Disclaimer: I don't own Chobits or any of it's character's. I am simply making a story for no reason.

Warnings: No really any (gasp!) Except that it has some sappy stuff. It is a one-shot though…

Notes: Uh… not really any. It ties in with the manga.

Author's note: My heart is out to all of those who have suffered from Katrina or the effects of it. God bless everyone! Anyhow, I made this story as an apology to the reviewers for 'Beautiful' since I ended it so crappily… Hope you enjoy! It is short though…

Love, Red Tail

Listen to Your Heart
By: Lost-Remembrance

"How do I know how to find my someone just for me?"

Freya smiled weakly, "Simply—just follow and listen to your heart. What to say? Well… Chi—" Her voice halted and her eyes dimmed as the transfer completed. Her eyes closed.

Her sister tightened her hold onto the still robot's hand, staring at her sister as the door slammed open, revealing her mother and father's worried faces.

"Chi…" she whispered under her breath, wondering what her sister was going to say.

Always remember…

She opened her eyes, wondering when she had closed them and let out a soft breath. The lights swirled around, leaving her with a swirling halo of light in her mind's eyes. Her eyes fluttered.

Her mother was sobbing, the soft and muffled sounds reaching her. She could feel everything, though somewhat detached for a moment. Her father had his arms around her shoulder's, propping her up from the tangled sheets and the other body, her twin, lying forever disabled.

"Daddy," she whispered as she tried to hold the darkness at bay, for just a little longer. To see her father and mother's face—no matter how sad they were. It's hard to imagine someone's face that's so special to you… and then loose them. Slowly, the memory of that person you see everyday fades. Then, there's nothing left.

"Yes, Elda?" Her mother choked out for her father, who's voice was too choked up to speak.

"I want you to put me outside, leave me somewhere—in the garbage or something." She knew she was shoking them, but she couldn't make the same mistake. "I can't make the mistake of picking you as 'my someone just for me'."

Her father nodded, "I understand." And tears fell onto her pale skin, trailing their ways down like real tears. She let a small smile grace her lips and she let her finger's loosen from her sister's own. A soft sigh escaped her lips, and her eyes closed.

Listen to your heart.

The last things she heard were sobs.


Her eyes opened and she found herself staring at a strange man with brown hair. She blinked at him and tilted her head, "Chi?"

He frowned at her and did odd motions.

"Chi?" She questioned once more—was he her someone just for her?

Then, later on, he found himself naming her… Chi.

A smile lit on her face and she closed her eyes when she heard her name being spoken for the first time. She was a someone and she put her hands over he r'heart'. Closing her eyes, she basked in the feeling of happiness.

She knew, someone deep in her, that she had found her lifelong search. She had found someone just for her. A small voice in her head, then whispered, 'Chi…' and she accepted the voice without a doubt.

She felt whole.