Lil awoke to an empty house, she knew her parents had already gone to work, so she wandered downstairs freely and dragged herself to the kitchen. Today she would just relax, she didn't want to have to get out and face anyone today. A note on the fridge caught her eye; she went and pulled it off. She looked down at it in horror:

Gone to the Finster's place


'No' Lil could just guess what was going to happen there. She shook her head in frustration, 'so much for the relaxing day,'

She quickly grabbed an apple and held it with her teeth as she pulled on her jacket and shoes.

She knew she had to go, as much as she didn't want to, she had to…

Phil had left a peacefully sleeping Lil when he had left the empty house. He on the other hand couldn't sleep a wink, he wanted to give Kimi a piece of his mind so bad he had gotten up once or twice ready to go over to Kimi's.

When he got to her house, a surprised Chuckie opened the door. "Oh Phil, wasn't expecting you," he mumbled as he opened the door wider, enough for him to see a sleeping figure on his couch, it was …Angelica!

Chuckie looked somewhat embarrassed, Phil knew Chuckie's parent were out of town that weekend but…'

"I don't even want to know," Phil said somewhat coldly.

"Where's your sister?"

Chuckie was surprised that he got off so easily, so was quick to answer, "She's still sleeping,"

"Wanna call her down,"

"Um, is everything okay?"

"No, just call her down,"

Now Chuckie quickly turned to worried mode. His face took upon certain seriousness as he went up, and a moment later came back down with a sleepy mumbling Kimi.

"Chuckie, why did you wake me up-…"

She looked at Phil in horror, as if he was a 5-eyes monster.

"Why did you do it," Phil asked, clenching his fist in tight balls, his teeth shut tight.

"Phil…I" she started to sob, "P-Phil, she…"

"What's going on here?"

"Ask this bitch," Phil snapped without thinking.

"Phil!" Chuckie warned.

"NO, why don't you fuckin ask her why she did it,"

Now Chuckie was angered too, "If you would fuckin keep your mouth shut for a second I might just be able to ask my obviously pained sister why the hell your fuckin here and in that attitude,"

"Chuckie," Kimi squeaked.

"Fine, I'll shut up then, go ask your sister," Phil said in so much venom, "Why she tried to murder my sister yesterday! GO ahead now!"

Chuckie face fell, as he looked at his sister pleadingly, "Kimi, please tell me you didn't,"

"It wasn't like that, she…she stole Tommy from me, she knew I loved him, but she still did it! She was- she confused him! She's a monster," Kimi cried.

"Oh please no, please," Chuckie mumbled, as he looked away ashamed, he put his forehead in his hand. "Oh Phil I'm-…"

That's when Tommy barged into the house, "We're the hell is Kimi, I swear to god-…" Tommy saw the scene in front of him, plus Angelica still snoozing on the couch.

Phil glared over at Tommy now, "Why the fuck are you-…"

"Tommy I didn't-…" Chuckie started as well.

"Kimi why the fuck did you do it?" Tommy yelled.

"Cause I thought I loved you!" Kimi sobbed. "I really wanted to be with you, but now I just think you're an asshole, I wanted to be with you so bad…" Kimi trailed off.

"Kimi, I told you that wasn't happening, did you think beating up Lil would change that!"

"That bitch was-…"

"You shut your fuckin mouth right now," Phil warned Kimi.

Chuckie just sat on the couch, now explaining to a surprised Angelica who woke up to a room of angry people.

Chuckie look so sad, that Phil almost felt bad for him. He was so shocked at what his little sister could do.

That's when Lil silently entered the house. She took the scene in, 'Oh no' she thought.

Lil smiled weakly, "Look, the gangs all here,"

Every paused for a second at the realization, this was the first time the gang was all in the same room for years, they didn't notice how much they had all drifted apart, that's the cause this all happened. If the gang weren't so separated now, Kimi would never have been able to hurt someone she went on 'adventures' with, shared the same sandbox with, her Best friend!'

They all glared at each other, except for Lil, she just sadly watched her childhood friends turn on each other like that.

"Wait, you guys stop!" Lil yelled as she walked to the middle of the room, in-between Tommy, Phil, and Kimi.

"This fights happening because of me right? You're fighting with her because she hurt me right?" she asked looking at Tommy and Phil. "Did I ask you to? I forgive her! So neither of you have any right turning on her, so stop this bullshit, and Phil, stop being mad at Tommy, he was your best friend,"

"Some best friend" Phil snorted.

"Phil, he never ever intentionally hurt me, things just didn't work out, I got hurt, but it wasn't like it was all his fault, I was to be blamed to, and you know it!" Then she turned to Kimi, "And you, you think I stole Tommy from you, well let me tell you something, I can't really steal something away from you if it wasn't yours in the first place, when I pretended to go out with Tommy back then, he wasn't yours! Plus, later when he was actually mine, you didn't hesitate to be with him!"

Lil felt like she was full of power, she had no one to fear; she didn't blame herself for once. She saw the shocked expressions on Kimi's face.

She couldn't help but add half jokingly, "If you ever lay your claws on me again, I'll knock you out!"

Kimi smiled slightly at that, "I'm sorry Lil," she whispered.

Lil felt the tears slide down her cheek, "it's okay," she mumbled as she hugged Kimi close. "I'm sorry too,"

Lil knew that deep down it was her best friend, the one she knew so well, it was her best friend hurting, just like she was.

"Plus I don't think I want to be with someone that doesn't love me… I deserve better, and can get it too," she tried. Lil knew that Kimi was speaking the truth, but it hurt. Kimi loved Tommy so much that it will be hard to let go, but Lil knew that Kimi knew she had to, and would.

Kimi didn't want to be with Tommy anymore, but she still had to explain that to her heart.

Lil smiled at the relieved Chuckie, and waved at him. It felt like she hadn't met him for so long, he used to be her best friend at one point.

Phil nodded at Lil and smiled, before he could say anything Lil spoke up.

"Phil lets go home and continue the surprise of mom and dad's anniversary."

Phil nodded and took Lil's arm, he felt so happy now that his twin seemed to be recovering.

Before they got off the front porch, Tommy stopped them, "Lil, can I talk to you?"

Phil looked at Tommy coldly, but a look from Lil wiped his look off. She smiled a real smile for the first time for what seemed to be a long time. She nodded, "Phil you go on, I'll be there,"

He nodded and walked away rather slowly; Lil shook her head and smiled, and made it a point not to speak until he was out of hearing reach.

Then she turned to Tommy, irritated that her heart still beat fast every time she was near him.

"Yea Tommy,"

"Lil, I'm so sorry for all the pain I've given you, Honest to god, if I could I would take it all back and make it so everything would go perfect for us."

"Tommy please…"

Tommy held out a finger to Lil's lips, shushing her.

"It seems like things have always gone wrong for us, but you know what I think, all those obstacles were only tests, they were tests of our love, to see if we really did love each other, and look Lil, here we are, you and I, on this porch, with no obstacle, unless we want to create one ourselves, by depriving our selves and each other of a chance at true love."

Lil shook her head sadly, the tears falling from her eyes, but it wasn't pain she felt, the tears contained tears of awe, how nicely he was able to put their relationship in words, and tears of doubt, she couldn't believe it.

She tilted her head side ways and wiped a few tears away, "Tommy, how do you know that, do you really think things can ever go good for us, that there won't be anymore obstacles in our way,"

"I never said that Lil," Tommy whispered as he held her hands in his, "there will defiantly be obstacles, but haven't we learned that we can over come them, we have proved that our love is too strong for them. Lil I swear to you, I will always protect you, no matter what! Our love is too strong for everyone and anyone. Lil Deville, I really love you, and want to be with you!"

Lil smiled at him and flew into her arms and pushed her lips to his! This was the first time they were able to kiss and really let there feeling out, with nothing to hold back.

Lil pushed Tommy away gently later, "But don't think even for a second that you'll be able to do that to me ever again!" she half joked.

"I don't have a death wish," Tommy whispered in Lil's ears softly, and then kissed her on the forehead.

For once, they were truly content!

Tommy took Lil in his arms, "So we official?"

"Uh… yea!" Lil laughed.

Tommy gave her his mega watt smile, "Then lets go tell someone…lets tell anyone…lets tell everyone!"

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