Hello, everyone. Well, I suppose this is my first Harry Potter story, so I'm anxious to hear what you think after you read this.

Anyways this fic is kind of AU. I know this sounds weird, but pretty much in this world Sirius never died. Why? I want Harry to know how his father treated Snape, but at the same time I want Sirius to be able to be in the story. Since I'm against simply bringing him back by a random means, I'm going to just declare this AU and not worry about it.

Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever own Harry Potter in any way, shape, or form. (note: I will not repeat this for every chapter, it stands for all of them.)

Chapter 1

"I have finally discovered the spy among our ranks," Voldemort announced.

Severus Snape barely managed to keep his face blank as he heard this announcement. It was newly into the summer and this was only the third Death Eater meeting he'd been called to. Voldemort would surely kill him.

"It is Severus Snape. But, not to worry, you won't die yet Severus, though I have a feeling you'd prefer you had," Voldemort said quietly.

Snape watched as Voldemort flicked his wand slightly and muttered something. He felt his body start to tingle when suddenly his entire head felt like it was going to burst. The pain was nearly unbearable. He let out a scream as his mind started to get fuzzy. Then everything went black.

"He was found outside in heap."

"Do we know what happened to him?"

"He looks so much younger, what could possibly have happened?"

Severus groaned slightly, his whole body felt like it had been run over by hippogriffs…repeatedly. That was weird. What had happened to him? Had his father punished him for something? Was it something Potter and Black did? He remembered going home for summer break after fifth year then everything was a blank.

"Severus?" that voice sounded familiar.

Severus opened his eyes slightly. It looked like Dumbledore was standing over him, he looked different, but it was obviously him. But why was Dumbledore here? And where was here? He sat up slowly and leaned back in the bed. It looked like Professor McGonagall was there too along with several people who looked slightly familiar, but he couldn't place. And Professor McGonagall looked much…older.

"Severus, how are you?" Dumbledore asked.

"Professor Dumbledore? Where am I?" he asked with a suspicious glance around the room

"You don't remember?" it was McGonagall this time.

"Remember? I have never been here before," he declared. What, were they stupid? There was a snort that sounded suspiciously like laughter, but after a quick glare from Dumbledore the person was silent. Why would they be laughing at him? It's not like he could be expected to remember a place he'd never been in.

"Severus, what happened?" Dumbledore asked.

What happened? He didn't really know. "How should I know? Now first, where the heck am I?" he asked with his usual sneer.

"You're at the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. Tell us what you do remember."

Severus wanted to tell the man it was none of his business, but he was rather confused right now so it might be better if he played along. "I remember going home for summer break. I just finished fifth year-"

There was a gasp from somewhere and Dumbledore looked sad. "Severus, how old are you?"

"Sixteen," Severus said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Is that all that you remember?"

"Yes, well I remember what happened before that, but that's the last I remember….What is the matter?" he snapped with annoyance. What was wrong with the normally calm Dumbledore? The headmaster of his school?

"Well you see Severus, while you may look sixteen you're really much older…" Dumbledore told him what year it was.

"What! Are you crazy or something?" Severus asked in disbelief. "Do I look any older than sixteen to you?"

"No, you look sixteen, but you haven't been for years. Something must have happened that reverted you back to a younger age and you forgot everything that has happened since then…"

Severus sat still for a moment before climbing out of bed quickly causing several people to jump. "So you're saying that everyone I knew before is grown up? That…that…this is crazy! Show me someone who was at school with me," he ordered. This couldn't be happening. Sure he hadn't been too happy with his life, but he certainly didn't want to be randomly placed in a different time period.

"Remus, could you please come closer?" Dumbledore asked one of the people who Severus had thought was familiar. "Severus this is Remus Lupin, I'm sure you remember him…"

"Lupin," Severus muttered, staring at the man before him. It kind of looked like him…a little. Suddenly the man smiled and Severus was sure of it. How had this happened? "What did happen to me, then? What did you do to me!"

"Nothing was done by us Severus. We don't know what happened to you, though we'll be sure to do some research to find out how to fix it," Dumbledore said sadly.

"Are you alright Severus?" Remus asked, steeping forward.

Severus took an involuntary step backwards. Sure, Lupin was probably the best of the Marauders for him to see, but he was still a Marauder. Keeping a calm look on his face and trying to remain calm, Severus sighed. "Fine, Fine. Okay…do you know where my wand is?"

They glanced at each other.

"I won't use it," he scoffed. There was no way he'd be able to stay calm without his wand.

"Here you go Severus," McGonagall said, handing him his wand.

"Yeah…" he fingered his wand nervously. At least he felt safer with it than without it. Much safer actually.

"I imagine you're hungry Severus?" Dumbledore asked.

"Sure, whatever…" Truth was Severus doubted he could eat even a little, but he was a Slytherin and he wouldn't show how much this rattled him.

He followed them out of the room and looked around at his surroundings. What a strange place. It had the distinct feeling of a dark wizard's home, much like his own. That had a way of comforting and discomforting him at the same time.

"Dinner should be ready in a few minutes I believe, Severus. I must leave, but you may talk to Remus if you need anything." With that Dumbledore left and McGonagall went along with him.

Severus eyed Lupin cautiously. They walked into what looked like a kitchen and a dining room. It was like a sea of redheads, there were like five or six throughout the room. There was also a girl with bushy brown hair.

The room went dead silent when everyone saw the boy standing next to Remus. Severus quickly got very annoyed.

"What!" he asked sharply and glared darkly at those around him. They didn't have to stare. They were probably Weasleys, the way they all had red hair and that look about them.

"They know you as an adult, none of them have seen you yet or even know that you were what happened," Remus whispered to him.

Severus was about to snap back when the bushy haired girl stepped over to them. "P-Professor?"

"Professor?" Severus said, confused. They were all staring at him. He wished they'd stop staring at him.

"Remus, is that Professor Snape?" one of the redheads asked, stepping next to the girl.

"Well you see there was an accident-" Remus started.

"I was a professor! What else has stinking happened! I go and live my whole life and I can't even remember it!" Severus turned to glare at Remus. Several of the redheads burst out laughing at this.

"Yes, Severus. You taught Potions," Remus looked up at the others. "Stop it! We're still not sure what happened to him yet. All we know is he had been changed back to the age of sixteen. I expect you all to behave."

Severus scowled and walked over to the table and sat down. This was just perfect.

"How do you not remember anything?" asked the redhead who had asked if it was him.

"It's quite simple. I know nothing of what had happened between now and when I was apparently sixteen. Don't ask stupid questions, Weasley," Severus said with scorn. The boy was most definitely a Weasley.

"I thought you didn't remember anything," the boy accused.

"How stupid do I look? One or five generations ahead, I'd have to be blind not to recognize a Weasley," Severus said with a sneer.

"This is Ron," the girl said stepping forward. "I'm Hermione Granger."

"Great, I get stuck in a house with a bunch of Weasleys, a werewolf, and a mudblood," Severus muttered to himself, fully intending them to hear.

"What'd you call her!" half the Weasleys shouted. Ron leapt at him, but Severus jumped back and had his wand out instantly.

"What are you going to do about it Weasley?" Severus taunted.

"Severus, that's enough!" Remus said stepping between the two. "You just got here-"

Severus stepped towards the door keeping his eyes on Remus. "Apparently, though according to you I've been here before."

"Yes, but you d-"

"Don't Remember it! You're right I don't! I don't even know what year it is! I haven't the faintest idea if half the people I knew are alive! And I'm certainly not going to take orders from a stinking, Gryffindor Marauder!" Severus ran back through the house, not entirely sure of where he was going. He finally came to a stop in a dead end corridor and sat down against the wall.

He shouldn't have yelled like that in front of all of them. Now he'd shown how freaked out he was. Why hadn't remained calm? Probably because his entire life was so confused and he didn't remember anything. How could he fix this?