Past Lives

Rated M for Mature audiences only.

Disclaimer: Andromeda, Harper, Tyr etc. Don't belong to me, unfortunately. No infringement intended.
Authors Notes: Will be Tyr/Harper m/m slash. Heed Warnings. Rating due to possible slash content, violence, non-con, and general mayhem. I have been having some formatting problems, so if this comes out crazy bear with me.
In no way related to "Past Reflections." Takes place in after the Magog babies are cleared out of Harper, but before Tyr starts to become a jerk to the poor boy.

Unexpected Meetings

Harper was attempting to repair the environmental controls on Decks three through fourteen of the Andromeda, after the latest skirmish with opponents of Dylan's Commonwealth. This time the conflict was with a bunch of Neanderthals from Algeron, who of course were nothing like Dylan's idealistic memory of them.

"Just once I'd like Dylan to come down here with me and try fixing this mess. Then we'd see how enthusiastic he would be about befriending all of the losers of the galaxy." Harper grumbled as he reattached a few wires that were hanging haphazardly out of a nearby console. He had gone through the same process with various other ship's systems before moving onto environmental controls.

"Captain Hunt to Mister Harper." The overhead conn chirped interrupting the engineer's increasingly colorful complaints.

"Yeah Boss, what's up?"

"If you hadn't noticed it is excessively hot. When exactly can we expect the environmental controls to be in working order?"

"They should be fixed in half and hour." Harper answered before cutting off the connection. Had Dylan been observant he may have noticed the cold tone of voice and utter lack of teasing from his engineer. It was only after Harper no longer feared being overheard that he spoke again.

"If you hadn't noticed it's excessively hot." Harper mocked in a bitter high tone. "No really? I must have missed it while I was sweating my ass off in the crawl spaces of this ship, fixing your freakin' mess AGAIN! Freakin' ingrate! What the hell does he think I'm doing down here anyway… twiddling my thumbs?"

Harper worked for another five minutes until he fixed the wiring. Just as he was about to jack in to Andromeda's mainframe to check over his progress, Dylan interrupted him once again.

"Mister Harper?"

"What?" Harper barked back angrily before qualifying his response somewhat. "I'm in the middle of something here."

"You're needed on the bridge."

"What for?"

"We've come across a broken down transport vessel. The solo inhabitant asked to speak to you by name."

"I'll be right there." Harper answered in surprise, already tucking his jack cable back into his pants pocket. When he arrived on the bridge he was surprised to see Tyr manning the weapons station, since technically the Nietzschean was off duty as of 0300.

"On screen Beka." Dylan ordered once Harper got situated.

The blank screen soon showed the inside of an old vessel, thoroughly beat up and jury-rigged back together again. Harper began cataloging all the improvements he could make to the ship, and it was only after a tentative throat clearing that the mysterious person gathered the engineer's full attention. Rather than being annoyed at the slight, the dark-haired man seemed amused by his antics.

"Still the same old Shay." The man onscreen commented with a smile. It was only when he heard that familiar voice that Harper recognized the man in front off him.

"Pax?" Harper asked in happy disbelief.

"In the flesh as it were." Pax answered bowing grandly to the engineer.

"What happened to you in Brighton? We thought the Ubers killed you." Harper told him, manfully ignoring Tyr's less than pleased growl in warning.

"That's a bit of a tale, Shay. Why don't you come on over to the Shadow and I'll fill you in."

"You didn't." Harper choked, his eyes widened in surprise.

"It's full name is Shadow's Grace. I thought it fitting. So what about it, care for a visit?"

Before Harper could answer Dylan stepped forward and directly into their line of sight.

"Care to introduce us to your friend, Harper?"

"Paxton Deveraux meet Dylan Hunt, Beka Valentine, Trance Gemini, Tyr Anastazi and Rommie. Crew of the finest warship in the known worlds the Andromeda Ascendant."

"You've really moved on up in the world, boyo." Pax whistled appreciatively, looking over the Andromeda's bridge, only to stop at Tyr in shock. "Working for the Ubers now, Shay?"

"He's Kodiak, not Dragan." Harper answered coldly, as if that alone should be explanation enough.

"An uber is an uber. Dragan, Kodiak, Jaguar. They are all the same. If the others were alive to see-" Pax stopped abruptly when he caught sight of the fury on Seamus' face. He was forcefully reminded that Shay was not one to anger needlessly, for once angered he held grudges a long time.

"Continue." Harper ordered in a deceptively mild voice.

"Nothing. Never mind. You know how my mouth gets the better of me sometimes." Pax answered nervously, while the rest of the crew were surprised by his reaction.

"I do, and as I recall it's gotten you into trouble before." Harper answered, smiling sharply. "In fact, as I recall, Jason had to stop Therace from castrating you on one such occasion."

"That was just a misunderstanding." Pax whined piteously.

"What about the time-"

"Why don't you dock in Andromeda's bay." Dylan interrupted the bickering. "You are obviously in need of repair and you may reminisce in Harper's quarters if you wish."

"Good idea, Boss." Harper grinned. "Come on man. I'll meet you in Docking Bay 2. We'll get you ship-shape in no time."

Harper left the bridge with a bounce in his step. Silence descended after his departure.

"Deveraux was scared of Harper." Beka commented in shock, looking at the others for an explanation.

"Harper was a bit annoyed." Dylan answered with a grin, obviously greatly amused that anyone would be frightened by the diminutive blonde. Tyr remained silent, a pensive look on his face.