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It was the dead of the night. A cold breeze cooled off the residents of Jump City after a hot day. Mostly everyone was at home, with they're windows open inviting the breeze in. Everything was still and silent in the night. Except, for a lone statue. At random points in the day, it would creak loudly, and there were a few crumbling sounds. The statue was of a girl, and this statue hadn't been v visited in awhile. No fresh flowers decorated the plain stone. It had been months since it stood there. A small drop of water formed in the corner of eye, and rolled down the stone cheek and spattered on the ground. Moments later, the stone began to crack loudly and then it shattered, leaving a blond girl to fall down into the dirt. She panted slightly, taking in deep breaths of air. She squinted through the dust, expecting to someone to emerge through it and welcome her back into the world, but the night was still. She shakily got up, and shivered. It was cold, and her old uniform was torn and ripped. She raised her head, and looked around.

"Beast Boy," she whispered and began her slow journey to the Titan's Tower. She didn't recall how to get there, so she was walking around aimlessly most of the night. It in the middle of the night when she spotted the Titan's Tower, and eagerly began towards it, but unfortunately, it wasn't quite the home she was thinking of. Terra used the last amount of strength as she banged away on the Titan's East door. A tear trickled down her cheek as she heard someone approaching. The door swung open, and a sleepy Speedy glanced down, then eyes lit up at the site of a girl in torn clothes in front of him. "Beast Boy-" she began then staggered and fell forwards. He quickly caught her, and called to his other Titans. Bumblebee, Aqualad, and Mas and Menos all hurried out of they're rooms, dressed in pj's.
"Quick, let's get her on the couch," Bumblebee said then fluttered her wings and zipped to the closet to get some extra blankets and pillows. Speedy carefully carried her in his arms and settled her down on the couch, and Bumblebee threw the blanket over her.
"Who is she, what's wrong with her?" Aqualad asked leaning over and looking down at her.
"I don't know," Bee said and they all gathered around her and looked down. "I think she's just worn out, looks like she's been walking around for awhile.
"She asked for Beast Boy," Speedy remembered, looking up at her.
"Beast Boy?" Aqualad repeated. "Maybe we should contact them..." he said looking down at his communicator. "It's the dead of the night! We'll wait until morning," Bee said stifling a yawn. "Mmm, maybe someone should stay here with her, in case she wakes up, don't know where she is.
The two small twins quickly zoomed out of the room and disappeared into their room. The remaining 3 glanced around at each other.
"I'll do it," Speedy said rolling his eyes. "My sleep has already been ruined, no use going back,". Bee and Aqualad smiled and sleepily shuffled back into they're room.
Speedy sat on the opposite couch, and pulled out his mirror and examined himself. "I'll have bags under my eyes for days," he groaned. He glanced over at the girl as she shifted. He watched her closely. She was tall, and sort of skinny looking. She was pale in the face, the face of hers he could see that was not covered by her blond hair. He sighed and leaned back against the couch, and had eventually fallen asleep.

Beast Boy sat on the edge of Raven's bed and laughed lightly as she rolled her eyes.

"Common Raven! Admit it, I'm just a funny guy"
"In an annoying, immature way...". Beast Boy just simply grinned. He and Raven had grown closer together over the past few months which he would grief Terra. They're late night discussions were one of the few things they did together. He was starting to get his life back on the tracks, not even thinking about her for some days, then immediately feeling guilty about it. But he was getting better. He found friendship in Raven, but lately he was thinking it was a little more. She had even let him in her room! Which means she definitely doesn't hate me, Beast Boy thought.

"HEY! Would you two pipe down? This is the 2nd time this week!" Cyborg hollered from his room.
"Dude! Chill, I'm going to bed!" Beast Boy shouted back at him then wiggled off Raven's bed. "Well, I'll catch you tomorrow Rae," he said softly.
"Goodnight," she said glancing up at him. They're eyes caught for a moment and Beast Boy began leaning towards her...

"GREEN BOY! LET'S MOVE IT! DON'T MAKE ME BLAST YOU OUTTA THERE!" Cyborg shouted again and banged on the wall.

"ALRIGHT!" he shouted back then smiled weakly at Raven. "Bye," he said then slunk out of his room. He glared at Cyborg's room as he passed to go to his own. He stripped down to his boxers, thinking up a strategy in his head for the next morning as he slipped into bed. Raven always meditated in the mornings of the roof, he could catch her there and bring her some breakfast. He sighed slightly and pulled up his covers and dozed off to sleep.

The next morning Beast Boy quietly crept upstairs, holding a basket of muffins and a pitcher of fresh orange juice. Raven was floating with her eyes closed, meditating.

"Uh, Raven?" Beast Boy asked stepping in front of her.
She opened one eye and looked at him. "Yes?" she asked slightly irritated.
I shouldn't have interrupted her! Beast Boy though quickly then held up the muffins. "I made some muffins and some fresh orange juice for breakfast!" he said quickly.
Her expression soften, and she even smiled slightly as she reached for a blueberry one.
"So Raven, I was wondering"
"Titans! Report to the living room immediately!" Robin's voice said over the intercom.
Raven looked at Beast Boy quickly before turning and swooping downstairs.
"Arrgg: Beast Boy shouted out in frustration. Why was he constantly interrupted? He moodily followed downstairs, and stepped into the living room. Robin was standing in front of them, Starfire was hovering over near him anxiously, Cyborg stood by the couch with his arms crossed, and Raven had pulled her hood up and watching Robin.
"I have a bit of news," Robin said with difficulty. Beast Boy was curious, and leaned in closer.
"She's alive," he said finally.
"Um, dude, who's alive?" the green titan asked.