "you two are going to pay for this…"

Yzak poured pink strawberry scented shampoo into his hands and began lathering Tamiko's hair.

He frowned when Tamiko began to squirm. "Would you hold still" he muttered.She shook her head "no no that's not how you do it!"

Yzak looked down in annoyance at her wet foamy hair "what am I doing wong!"Tamiko let out an exaggerated sigh "my mommy washes in circles."

He rolled his eyes and continued washing her hair. "Ow, your still not do wing it wight! To wough!"

Yzak snarled and was close to exploding. He shook his, no. Tamiko was just a little kid…he had to stay calm.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…


"Uncwle Yzwak?" He frowned "what." She smiled "can we put the bubbwels in now!" He rolled his eyes and picked up the dark pink bottle. In one bored fluid motion he poured the contents into the tub.

"Tell me when to stop" he muttered.




"Tamiko?" Her eyes were wide.

"mommy and daddy never put that many bubwels in my bath…" Yzak immediately snapped his hand back. He could only watch in horror as the layer of white bubbles grew bigger and bigger.

This was bad….

He quickly rinsed Tamiko's hair and grabbed a towel "Tamiko get out of the bath tub!" Tamiko pouted and stood up, her body completely covered with bubbles causing her to look like a miniature abominable snow man.

"But uncle Yzwak I'm not done!" He hurriedly wrapped the fluffy white blanket around her ignoring her protests.

Grabbing Tamiko around the waist he ran into the living room "Kira!"

Kira looked up dumbly dropping the mop he was holding "w-wha?"

"Take her!" Yzak placed Tamiko into Kira's arm and grabbed the mop running back upstairs to the bathroom.

Kira watched him run up the stairs two steps at a time and than turned his head back to Tamiko, who was currently wiping her wet face on his shirt.

He didn't even want to know.

Kira placed his niece on the floor and began rubbing wet droplets out of her hair he frowned when he saw she was dripping all over the floor. Now he would have to clean it again

Dearka walked out of the downstairs bathroom toweling his own hair dry. "What's going on? Where's Yzak?"

Kira shrugged "I have absolutely no idea what's going on up there."

They both looked up curiously as a loud muffled curse was heard. Kira sighed and grabbed some paper towels "could you dress Tamiko for me while I clean up?"

Dearka smiled "sure!" He walked over and picked Tamiko up, throwing her over his shoulder while she squealed in delight.

"Come on princess show me to your quarters." Tamiko giggled "my mommy and daddy keep my quwarters in a piggy bank."

Dearka chuckled as he climbed up the stairs "yeah? Well I wouldn't mind if you showed me were those were either."

There was suddenly a loud thump that came from the bathroom. "Hey Tamiko" Dearka questioned "what happened in there?"

She smiled "bubwels…"


Looking around the upstairs floor he took an educated guess and opened a door he suspected led to Tamiko's room.

For one thing it had a little sign on it that said "Princess." Either it was Tamiko's room…or Athrun had some issues.

Dearka opened the door and was taken aback by how…pink it was. It was also big, very big…and pink. Like some giant doll house.


Tamiko giggled and squirmed out of his grasp. "Wanna see my doll collection!"

Dearka shook his head "how about you get dressed first and than we'll play?" Tamiko nodded and climbed onto her full XL size bed with a large white canopy. (The Zala's certainly spoil her…)

She sat down and smiled "you have to find my favwite pajamas!" Dearka scratched the back of his head, eh what the heck "alright." Tamiko pointed to a white dresser "It's in there." Dearka smiled in amusement "okay I'll find your favorite pajamas."

He opened the dresser doors and his jaw dropped in shock. Jeez how many pajamas does one three year old need!

"um mind giving me a hint?" Tamiko looked like she was thinking it over "it's pink."

Surprise, surprise…

Dearka looked back at the dresser. Ok that narrowed it down to…wait no that only took out 3 pairs of pajamas. He sighed in defeat and picked up a random dress "is it this one?"


"How about this one"

"No not that one."

Dearka sighed, he had to get lucky sometimes "Is it…"


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