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The next morning at Titans Tower was a quiet one. The clouds outside were dark and grey, and rain splattered against the windows. Robin stood with his arms crossed, gazing out from the large window and looking down on the lake. Starfire flew down beside him, and looked at him.

"Our friend Terra," she asked quietly. "Will she be alright?"

Robin nodded slowly. "I think so, but she was probably more emotionally hurt then physically," he said and Starfire nodded in agreement. "I still don't understand it all though,".

Aqualad and Bumblebee walked over and stood with the other two Titans. Robin allowed the Titan's East to remain the night.

"How's Speedy?" Robin asked them.

"Oh, he'll live," Bee said rolling her eyes. "Just a badly bruised leg it seems,"

"That is good," Starfire said helpfully, but Robin then looked back at Aqualad.

"So, what are you planning to do with Terra?" he asked seriously, lowering his voice. "You mentioned something about making her apart of your team,"

"And I'm standing by it," Aqualad said firmly. "She needs a home, I couldn't just let her go back on the streets, besides,". He cleared his throat slightly. "After some hard training, I know she'll make a great addition to the team,".

Robin was slightly surprised at how much Aqualad had sounded like him, months ago when he and his team were deciding about letting Terra join the team. Robin looked up as Cyborg, Raven, the two small twins, and a Speedy hobbling on crutches came walking in.

"Bad weather," Cyborg remarked as they all walked over and he glanced out the window, and everyone nodding, following his gaze. It became quiet, and everyone was thinking about yesterday.

"When will you be asking Terra the question?" Starfire asked looking at Aqualad.

"As soon as she's, well, up to it. I'd imagine she's still sleeping?"

"Naturally," Robin said nodding.

"What question?" Cyborg and Speedy asked at the same time, but Speedy's tone was more urgent.

Bee sighed slightly about having to re-explain the situation again. "Once Terra is up and about, we're going to ask her to become a member of the team, we-"

But Speedy had let out a loud 'woop' and attempted a dance with one leg. He grinned widely, then stopped noticing how everyone was staring at him and returned to his calm and cool body stance.

"Someone's happy..." Raven muttered and a few Titans laughed.

"And where is Beast Boy at this time?" Starfire asked looking around.

"The guys' still sleeping," Cyborg said pointing over his shoulder, and everyone fell silent again, then headed into the kitchen to whip up some breakfast.

Beast Boy awoke and blinked into the darkness of his room. He rolled over in his bed, and looked at the time. 11:17 AM the digital clock's number glowed at him. He rolled out of bed and quickly threw on some dirty clothes and bolted out of his room. For half a second he had forgotten about last nights events. He skidded into the living room where everyone was eating breakfast.

"Good morning Beast Boy!" Starfire greeted warmly holding up a plate of what looked like purple mush with green particles swimming in the middle. "I insist you savour a taste of my oatmeal!"

"That's oatmeal," Beast Boy said staring at it, eyes as large as dinner plates. He looked at everyone and relaxed seeing, no one else was eating it. "Uh, I'm not very hungry," he said and Starfire shrugged and plopped a fork full into her mouth and sat back down. The changeling glanced around. "Where's Terra?". He noticed Speedy smirk slightly, but didn't care what the jerk was thinking at the moment.

"Still sleeping," Robin replied and took a sip of orange juice. "Let her rest," he said glancing at Beast Boy who made a move to leave the room, and Beast Boy sighed and sunk into a chair in between Raven and Starfire. Everyone ate breakfast, only making small chat. Speedy and Beast Boy stared at each other from across the table the entire time, watching each other's moves incase they decided to pull of a fast one and get up. But it was Bumblebee and Aqualad who had stood up.

"We're going to go see if she's' awake," he said pushing his chair in, and Robin watched wearily.

"Alright then," he said and glanced at Beast Boy who made to get up as well, but he shook his head no and Beast Boy sat back down.

The two Titans East exited the room and headed down the hallway, walking past several rooms until they reached one near the end, and quietly opened the door. It was a plain room, one of those which were never in use, and had plain beige walls. There was little furniture, just a dresser, and a single bed, which they spotted Terra's blond hair laid across her pillow, and she was turned the other way.

"Terra?" Bee asked quickly and the girl stirred and slowly turned over and looked up at them. Her eyes were slightly blood shot, there were dark showers under her eyes, she had a cut across her cheek and simply looked depressed.
"You okay hun?" Bee asked and she and her partner moved forward, and Terra sat up and nodded. There were more bruises covering her arms.

"Listen, Terra, we've been thinking. We talked about it a bit with the Teen Titans, and well, we know you don't have temporary home, and that's just not suitable for someone as kind, and caring as you. We, we want you to be part of the team," he said smiling and holding out a communicator.

Terra stared down at it as if it were a ghost, eyes wide. "But I can't control my powers!" she blurted out, tears threatening to sting her eyes.

"Dear it's okay," Bee said sitting on the edge of her bed and putting a hand on her shoulder. "We know, and it's fine, we'll work it out," she said and Aqualad nodded.

"So, so your serious?" she asked looking back at the communicator.

"Serious," both of them said smiling.

"I..I," she said staring down at it once more, then taking it into her hands. She ran her hand along it, along every groove and then opened it and it greeted her with a quick little musical sound. She looked up at them slowly, and a piece of blond hair covered up one of her eyes. "I'll do it," she whispered.

Aqualad grinned and Bee patted her on the back. "Glad to have you on the team girl," Bee said and got off her bed. "There's breakfast ready when you are," she said and the two turned and exited the room. They happily headed off to the main room.

Robin was the first to look up at them, and judging by their happy expressions, he already knew the answer.

Aqualad grinned broadly. "When she awakes, you'll have to say hello to the new member of Titans's East!" he said opening his arms widely.

"Are. You. SERIOUS?' Speedy yelled jumping up, and when they simply smiled at him, he yelled and seized the two twins and pulled them into a spine crushing hug, and they simply yelled and squirmed, trying to break free.

Cyborg frowned the slightest, Starfire blinked, Raven raised a slight eyebrow, and Robin watched the celebrating Titans East, but it was Beast Boy who was frozen in his seat. He found his voice and his senses. "No!" he shouted, but his voice was unheard over the racket being caused. They shouldn't, she wouldn't! He stared off. This couldn't be...Terra, apart of the Titan's East? It wasn't right, she was a Teen Titan! She belongs with us! he thought angrily. He glanced at Speedy loathingly, who was still cheering. And he'll never have Terra, never. Beast Boy vowed to himself. He secretly transformed into a fly and quickly zoomed out of the room and swerved down the hall. He needed to see her, now. He changed back and banged on the door for a moment before swinging it open. Terra had quickly sat up, and then stared at him.
"Beast Boy..?"

"Terra you can't be a member of the Titan's East!" he said desperately, and moving closer. "Your a Teen Titan! You belong with us!".

She looked at him sadly and glanced down at the sheets. "Beast Boy, I just need a fresh start to figure some things out, and decide what and where I want to be," she said quietly then looked back up at him ."Like a new beginning, y'know?"

He stared at her for a moment. He realized it wasn't about him, it was about her. This whole time he had been some what thinking about how this was affecting him, not her. He stood in silence for a moment.

"And, where do we stand?" he asked quietly. When she gave him a puzzled look, he shook his head. "Don't play dumb Terra, you know there is something between us, there has to be," he said desperately again. "All the times together and...Dude, they just mean something,"

She froze for a moment. "I don't deny that there isn't something, but..". She paused. "Now just isn't the time," she said quietly.

"What do you mean!" he exclaimed, staring at her slightly wide eyed. "I waited for you for months and months Terra! You betrayed us and I still accepted you! And now just isn't the time?" he demanded furiously.

Terra sat up straighter, her eyes clouded. "Oh don't you even go there! You betrayed me too! You said you would be my friend no matter what and you had left me!" she shouted at him. They both became quiet, swimming in their own guilt.

"I'm just saying that I can't get into anything right now, okay? Not after all this, I need to settle down, just give me some space," she mumbled, not looking at him. He stared at her for a moment, and she stared back briefly before turning around and facing the other way, then bring her knees up to her chest.

Beast Boy turned and quietly headed out of the room, then plopped down in the hallway. He was still angry, but hopeful at the same time. She said not now, so it wouldn't be now, but it would be soon. But how soon? He wondered. But there was still that chance. But it would be a long, road. There would be the inconvenience of her being at Titan's East Tower, while he was at the Titan's Tower. And there would be Speedy, who will mostly likely interfere. "He will not have her," Beast Boy muttered to himself. He made a mental note, to one day spy on the archer, to find out how he treated Terra and what he did around her. The green titan slowly got up. Terra was right, after all this experience, they were going to restart, it was going to be a new beginning. He sighed. "Hopefully,".

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