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"Good Morning!" A cheery voice broke through the silence of the sleeping dorm.

The small figure pushed the door open wider and slipped into the room, grinning brightly as the oblivious bodies continued to slumber.

Hm, not awake eh? This'll teach them to not leave me out of another prank. He smirked.

A wand was waved. "Rictusempra."

Immediately shrieks of laughter erupted from four of the five beds. The young boy giggled to himself as the older wizards struggled out of their sheets, twitching and moving about in futile attempts to stop the tickling.

"Harry!" James cried angrily around his grunts of laughter.

Sirius wheezed, tears streaming down his cheeks as he clutched his sides. "I'm g-gonna k-k-kill – haha – your brother, Potter." He fell out of bed with a thump.

Remus chortled as he rolled onto his side, grinning up at Harry through teary eyes. "We're s-sorry Harry!" He pleaded.

Only Peter continued laughing, not even bothering to plead with Harry to be released from the spell. He had suffered far too many times and had learned to let things take their course.

Harry idly twirled his wand. "Why should I?" He asked casually, grinning from ear to ear at their helplessness.

"I'll t-tell – hehe, dammit Harry – Mum if you d-do-don't." James choked.

There was an irritated sigh before Harry waved his wand again. "Ennervate. You're no fun James." He pouted.

Hazel eyes glared at the shorter wizard. "I don't appreciate being woken up by a tickling charm." He retorted.

"Who let you in anyway Brat?" Sirius grumbled as he hefted himself to his feet.

Harry sniffed and turned up his nose at the older boy. "Lily let me in, she likes me." He replied haughtily.

"Oi!" James pointed a finger at the younger Potter. "I told you to keep your paws off of Evans, she's mine."

"It's not my fault she likes me more then you." Harry smirked annoyingly. "Better luck next time Jamie boy."

He laughed and dodged out of the room and downstairs before any hexes could be sent his way. The four Marauders remained in silence for a moment longer before Remus sighed.

"Well I suppose we should get ready then." He shook off his sheets and rose out of bed.

The other three grumbled under their breath about lack of sleep while the tawny haired boy smiled happily and readied for the day.

A few restless minutes later the boys made their way to the common room, immediately spying Harry and Lily on the couch. James growled under his breath about little brothers while Sirius held him back discretely. Harry spied their entrance and sent a leering smile at his brother.

"Morning James." He greeted sweetly.

"Morning." James muttered grumpily in return.

Lily smiled also. "You four are up early." She commented, raising a questioning brow. "Planning on torturing more Slytherins today Potter?" She asked coolly.

"Actually we – oomph!" He cut off as Remus jabbed him in the side with his elbow.

"Were just woken up by Harry here." Remus continued for him, smiling charmingly. "He's such an early riser." He said in a falsely sweet tone.

Lily actually smiled. "He is." She turned back toward the boy in question and ruffled his hair. "And he's so cute."

James growled softly, glaring down at Harry, unnoticed.

Harry laughed. "Aw, thanks Lil." He swatted her hand away playfully. "But you're so much more beautiful then me." He replied politely.

She laughed lightly. "Oh Harry, how on earth did you end up in Slytherin? You would make such a better Gryffindor."

"I ask myself that everyday." James muttered.

He was ignored and Harry shrugged with a silly grin. "Good genes I guess. Personally I think James got the short end of the stick, Slytherin isn't that bad."

"Short end of the stick?" James yelped. "You little bugger!" He growled.

"Language, Potter!" Lily cried. "I don't want Harry learning your bad habits, hopefully he'll grow into a decent wizard, unlike you."

"What?" James spluttered. "I'll have you know that every Potter to set foot in Hogwarts has been in Gryffindor." He glared at Harry. "Except this one."

"Oh leave him alone Potter, Harry's just different from you blundering fools." The witch tossed her fiery hair over a shoulder.

"Lily!" Remus protested.

Emerald eyes were rolled. "Except you Remus, you're the only one with a bit of hope."

"Thank you." He adjusted his robes, lifting his head proudly.

Sirius and James glared at him pointedly. "Thanks a lot for the help Moony." Sirius grumbled.

A soft rumbling interrupted whatever moment they were having and all heads turned toward Harry who smiled despite himself.

"Er…I'm hungry." He chuckled sheepishly.

"Come on then Harry, I'll walk with you to the Great Hall, I think it's time for breakfast anyway." Lily rose from the couch and held out her hand.

Harry took it greedily, smiling in triumph over the girl's shoulder as she helped him stand. 'Better luck next time James.' He mouthed maliciously.

"You little – !" James cried, Sirius holding him steady once more.

"Grow up Potter." Lily huffed as she led the Slytherin out of the portrait hole, the latter waving over his shoulder.

The Marauders watched as the two left, a mixture of shock and irritation amongst their midst.

"Your brother is a right prat." Sirius commented as he released his friend.

James sighed and ruffled his messy hair. "Tell me about it." He sighed.

There was a moment of thoughtful silence only broken when Peter sniffed loudly, effectively killing the quiet of the room.

"Is it breakfast yet?"

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