Past Lives 4/?

Rated M for Mature audiences only.

Disclaimer: Andromeda, Harper, Tyr etc. Don't belong to me, unfortunately. No infringement intended.
Authors Notes: Will be Tyr/Harper m/m slash. Heed Warnings. Rating due to possible slash content, violence, non-con, and general mayhem. I have been having some formatting problems, so if this comes out crazy bear with me.

Harper's New Clothes

Harper was exhausted by the time he dragged himself back to his quarters at 0330 that morning, after a productive fixing session in which Tyr continued to observe him closely. After a while Harper managed to ignore the Nietzchean and focus on his work. Tyr stayed in the machine shop keeping the engineer company until Harper called it a night. Then without more then a grunt in acknowledgement turned away presumably to find his own bed.

"It was nice chatting with you too big guy." Harper called after him sarcastically.

As soon as he dropped his tool belt making sure it landed on the ground rather then one of his various projects, Harper pushed Paxton aside roughly and climbed into bed beside the Earther with nary a thought. He fell asleep soon thereafter.

For the first time in years Harper woke up trapped beneath an unknown weight. Panicking from the unusual and unwelcome sensation Harper flipped the mass of weight of his chest so that he was kneeling over the body with his forearm leaning on the other's windpipe.

"Whoa man. It's me, calm down." Pax wheezed out from under the smaller man. It took Harper a moment to connect the voice with the body but when he did he practically jumped up from the bed.

"Sorry, Pax man. You startled me." Harper laughed uncomfortably. He truth of the matter was that he was not used to sharing his bed with anyone voluntarily, so he was understandably unnerved. Paxton's cocky leer wasn't helping Harper's state of mind any either.

"It's good to see a bit of you still there after all." Pax grinned conspiratorially clapping Harper on the shoulder as he pulled his pants higher up his hips.


"Come on, look at you. Living it up in the lap of luxury. This place is amazing. Even your clothes, although they are ugly as sin, are definitely bought not stitched together by hand. Although why you'd actually pay money for that I don't know."

"This is my favorite shirt." Harper told him deeply offended.


"It is."

"I'm sure. Anyways, it's just nice that you're not as helpless as you act. It's good to see that you haven't totally forgotten who you are."

"I am the same Seamus Zalanzy Harper as I've always been." Harper answered sharply.

Paxton was quiet for a moment, looking excessively serious. He opened his mouth about to speak then seemingly changed his mind at the last moment.

"What about that shirt, man?" Pax asked sarcastically.

"Fine. I'll change the shirt. Will that make you happy?"

"I've seen your wardrobe. Let's go to my ship and I'll find you something to wear." Pax suggested with a devious smile on his face. "Might even bring back memories."

"I'm on duty in an hour so this better not take long."

Just under an hour later Harper walked onto the bridge to begin his shift. He couldn't help grinning at the crew's reaction to his new attire. He was wearing all black, which was quite a difference to his loud shirts and baggy tan pants. Black leather pants, a tight green silk shirt, and combat boots completed his new look. The gauss gun at his hip added a certain danger to his person, as did the now red tipped sharply spiked blond hair. Overall the general effect was shocking.

"Harper?" Beka asked questioningly. "What the hell did you do to yourself Shorty?"

"Ya like?" Harper grinned impishly giving an elaborate twirl to showcase his new clothes.

"You certainly look… different." Dylan commented, his eyebrows up near his hairline in surprise.

Beka seemed to regain her equilibrium and began to wolf whistle at him appreciatively. She grabbed his waist and began leading him to her chair asking him all kinds of questions especially about his hair. Harper was so preoccupied he didn't notice Tyr observing him heatedly, nor his quiet murmuring.

"And so it begins."