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Bad Guy Traditions: Sidekicks and henchmen

Motor Ed flew in on his Motor cycle and landed in Dr.Drakens lab.

" Ah Ed, I'm glad you could make it." Said Dr. Draken

" Always happy to help a fellow evil genius, seriosuly I am." Said Ed. "So what's the problem?"

" I'm trying to make an android that can fly at hyper sonic speeds, but I can't get the transwarp giero engine to get an synch with the EYES(Eletronic Yapinized Electrons See).

" Hmm, let me take a look."


" Ah I found the problem dude. Seriously I have. WHAHAHAYAEO!" Motor Ed started his guitar solo dance. " Alright get soma your henchmen so we can fix this."

" Henchperson."

" why?"

" My female employess, aka Shego, complained about it being discriminatory and wanted something more politcally correct."

" We're evil geniuses! Why do we have to worry about politcal incorrectness, Seriously why?"

" Because of... the... DUBBERS"

(creepy music)DON DON DAAAAAAAA

Everyone within earshot froze. Then the henchme---people started whispering amoung themselves.

" I heard professor Yagami in Japan wasn't allowed in the US because the... you know who... thought his show was pro gay marriage."

" why?"

" Because he spent all his non-working hours with his male friends."

" But's that's so evil!"

" Of course it is. Why do you think they were invited to the meeting a year ago?"

" But why do you have chicks working here anyway?" asked Ed

" It was Shego's idea." said Draken

" Dude you're a wuss."

" I AM NOT!"

" Why don't you tell that to her?"


" Ok I'm a wuss." Shego jumped down from the balcony, hands glowing.

" Outa the way motor head."

" That's Motor Ed, Duddette. Seriously it is." Shego grabbed Ed's collar.

" Call me Dudette again, and you'll be called Motor Dead!"

" Got it du maam."

Hench Co. HQ

" I'm very excited to have you all here today." Said Mr.Hench to Dr.Gero, Dr.Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik, and Dr. Jumba Jookiba.

" Vhat are you vanting to discus Mr.Hench?" asked Jumba.

" Yes I would like to know too." Said Gero.

" As would I." Said Eggman

" As the preimer supplier to evil doers, I have to stay ahead of the curve." Said Hench. " Dr. Gero, the greatest at making andriods, Dr. Robotnik the greatest at making large scale mechs and space craft and Dr. Jookiba The first to piooner genetic expermination for sentient lifeforms, with your technology, Hench Co. could deliver state of art henchmen on three different levels."

" HENCHPEOPLE!" Yelled the protesters outside.

" Ignore them. They' just a bunch of bleeding hearts from the left." Said Hench and pulled down the curtains. " Here are your contracts, do we have a deal?" The evil geniuses looked over the contract and nodded.

Later at the water cooler inside Hench Co.

" Did you hear? Three mad scientists joined the force today."


" So? Soon they're will be robots and genetic mutations doing OUR jobs!"

" But I have a degree in henchmening."


" But it says Henchmening on my Certifacate."

" That's because you got it before the ...dubbers..(DON DON DAAAAA!) made everyone polically correct."

" I'm safe. I have a degree in Hench...peopling, an asioscate in GBBH(Getting beat by heroes/heroines) AND a master's in incompence." Said one and puffed his chest proudly. Everyone else stared in amazment.

" But I'm just an intern, I don't a chance against a robot or a genetic mutant." Said one and started cleaning his desk.

" Me too!" said the person next to him and did the same to her desk.

" Everyone calm down! We just have to stop them before they go into production! Who's with me?"


Given their large numbers they were able to quite a bit of damage.

-the geeks downloaded viruses into the robots and poisoned the mutants

-the sluts who had gotten this far on thier looks charmed the higher ups

-the perfectionists mangled the spawning vats and the production factories, destroyed all the research and called up various people to remove the evil geniuses

Jumba's lab in Hench Co


"Little girl, 626,...ehhh. Vhat are you doing here?"

Gero's lab

" How'd you get out of HFIL(Home For Infinite Losers)?"

" Blast, it's King Yama."

Robotnik's Lab

" Hey Eggman! Ya given up?" Then there was a blue blur that knocked Robotnik off his feet.

" I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" Robotnik jumped in his ship and flew off, dropping his resigination as well.

Back at the Water Cooler

" Our jobs have been saved!"


" So what have you learned Jiopo?" asked Chase from his castle

" Never use Henchmen."


' How'd they get here?' wondered Chase.

AH: The first few were from Kim Possible.

Dr. Gero is from Dragon Ball Z. HFIL is where villains go when they are defeated, King Yama is in charge

Jumba is from Lilo and Stitch who he calls little girl and 626