glory moment


His tongue crawled easily across his lips before disappearing back inside his mouth, like a slug retreating to its shell. His bulk would do nothing to intimidate her, but his movements felt wrong, brandishing a subtle barbaric quality that defined him as a predator, and not something to be kept indoors. He slithered closer, as if intending to scare her from safety and into the exposed, as a brutish creature would hunt its prey.

Commands were issued quick and sharp from the way he held himself, but she denied him the satisfaction of a quickened breath or quivering stomach. She'd been preparing food in the kitchen when he'd violated it, and a steak knife made for defense. He would not be deterred. She was one of the few creatures that would not oblige his illusions of royal grandeur, her willful attitude picking at him as he would a scab.

He smirked, amused by the slight shiver of her delicate frame, the animalistic fashion in which she eyed his jugular, the way she held the knife in relation to it. His eyes slid up her form, seeing the subtle quality her body spoke of, warrior's sinew neglected and given way to motherhood. Muscle ruined to now wash the laundry and cook without those to bequeath any form of extended and attainable love. Meat to dangle within reach and then pull away.

As he invaded her body, she did his, chest bobbing in an excitedly delicious manner that served only to incite. The tension between them built up and became thick and sticky; sweat formed like condensation. His eyes danced along the grace of her neck, loose black strands clutching to it, throbbing pulse of the need for attention beneath. The column of flesh was fragile enough to snap in two of his big fingers. It was exquisite.

It would thrill him immeasurably to mark Kakarott's territory and make it his own. With this thought, arousal grew. Heat churned and clawed its way through him. Searing. The whisper of her breath that threatened to suffocate him, a last attempt at attack, even as his nails broke the skin. A struggling creature in the wake of ravenous jaws. The delicate arch of her back as fabric was shred and pooled to the floor to encircle and ripple about her feet. Striking features screaming fits of agony as dark hair surrendered to his grasp. He ached to hear the noises she might make, to contaminate something that belonged to Kakarott and infest her with himself.

She met him fully for the briefest of seconds in which is eyes held no mask of violence or cruelty, simply hatred and envy of anything Kakarott's. Things he should've been the one to acquire and conquer. The years wasted and the years to waste attaining them. He turned from her.

Teeth unhinged, the quarry dancing away, instead of absconding towards safety as it should have. She teased him into exposing himself as well, to follow and chase again.

He'd return the promise one day. She could wait.



Please, could you stay a while to share my grief
For it is such a lovely day
To have to always feel this way
And the time that I will suffer less
Is when I never have to wake.