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"Rei come on wake up" a voice said as something shook him. "Rei come on I know Kai worked you last night but sheesh come on you promised you'd come with me." Slowly Rei opened his eyes and looked up from sleeping on Kai's chest to see bright blue eyes that were looking down at him. "Rei come on Dickenson will be here in a couple of minutes" Tala whispered urgently, shaking Rei a little more. "Okay, okay I'm up" Rei said groggily as he slowly removed himself from Kai's warmth.

Not caring of his nakedness Rei slowly walked into the bathroom to wash his face and clean the mess that was on his chest and between his legs.

Tala smirked in amusement as he watched Rei and then turned to look at Kai who had moved to hugging the pillow above him tightly. He shook his head and moved around looking for Rei's stuff. After finding it he picked out the warmest things he could find and going into the bathroom ignoring the little exclamation from the neko-jin as he walked in. "Here get dressed" Tala said as he put down the toilet seat and sat down.

Rei grumbled but was glad he only had to get dressed, it would have been worse to have Tala watch him clean himself of the sweat and cum on his legs and stomach. "Okay let's go" Tala said after Rei pulled on his sweater. Rei just let himself be pulled out of the room but not before he wrote Kai a note telling him where he had gone.


"Okay Tala we have done everything we could have and this is what turned up" Mr. Dickenson said handing Tala a sheet of paper that had a picture of some type of chip. "What is it?" Tala asked as he handed Rei the picture to look at. "Well this is hard to explain but we managed to take out a sample of it since that little round bulb in the middle has liquid. My scientists found that it is the fluid that is released in neko-jins when they are in heat therefore making them fertile, meaning being able to get pregnant" the old man explained.

Tala looked down at the paper that Rei had handed him. "But how is a liquid able to get me pregnant don't I need to have released an egg or something?" he asked ice blue eyes clouding in confusion. "Tala actually the liquid is the egg basically if it manages to mingle with semen it'll draw together to become a fertilized egg" Rei said and then looked at the doctor that was standing behind Mr. Dickenson "Isn't that right?" "Yes you are very correct Mr. Kon" the other doctor said nodding to Rei's statement.

Tala sat for moment not knowing what to think until something clicked in his mind "Does that mean that I am pregnant?" he asked looking at the doctor. The man sighed and handed Tala another paper "All tests seemed to have pointed that way Mr. Ivanov" the doctor said as Tala took the sheet and looked over the highlighted parts noting that at the bottom it said 'test is positive; patient is pregnant.' "Well Tala we can always remove the chip if you'd like" Mr. Dickenson offered seeing as there was not reaction from Tala as of yet.

"Mr. Dickenson may I speak to Tala alone for a moment?" Rei asked leaning closer to the desk. "Certainly we will be right back with the rest of Tala's test results" the old man said as he stood and he and the doctor walked out leaving the pair alone.

Tala set the papers on the desk before he fisted his hands and closed his eyes. "Rei what am I going to do?" Tala asked suddenly as tears began to spill down his cheeks after he had opened his eyes "I'm not ready Rei I didn't even know." Rei felt sympathy rise for his scared friend and he stood and kneeled in front of him. "Tala do you remember when I asked you if you could ever get pregnant, would you like to have your own children?" "Yes and I said I didn't know" Tala answered as he wiped his eyes. "Well do you Tala; do you want to have your own child? Not having to adopt or have a surrogate mother?" Rei asked as he placed his hand on Tala's stomach. Tala looked down at Rei and he gave him a watery smile before he nodded "Yes but what about Bryan? I never once thought about asking him about children. What if…what if he doesn't want the baby? What if he thinks I'm some kind of freak?" Tala burst into tears as all the worst possible scenarios played in his mind.

"Tala, Tala please don't think that. Bryan loves you and besides I would think he would be able to understand considering that you once had some kind of computer in your head. Do you think something like a chip that can get you pregnant will cause him to love you less?" Rei pleaded as he wiped away Tala's tears. Tala didn't say anything but nodded in the end. "Tala don't worry I'll always be around to help. Both me and Kai will if Bryan doesn't understand which I'm sure he will trust me Tala" Rei said as Tala hugged him tightly. "Thank you Rei" Tala sniffed as they let go and he wiped his eyes and cheeks. "Anytime Tala" Rei said as the older men came in with the rest of Tala's test results.

"Now the chip was made so that it would release every type of hormone that is released in a male neko-jin so we have come to the conclusion that symptoms and the amount of time are the same but that is only speculation since they used neko-jin DNA to make that liquid which I believe was taken from Rei during your stay with them" Tala nodded at Mr. Dickenson's words. "The amount of liquid inside the bulb will determine how many children you may have, once the bulb of liquid runs out then we will take it out or unless of an unwanted situation we'll take it out before it's out of the liquid just call us and we'll remove the chip" Mr. Dickenson said as he handed Tala the papers.

Tala nodded placing them atop the picture and his pregnancy results. He again lifted the picture of the chip and looked at the bulb of liquid and noticed some of it was already missing. "So you mean after this little thing is empty I can no longer have children?" "That is correct, any other questions" Mr. Dickenson asked as he watched Tala carefully. Gathering the papers Tala nodded to the two "Thank you for helping me Mr. Dickenson" he said as he and Rei stood from their chairs. "It was no bother at all now I trust you can make the trip back to the hotel on your own? I do have to get to the stadium and watch the younger leagues beybattle" the old man said as he gathered his coat, hat and cane.

"Yes we can and thank you Mr. Dickenson" Rei smiled as the two walked out of his office.

"Well now is the hard part, telling Bryan" Tala said softly as they walked down the street towards the hotel. "Don't worry Tala everything will be okay" Rei said squeezing the redhead's hand softly. Tala nodded but at the back of his mind he wasn't so sure.


"And where were you two since early this morning?" Kai asked when Rei and Tala walked into the Bladebreaker suite. Tala gulped seeing Bryan sitting on the couch giving him a look. "I guess I should tell you then" Tala said softly and moved to sit beside Bryan and taking out all his test results.

After telling Kai and Bryan what Mr. Dickenson and the doctor said both were left speechless.

"You mean…" Bryan spoke as his brain tried to process everything at one go "You mean to tell me that you're pregnant…with my child?" Tala bit his lip and nodded to the question. "I'm going to be a father" Bryan said in disbelief as he sat back in couch.

"Well I guess it's congratulations Bryan" Kai smirked a little as he held out his hand to the lilac haired man "Welcome to fatherhood."

"What is this I hear about Bryan being a father?" Nana asked as she walked into the suite carrying a freshly showered Nicolai in her arms. Tala groaned softly at the prospect of telling Nana the entire story and so he again told the story.

After handing Rei his baby the old woman smiled warmly as Tala finished and then went to hug him. "Oh congratulations honey. And indeed welcome to fatherhood master Bryan" she grinned clapping Bryan on shoulder before she moved towards the kitchen.

After getting over the initial shock Bryan began to smile and took Kai's hand in the handshake before he pulled Tala into a hug. "I'm going to be a father?" "Yes" "Well I guess it would be right to tell the others that we won't be participating in next year's World championship" Bryan said Tala hugged him back burying his face into the strong shoulder.

"Well good luck telling Spencer and Ian we promise we won't tell anyone unless you say we can" Rei said as the two stood up to leave. "Yeah and thank you for coming with me Rei" Tala smiled and hugged the raven hair being careful of Nicolai who was content to just watch his mother. Bryan took his hand and led Tala out who followed obediently out the door shutting it behind them.

"Well never would have thought about Tala being pregnant" Kai said softly as he wrapped an arm around Rei's shoulder "For once Boris did something that was appreciated." Rei giggled and looked down at the bright golden crimson eyes that were watching him carefully "I guess you're right and it's all thanks to me" he said kissing Kai on the cheek. "Now what are we going to tell our team members that we will be resigning as members of the Bladebreakers?" Rei asked as both took the places that Bryan and Tala once occupied. "We'll get to that when those two decide to get up from the floor downstairs in the conference room" Kai smirked and turned Rei's face to face him "In the meantime give me my good morning kiss." Rei smiled and leaned in closer for Kai to kiss him.

"Ah young people now both of you break it up. What would you like for breakfast?" Nana grinned as she walked up behind them. Kai grumbled slightly and send a mild glare at the old woman who smiled when Rei requested pancakes. "With her here it's going to be impossible for us to be alone" Kai complained softly as he kissed Rei on cheek. Rei giggled when the old woman yelled from the kitchen that she had heard every word that had left his lips making a pink tint cover his cheeks. "By the way Rei I do believe I will have the honor of showing you Kai's baby pictures and telling you embarrassing stories from Kai child hood" the woman said from the kitchen. Rei eyes lit up and he quickly went into the kitchen.

"Who suggested that Nana?" Rei asked when he had sat down at the small table. "Oh Tala called me late last night suggesting that I tell you" she winked and moved around the small kitchen locating all of her ingredients. "Ivanov" Kai growled as Nana began to tell Rei about the time he played in the mud and didn't want to take a shower afterward so his mother had spanked him in front of the house staff.

Laying his head on the table Kai smiled slightly as he heard Rei laughing at the stories Nana was telling. 'I'm going to kill you Ivanov' he thought blushing as yet another more embarrassing story left the old woman's mouth.

The End. (Well sort of since there is going to be a sequel)


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