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Chapter 24

"What's it like in the time you remember?" Draco asked after they'd been sitting in silence for a while.

Severus was surprised the other boy had waited so long to ask; it was obviously a huge part of the reason he had decided to talk to him. Well, that wasn't exactly something the darker of the two wanted to talk about. Although, there was probably some things he could talk about without the risk of showing any of his true emotions. Maybe he had been able to get away with that at Black's house, but he was at Hogwarts now and that meant pulling out the cold and completely uncaring attitude.

"Well, I was only a second year when your father was a seventh year so I can't tell you much about him," Severus started. "Hm…of course I'm sure you know who Bellatrix Black is?"

Draco shuddered dramatically, "She's my aunt."

"Well, she was pretty scary at school. A few years ahead of me, but everyone in Slytherin knew who she was; she was a Black. Even before she was a seventh year she was the leader of the Slytherin girls. That was after Narcissa left; she was leader then."

Another smirk from the blond boy.

"Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy produced you," Severus grimaced, "I am severely disappointed; I'd have thought they could do better." This earned him an angry look and he couldn't help the smirk. "And that is what we will be working on," he stated.

"What are you talking about?" Draco snapped, face shifting instantly.

"I'm your head of house in this time right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Then it is my job to instruct you. First of all, never show emotion unless it's to manipulate someone. I've already told you that I think you're pathetic, so stop getting angry at me like a little Gryffindor."

That got him going, Severus thought with glee. The blond boy was on his feet and seemed to be trying to control himself. He found himself pleasantly surprised when the other teen just huffed and sat down, choosing to ignore him. Hah, this was way too easy… With a mental sigh, Severus stared out the window to watch scenery that was very familiar to him. After all, that was what he usually did during the rides to and from Hogwarts; stare outside. His mind wondered to the blond boy in the seat opposite him. This was weird, he thought. How could someone spawned from Lucius Malfoy be so…so…pathetic? Not that Severus didn't notice that Malfoy could show some potential, but at the moment, he was nothing.

Part of Severus informed him that he had only met a few people of this time. Who knew what everyone else was like? Yet, this boy had none of the obvious cruelty that the dark Slytherin had been able to sense from Lucius even as a second year. This Malfoy had probably been spoiled and was nowhere near cold. He angered easily, which was something Severus only did around those he hated the most.

"You never answered my question," came a voice suddenly.

"Which one was that?" Severus asked, though he knew quite well what he was talking about.

"What's it like in the time you remember?" Malfoy sneered. "You act as if you're so tough, well, what makes your time so great? How's it so special?"

"You misunderstand me," Severus sneered back. "There is nothing great about my time; it sucks. Our house is ruled by purebloods, not that I mind that, but snotty as they are they're nothing compared to the other houses. Gryffindor is the top house, and Ravenclaw is second to them. When people get picked on in my time, no one stops it. The teachers are hardly around and when they are they could care less. Student friendships last only so long as it's convenient." Part of Severus laughed that he'd used friendship in his description, but he doubted Malfoy would notice.

"Oh yeah? How do you know this time is any different?"

"Just a hunch."

"Even if you're right about that, what makes you think we're any less capable fighters?"

"Watch," Severus said as he got up. Opening the compartment door just a crack, he stuck his wand out and said a spell in his head. Closing the door immediately, he sat back. There was the sound of loud bangs as if the spell were still bouncing around, which it was. "That will keep bouncing off the walls for a while. It won't stop even when it hits people and, believe me, it hurts."

"What's your point?" Draco asked, though he seemed curious.

Severus smirked, "Well, in my time the hall would soon be filled with angry shouts and people trying to get back at whoever did it. Let's see what happens here."

There was a loud scream from the hall, obviously someone had just been hit. At the scream there were sounds of many compartment doors being opened and people asking what was wrong. Almost immediately the train was filled with shouts of pain and people screaming in fright.

A short laugh escaped Severus's lips. "I wonder if any of them know how to get rid of it?"

"No, but you do!" came an accusatory voice from the hallway. It was Hermione.

"Oh, it's you. Go away," Severus snapped.

"Get out here and get rid of that thing!" Hermione shouted at him. She ducked as a glowing ball of light shot past. "I know you put it out there; you're the only one who could."

"I don't listen to you, Granger."

"I'm a prefect, so you had better start."

"Get out of here mudblood, Severus doesn't have to listen to you," Draco snapped at her.

With an indignant shout, Hermione raised her wand and shot a body bind at the blond Slytherin. He fell down without a chance to respond.

Wow, that was pathetic, Severus thought. Shaking his head sadly, he stood up.

"Get out there and fix it," Hermione said darkly, "now!"

"I don't think so," Severus said smugly, "I think I may put another one out there, just to see what happens."

"No, you won't."

"Oh yeah?"

Hermione ducked and the ball zoomed into the compartment. With loud pings it began ricocheting off the walls. Fury covered Severus's face, mostly at himself, but before he got the chance to react she had slammed the door shut, forcing him to deal with it.

Loud swears could be heard coming from inside the compartment as people deemed it safe to come out. There was a band and a yelp of pain. Finally a mini explosion could be heard from inside. Severus slammed the door open, looking even angrier than most of them had ever seen him as an adult. His hair was quite ruffled and he was almost out-of-breath.

"You created it; you got to get rid of it," Hermione told him cheerfully, "nice job Severus." Gasps filled the corridor as people realized who they were staring at.

Severus growled angrily, fury resonating off of him. "We'll see what else I can create when I'm not in danger of blowing up this train along with myself," he whispered so that only she could hear him. Shooting a glare at the others in the train, he almost felt better when almost all of them ducked into their compartments.

"You won't dare with certain other people around," she told him, not backing down. "I have no problem with you defending yourself if a problem should arise, but I'm not going to let you take this out on everyone else."

"Try and stop me," he hissed, before slammed the door of his compartment door shut.