Summary: This is just a collection of Haru/Rin one-shots, drabbles, and micro-fics. So far, the ones I have were done for the theme-fic community 31 days at livejournal.

If you do not know about the Akito spoiler, do not read the "notes" part at the bottom of this. Other than that, no spoilers.

Mad Tea Party

(Theme- august 16; kingdom of the mad)

She screamed and yelled and kicked; his name rolled off her tongue and was out of her mouth before she could stop herself. Her attacker started and tensed, then returned with more ferocity, rounding on her with no remorse and little restraint.

His hand tangled in her ebony hair; a pale spider ripping a damaged web to shreds, pulling and tugging and laughing. He told her she was worthless, and that nobody, especially him, would come for her. He told her she could scream all she wanted and no one would hear her.

He meant to tell her that she might as well start wishing she was dead, but the cracked pieces of his teeth and metallic liquid in his mouth would not allow him to finish. A gurgle escaped his mangled lips as he fell to the ground; unconscious, as he belonged.

Through her blurry eyes and tangled hair, she only saw the white of her savior's hair before wrenched into a tight hug, his fingernails almost digging into the exposed flesh of her back and shoulders.

You idiot, he croaked into her ear, I told you to leave here.

You idiot, she choked into his chest, I told you I couldn't leave you.

Notes: Just as a little fact, I almost named this "Mad Cow Disease," "Alice," or "Mad Queen." The latter two with a certain tyrannical head of the Souma clan in mind.

Also, for those who are aware of the Akito spoiler, I am aware of it as well and I know that Akito is in fact a she. I also know I used "he" (in case you didn't catch it, the attacker is Akito). I did it intentionally; not like I'm ignoring it. I actually liked that spoiler.

I purposefully did not use quotation marks; have you ever read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros? Yeah, well, she's a published, money-making author and doesn't use quotation marks. So there.