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It had been four years since there was any trouble in the beyblading world. All the teams had been competing for the championship not a single worry about anything except to get better and be the next world champions. Surprisingly the year before had gone to a different team that wasn't the Blade-breakers or BBA the championship title had gone to the native team of Russia, the Blitzkrieg Boys or what used to be the Demolition Boys .

Many had shunned the idea as being a fluke of sorts, the championship had been fought fairly between the Blade-breakers and the Blitzkrieg Boys and the better coming out on top only by a narrow win by Tala Ivanov the captain of the team, over Kai Hiwatari captain of the Blade-breakers.

The teams had been tied at the end of the semi-finals starting the finals on equal footing. Max Mizuhara the bubbly blond from the Bladebreakers had been paired to battle Ian a short and long nosed boy with a hat. Max had won against Ian but because of miscalculated hits on Ian's part his blade was send off the dish. Tyson Kinomiya, the midnight blue haired bottomless pit and annoying guy had battled against Spencer a tall and burly blond who had been beaten him with great effort but still getting some damage into his blade. Rei Kon the raven haired beauty and all around calm guy had battled against Bryan Kuznetsov a brutal lilac haired guy, beating him with great effort and energy. Kai and Tala had been chosen to battle last. Kai had evened out the scores causing a tiebreaker between the two. Which lead to Tala's win over Kai, causing the first championship in many years to be won by a Russian team.

All the other teams had been surprised by the loss of the Blade-breakers except for them. "Hey it's time for another team to win" Max had said while shaking Ian's hand. "Yeah I agree Max" Rei had said smiling at the new champions.

Of course that had been a year ago now all of them had matured, well maybe just a little since they were about to start college. Tyson had remained the most annoying member and bottomless pit but his fashion style had changed for the better. He abandoned the red jacket, yellow shirt and torn jeans for the new clothes. He adopted hip hugger pants and a different variety of shirts from every color. His hair style had also changed he straightened it out making it look longer and got black highlights, ridding the need of his hat. He now turned heads wherever he went, because of his well toned body. He wasn't muscle man built but had muscle and he looked very lean at the same time his height of five feet and ten inches aiding in his appearance.

Max was a different story although his style had changed for the better sort of like Tyson's only more reserved. His hair was a complete change he had let it grow out past his shoulders and had had black streaks added in it which looked really good since the strands were very thin. Although he was still the human bouncing ball he had calmed down a bit since he matured a little more although it really didn't matter since him and Tyson often went out together which would be why Max had kept with his bubbly self and Tyson his annoyance.

Rei had changed from wearing his karate Chinese clothing to western apparel bringing out his beautiful looks. His clothes were what Tyson and Max would wear only just a bit more feminine. He would wear pants that would hug his hips perfectly with skin tight shirts with a jacket of sorts over or just a plain undershirt with a button up shirt. He had also let his raven locks unbound unless he was practicing or just wanted it out of the way otherwise he would leave down to shine it's raven glory.

Kai hadn't changed much except maybe his attitude, his attitude was now a little warm towards the others especially Rei since they hung just as much as Tyson and Max did. His fashion sense hadn't changed much he still wore his scarf and tight shirts but he had started on wearing jeans that hung low on his hips.

They had kept in school the entire time. Rei and Kai had joined the local college in hopes to transfer to a bigger university. They both shared many of the same classes and had figured that staying at Tyson's place wasn't for them anymore so they rented out their own apartment. They were joined by Tyson and Max later after the death of Tyson's grandfather caused by an incurable disease. Since Tyson wasn't of legal age to own anything he had asked Rei and Kai to take the dojo as their own until he was eighteen.

Max and Tyson were both two years younger than the other two so they were in their senior year in high school along with Kenny and Hilary. It seemed Hilary had become even more annoying since she had joined the cheerleading squad but in it's own it was good because now she had to spend her time practicing for games instead of bothering them.

Kai hadn't been too happy when the other two had joined them in their apartment since for once he didn't have to share a room with someone but he never said anything. Kai didn't want to be near what he called the bottomless pit and human bouncing ball so he chose Rei to join him to share the room while the other two shared what used to be Rei's room. It reminded them all of when Mr. Dickenson would rent their suites and they had to share rooms and that was the same way they had been paired.

The other teams were somewhere in who knows where from what the Bladebreakers knew the All-Starz were still based in New York working with Max's mom, Judy. The Majestics from their knowledge were currently in their home countries enjoying their luxury filled homes. The White Tigers were in their knowledge from Rei resting in their home village in China and teaching little kids how to blade while they were at it. The Blitzkrieg Boys or the old Demolition Boys were in Russia currently doing who knows what from what Kai would tell the others they were trying to rebuild the abbey into a more civilized beyblading center with the help of the BBA.

The Bladebreakers were all doing their thing in the apartment when there was knock on the door.


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