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Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Kimi: 17

Tommy glanced across the hall to the locker directly across his, the one that belonged to the girl that has given him sleepless nights for a month now. He signed, why couldn't he have enough guts to just ask her out?

'Because she's one of the hottest girls in school and can date any guy she wants, why would she say yes to you?' Tommy scolded himself.

'Because everyone thinks that she really likes 'cause she talks about you a lot and stares at you often when she thinks no one is looking- according to Phil that is,' the other him replied.

"Kimi," he heard a girl yell, he swirled around to find Kimi walking her way to her locker, where Susie her best friend awaited.

Tommy felt his face go red and his hands became clammy. 'Why did she always have that effect on him?'

They way her hair flew when she turned, the way her eyes shined when she talked, how her smile could light up a room, the way-…


Tommy turned around to see a football flying toward him, he caught it just before it woulda' knocked him right in the face.

"Good catch," Phil laughed as he snatched the ball back.

"Phil, you gotta stop doing that, one of these days your really gonna send me to the hospital," Tommy grumbled as he punched him in the shoulder.

"Yo did you hear; Kimi is dating Sean! But I don't understand I was so sure she was digging you!"

Tommy felt as if he was punch in the ribs…Kimi's dating someone else! But Phil had said…she was supposed to…they were supposed to…

"Sorry dude, but I think she's only dating him for the publicity, ya know, but I'm sure she's into you. You know what, I didn't tell you this 'cause I swore not to, but what the heck, a week ago I heard Kimi telling Lil that she liked you on the phone! But then Lil found out I heard and made me swear not to tell you," Phil admitted sheepishly.

Tommy felt something new inside of him; his sadness was replaced by hope! If that was true then, well then he could get Kimi after all.

"Oh but Lil told me that Kimi's dating Sean because he's popular and she wants to…be more popular. I don't know, it's some shit like that,"

"But I'm popular, I'm the damn quarterback of the football team, and I only tried out for her!"

"I don't know, I guess she thought you didn't like her and would never ask her,"

Tommy sighed, how was he supposed to get Kimi? Sean's his friend so he cant madden him by declaring his love for Sean's girlfriend, somehow he has to make Kimi dump Sean herself and ask Tommy out. That way Sean won't have a valid reason to be pissed! He can't get Kimi in on it, cause if anything goes wrong, he'll lose two friendships!

'How was he suppose to do that?'

"Yo Lil, this way," Phil called out, Tommy turned to see Lil in a tank top with a huge sweat shirt on top and baggy pants. She was the biggest tomboy in the whole damn school!

Lil smiled as she made her way toward them, "Hey Phil, what's up T," she said as she high-fived them both.

"Hey Phil tell mum that I'll be late this afternoon cause I got soccer practice, ok," she established.

Phil nodded.

Tommy tuned out, 'How do I get Kimi? Wait, what if I make her so jealous that she breaks it off with Sean and confesses her love for me. I can tell Phil to tell her that I kind of liked her, but now that she's dating someone else and so I decided to move on as well. That will make her feel like she could still win me over and…well everything will fall into place! Damn that's perfect!'

Tommy wanted to jump for joy; he knew what he had to do! 'But wait, how do I move on, I can't use a girl like that, date her then dump her when I have Kimi,'

Plus he didn't want to date any other girl, he just wanted Kimi to think that –he wanted to pretend to date someone! But where would he get a girl that would do that for him, pretend to date him, and help him get Kimi?

Tommy looked around in frustration.

"Well anyways guys, I'm out, bye," Lil stated, turning his attention to her.

Tommy studied her as she joined another group of girls down the hall.

'Hmm, Lil would be pretty cute if she dressed more like a girl,' he pondered, but then snapped back to his original problem. Where would he find a girl that- wait Lil,'

He looked back at her…'perfect,'

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