After a stay at the Wolf's Howl Inn, Young Grimwold decides that there's something he has to do. He knows the consequences can only get worse, the longer he leaves it.

Having paid at the inn, YG makes his way through Wolfenden, wandering along some quiet backstreets until he's outside the town. A few fallow fields later and his feet are back on the main path. The murmuring of the town fades away as YG heads towards the Rocks of Bruin, their red-orange prominence at odds with their legendary mystery. YG ponders the name: he concludes that a B was added to the name to reduce the sense of unwelcoming menace, just like the foreboding land of ice that was named as Greenland; and that the pun that has arisen is unintentional. He certainly feels trouble brewing, even though he's not heading for the crags themselves.

YG reaches a house. It looks newly built, but at the same time, appears as if it's aged fast. It resembles a pointed witch's hat that has been squashed and dented. It is implausible and incongruous, threatening yet comical, and difficult to ignore. Staring at it, YG prepares for to face its owner. He wonders how someone so familiar can seem so unknown at the same time. Then again, maybe he's yet to know himself. Contradictions are all too often intimidating to him; but he knows that with an open mind, they can be fascinating. And, as he seems destined (or doomed?) to rediscover so often, he is living in a world of challenges.

Pushing upon the door, he lets the semi-dark chill of the house draw him in. He isn't spotted. YG decides to preempt the unpredictable.

"I'm... I'm back."

Another voice is heard. "Oh, 'allo, dearie!"

"Hello, mother."

The one known to so many as nothing more, and nothing less, than Mrs. Grimwold, shuffles forward, so that the ailing emberlight from the hearth is shed upon her, making her visible to her progeny. It wasn't until he returned from his travels, and saw and heard her after so long away, that YG realised just how comical his mother was. He feels a mild awkwardness in her presence, but it is not the shyness he feels when with others - it's a struggle not to smirk. The odour of the room, the largely random outcome of what Mrs. Grimwold has been cooking, happens to be bearable today.

"'Ow are you, son? I've been lonely 'ere, with only your father for company. I've missed you. So where the 'ell 'ave you been? No point 'avin' you bloomin' well livin' 'ere if you're out all the time. Eh, dearie?"

The ogre's mother descends into a cackle. To YG, it seems more forced than it has done before, and gives him no indication of her mood. Talking quickly so she can't interrupt, he tells her a bit about what he's been up to since he was last home: the time he's spent with Robin the forester, and the meeting with Hordriss. Mrs. G. makes a small grunt when YG mentions the mage - again, hard for YG to decipher the sentiment.

"...And, I'm afraid, I haven't seen any sign of Festus."

"What? My poor Festus! You useless-"

"But here's some money. F-for housekeeping." Blow softened.

Mrs. G. tells YG that his father is out searching for Festus around Vanburn, which YG recalls as being, quite literally, one of Grimwold's former stomping grounds (except, of course, for the quicksand). It seems clear that Mrs. G. will bear little more than a facade of her old self, until her pet is recovered; and YG knows that he should make more of a concerted effort to locate the creature. It's just too easy to get distracted sometimes.

"There's something I've been meanin' to tell you," comments Mrs. Grimwold, but I've forgotten. It'll come back to me."

Parent and child make small talk for a while. Young Grimwold feels some of his filial affection returning. He's aware that in many ways, he was an unconventional son, and it wouldn't have seemed right for him to have anyone other than an unconventional mother. And there is something comforting about being home, with the chaos of the outside world out of sight, and a wealth of positive memories waiting to be tapped in this closed-off environment, where they cannot drain away. YG decides to retire to his room, where he knows that a certain crayon is waiting for him - acquired by his father during the Dungeon days, and gifted to YG, in a unusual yet touching moment of father-son acceptance - and write a little of old times. He wonders if there's really anything left for him to say about his past; but maybe he can do what he believes that many of those he has met are more than capable of: reinterpreting the familiar as something fresh. He moves toward his room. Mrs. Grimwold calls out.

"Oh, I remember what I 'ad to tell you now! You've got a brother you never knew about. 'Ow's that for a surprise, eh, dearie?" The ogres' mother cackles.