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"I'll get that," Andros said, standing up as the door chimed softly. Ashley shot him a grateful look before turning her attention back to the child in her lap and the one just in front of her.

Fourteen-month-old Seren babbled quietly to herself as she waved a rattle in her two-month-old brother's face. His small hand flailed about for it, his tiny fingers catching ahold of the toy after several tries.

"Ash," Andros said softly. His tone of voice was enough to cause her head to snap up in alarm, her eyes widening as she took in who stood behind him.

"What are you doing here?" she exclaimed softly, careful not to startle the baby.

"We don't exactly know ourselves," Tempest admitted wryly. "But well..."

"We thought we should come and tell you that we were all right," Skylar finished. "We left sort of suddenly."

"And we never thanked you for everything that you did for us," Ryan added.

"Actually, you did," Ashley said with a grin, motioning for them to sit. "But you didn't need to."

"We know," Tempest assured her.

"We just wanted to," Ximena said. Her eyes drifted to the small boy in Ashley's arms. Her eyes lit up and she knelt down beside Ashley, touching the baby's head gently. "Is his name Cadan?"

"How'd you know that?" she asked in surprise. "Oh... he exists where you are, too."

"Yeah," Tempest said with a grin. "Sort of."

"Sort of?"

"Well, he exists," Ximena said, frowning. "But he's a few more years younger... it took our parents longer to be reunited than it took you two."

"How much longer?" Ashley couldn't help asking.

"Ten years," Ryan admitted.

"Ten years?" Andros repeated, his heart aching at the thought of spending so much time away from his wife and children.

"Yeah," Tempest said a bit dejectedly, brightening as she added, "But we're all okay now."

"Is your world safe yet?" Ashley asked.

"As safe as yours," Skylar said a moment later. "But... there's still work to be done."

"There always is," Andros pointed out.

"But someday there won't be," Ashley added firmly.

"Yeah," Tempest agreed. "Someday."


Tempest laughed as Marieke appeared out of nowhere and scrambled up onto the couch, throwing her arms around her neck.

"Hi," she said, wrapping her other arm around Jenny as the other girl hopped up next to her sister. "How are you guys?"

"Good," Marieke said. She frowned. "But school is stupid."

"Yeah," Jenny agreed. "Seren and Cadan are lucky."

"They don't have to go to school," Marieke said with a pout. "But we do."

"And kindergarten is boring," Jenny finished.

Tempest laughed. "I know... but your parents want you to learn stuff."

"I don't wanna learn!" Jenny informed her. "Learning is boring."

"But recess is fun," Marieke reminded her.

"Oh yeah..."

"Where's Aidan at?" Ashley asked. "He did walk home with you, right?"

"Yeah," Jenny said. "But he went to see Erean."

"Why don't you two go play somewhere else for awhlie?" Ashley suggested. "Please?"

"Will you leave?" Marieke demanded.

"No," Tempest said quickly. "Not for awhile."

Marieke looked at her suspiciously but in the end she and Jenny ran off.

Ryan laughed. "You want to hear everything, don't you?"

"Everything," Ashley confirmed. "Starting from when you got back."

"This is going to take awhile," Ryan warned.

"That's all right," Ashley said, lifting Seren into her arms as Ximena took Cadan. "We're not going anywhere."

"You go first," Ryan said to Tempest, who grinned.

Andros shifted to sit next to Ashley on the ground, wrapping on arm around her waist. She smiled and leaned against him, more grateful than ever that they had found each other.

The End

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