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This is the angst ending; it will include Time Travel, Character Death and lots of Angst! If you want the happy ending go back a chap! If not, enjoy!


A shield erected around Harry and the Memory Charm bounced off harmlessly.

Harry and Remus turned toward the firm voice in both fear and shock. The Gryffindor slowly lowered his wand, face drawn and pale.

"Professor." He whispered.

Dumbledore smiled calmly. "I believe you have class Mr. Lupin." He said gently.

Remus looked from Harry to the Headmaster. "I…" He trailed off helplessly as he bowed his head. "I'm sorry."

"It is quite alright." Dumbledore nodded knowingly. "I shall take care of Mr. Potter now."

The tawny haired wizard inclined his head. "I'll see you later Harry." He whispered.

Harry remained silent, shoulders shaking as he stared at the ground angrily. Why? Why did Dumbledore have to come, how did he know? He fumed.

"Mr. Potter, if you would accompany me to my office, I think there is something we must discuss." The Headmaster murmured politely.

The Slytherin remained silent and cool, his expression remaining in the irritated grimace he had donned upon being interrupted.

Meddlesome old coot. He fumed silently as they entered the castle and headed toward Dumbledore's office. He pretends to care about his students. That's a laugh! He tugged at his locket distractedly, wishing he had the comforting weight of his snake around his neck.

"Here we are." Dumbledore said cheerfully, naming some random candy as the gargoyle jumped to the side. Harry glowered; he did not want to be here.

They silently stepped onto the spiral staircase and quickly climbed upward until they reached a plain looking door.

Well that was anticlimactic. Harry snorted silently.

Harry warily watched the Headmaster's back as he gained his bearings and entered the room, how had he known what Harry had been planning? That was the only explanation for his sudden appearance; he had to have known somehow. That unanswered thought continued to run through his mind chaotically. What's more, why did the man care about a Slytherin? The old wizard slowly sat and gestured for Harry to do the same.

"Lemon drop?" He inclined his hand toward the candy dish.

"No." Harry shook his head, eyes narrowed. Get to the point you codger, I don't have time to waste with fools.

Dumbledore smiled tiredly. "Always the Slytherin, suspicious to the end." His eyes seemed to darken in pain. "Though you never were a "perfect" Slytherin, were you Harry."

"Is there something you need Professor?" Harry glared offensively, shifting in his seat.

"It's time to return home Harry." He said gently.

Harry's eyes widened at the odd statement, immediately taking it for the worst. "Did something happen to my parents?" He began to rise. "Does James know?"

"Please sit Harry; I'm afraid it's not that simple." Dumbledore replied gravely. "You see, the people you think are your parents are really no such thing. You are not from this time, you are from the future."

"What?" Harry scowled as he angrily stood. "If this is the only reason you brought me here then I think I'd rather not stay." He moved toward the door.

"Sit!" Dumbledore boomed, shocking the boy and forcing him to pause and turn. The old wizard's eyes were hard with pain. "Sit." He said a bit more gently.

Harry slowly returned to the uncomfortably soft chair and sat, sinking into the cushion slightly. He glared at the Headmaster. This was all a ploy, to do what Harry wasn't sure, but he knew that the old man was up to something. His words couldn't be true; it would mean everything he had ever known was a lie.

"I'm sorry to use such a tone with you Harry, but you left me with no other choice at the moment." Dumbledore apologized, looking tired. "What I have said is true though."

"You're a liar!" Harry growled. "How would you even know of this if you're from this time?"

"I have my ways Harry; one must be prepared for anything these days." He explained vaguely.

Harry shook his head. "Well I still don't believe you, my family, my life, is here!" He laughed harshly. "You sound crazy saying shit like that." He cursed, not caring if he offended the wizard, he had never respected the man anyway.

"Language Harry." Dumbledore chided. "What can I say that would make you believe me?"

There was a heated glare. "Nothing." Harry crossed his arms with finality. "Even if it were true – which it sounds pretty crazed to me – I wouldn't go back, I obviously left for a reason."

"It is not that simple." The Headmaster murmured. "Promises were made, oaths sworn. You must go back."

The Slytherin was beginning to become agitated again, he didn't like being here with the Headmaster, the wrongness of the situation was eating at him, the urge to run was very prominent.

"I'm not going to listen to you anymore Sir, I want to return to my dorm, I've had a rough day." Harry made move to stand once more.

"I'm sorry Harry." Dumbledore apologized and his wand was suddenly pointing at the boy.

Harry's mouth flew open in rage, having been in a similar situation recently. "What are you trying to pull you – "

"Commemini Memoria."

Emerald eyes widened as the beam of white light shot toward his face and blinded him. Harry fell back into his chair with a grimace as he was thrown into a thick darkness, then the images began...

"Harry! We have to run; You Know Who and his Death Eaters are invading the castle!"

A flash of red light blinded him, followed by a weak thump and silence from the witch.

"Hermione, no!"

"She's only been stunned mate, keep moving, you can't be caught off guard!" Ron urged him forward over the roar of battle, sweat and blood slipping down his cheek.

Harry abandoned his friends and ran forward; the beating in his ears was intense, his breath coming in short pants. Emerald eyes roved across the battle field. This was it, the final moments of his life.

"Voldemort!" He roared.

Harry whimpered and screwed his eyes closed painfully as his fingers dug into the arms of the chair. What was happening to him? He burned all over, his stomach twisted in knots.

"You love me don't you?"

Severus turned and smirked. "You're delusional Potter."

A knowing smile. "You don't fool me Severus." Harry retorted. "Please, let me hear you say it once more before we go out to battle in the morning."

The elder wizard seemed to fight with himself but finally allowed his shoulders to slump forward as he nodded weakly.

"I love you Harry." They pulled forward and kissed. "I love you enough to die for you."

"No!" Harry cried, tugging at his hair. "Don't do this!" His eyes opened in terror, darkened and blind to the world as he continued to pass through horrible memories.

"Did you really think you could escape Potter?" Voldemort whispered dangerously.

Harry panted and glared up at the Dark wizard. "I'm not scared of you Tom, you can't hurt me and you know it."

The vicious smile sent chills through Harry's gut.

"Are you so sure about that Potter?" He waved his wand, gesturing to one of his loyal Death Eaters. "I'll show you how much I can hurt you."

Emerald eyes widened in terror as a broken and bloody Severus was dragged through the crowd, shoulders slumped in weakness.


Voldemort cackled. "You see Harry Potter? I hold your heart, and I can easily crush it." He lifted his wand and pointed it toward the traitor.

"No!" Harry screamed, rushing forward.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Harry convulsed in his madness, twitching and shuddering in mental anguish. "Stop it you bastard! Stop it!" He screamed at Dumbledore, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"I can't stay here."

Dumbledore nodded sadly. "I was wondering when you would come to me Harry." He murmured. "I understand what the death of Severus has done to you."

Harry's hands balled into fists at his sides, his arms shaking from the strain. "Don't try to talk me out of it Albus, if you understand then you know that I've already made up my mind, I want to go back. I have to go."

"Going back in time will not help your loss Harry; it will only make the pain worse."

"I don't care!" Harry hissed. "You will send me back, I deserve this! I've done my job and killed Voldemort, I have nothing left here! I deserve a second chance at happiness!"

The old wizard looked tired. "And your friends?"

"They don't matter, nothing matters! Severus is dead, don't you understand that? He's never coming back to me, so why should I stay here and wait for a broken dream?" Madness glinted in his eyes. "If he can't come to me then I will go to him."

"It won't be that easy Harry, you must plan." Dumbledore sighed. "I will help you, but you must agree to my terms."

Harry snarled. "Why should I? I've got enough power in our world to have people falling at my feet, begging me to let them help. You're lucky I even told you." He hissed vehemently.

"I have my reasons Harry, please, hear them out."

The teen threw himself into one of the overly stuffed chairs and viciously waved his hand. "I'm listening."

Harry curled in on himself, shoulders shuddering as he cried into his knees. "I don't want to remember…please."

Albus Dumbledore watched as Harry disappeared with the Time Turner secured in his miniature hands. He prayed that the boy would remain safe along his journey.

He sighed and leaned heavily on his ancient desk, rapid thoughts of what had just taken place flashing through his memory.

Harry had readily agreed to his terms, though it wasn't all that surprising. The Gryffindor had been de-aged to the tender age of five, all of his memories erased and long forgotten.

This was Harry's second chance at life, something the timeworn youth deserved above all else. He was going to relive his childhood, raised by the family that he had never had. Harry would be known from then on as Harry Potter, younger brother to James Potter.

Finally the barrage of memories halted and Harry was left panting in his weakness, arms hanging loosely at his sides.

"Harry?" Dumbledore murmured, suddenly doubting what he had done.

The frail body stiffened and the Headmaster was quickly assaulted by a wave of intense loathing along with the warning crackle of powerful magic.


Dumbledore leaned forward slightly, a worried frown tugged at his lips. "What was that?"

Blazing orbs of black flashed as Harry jerked his head up and pierced the old man with a rabid glare. "WHY?"

"I'm afraid it's quite complicated." He bowed his head. "You see, we made a deal Harry."

"I don't remember anything of the sort!" Harry raged. Why did you hurt me, why would you do something so horrible?

Dumbledore continued as though Harry hadn't spoken. "You agreed that if things became too much for you to handle I would send you back to your rightful time."

Harry jumped out of his chair, almost toppling the setting in his haste. "Stay away from me." He yanked out his wand. "I'm not leaving, nothing's wrong with me."

"Then I was mistaken when I happened upon Mr. Lupin and yourself? About to cast a Memory Charm no less?" Dumbledore asked softly.

"It was a bump in the road, nothing more!" Harry yelled. "Don't touch me Albus; don't fuck with my life again, you've done enough!"

The old wizard shook his head. "I swore that I wouldn't let you suffer again. You will only cause yourself more pain; the Severus of the past does not love you as his future self did."

Harry's back bumped against the door, hands fumbling with the knob desperately as fresh tears tracked down his cheeks. "Don't do it you old fool." He whispered. "I won't survive without him, not again."

The wand was trained on his chest and Harry stopped all movement as he stared down Dumbledore, his eyes filled with hate and pain.

"I'm sorry Harry." The whisper was quickly followed by an intricate spell.

Harry screamed as he was enveloped in the magic and pulled into darkness once more. "Severus!" The echo of his cry resounded in the empty room and Dumbledore bowed his head in grief.

"I'm so sorry Harry, but the future must not be altered."

--- --- ---

Severus' head lifted as his ears began ringing. He frowned and glanced around the library warily, looking for any stray Marauders who could have placed a hex on him. Seeing none he stood, something was wrong, the tightening in his chest told him that his intuition was correct.

He left his haven and quickly paced through the halls, leading toward the courtyard outside. Harry, there was something wrong with the boy and he knew it. His instincts never lied to him; he always had a bit of a sixth sense about these things, a strange empathy.

"What are you doing around this territory Snivellus?" A begrudging voice broke him out of his worried thoughts.

Severus looked up in surprise, which quickly turned to anger. "Stay the fuck away from me Black; I don't want to see your face at the moment, never again in fact."

The Marauder strangely sighed and glanced away without taking the bait and continuing their argument. Severus was perplexed to say the least.

"Listen, I'm sorry." Sirius' face was screwed into a look of contempt as he looked toward the Forbidden Forest.

Sorry… Severus continued to stare at the Gryffindor in confused shock.

Sirius turned at his silence and scowled. "Don't think I'm doing this for my health, you're still a slimy Slytherin who deserves to be hexed." He rolled his eyes and pocketed his hands with a huff. "Dumbledore made me apologize; I just haven't gotten around to it until now."

Ah, that explains it then. Severus regained his cool attitude. He's doing it to pacify the old man.

"Listen Black, I don't want your pathetic apology, it means nothing to me." He began to walk past. "Now, before you interrupted me, I was going somewhere."

"Have you seen Harry?" The Gryffindor suddenly halted him. "I wanted to apologize to him too."

Severus froze, knowing that his premonition was about to raise its head, something had happened to Harry, he knew it. He slowly turned and opened his mouth to reply when James came running up to his friend.

"I can't find Harry, have you seen him?" He panted, as though he had been running for a while. "I've searched through the school and no one's seen him."

Sirius shook his head with a worried look as he gestured toward Severus. "I was about to ask him, since they're in the same House."

James turned and seemed a bit reluctant to ask. "Well Snape, have you seen my brother?"

"No." Severus whispered, beginning to tremble. "But you have to find him, something terrible has happened." He winced and shook his head as a headache began to pound at his skull.

"What?" James' eyes were wide in fear; he looked toward Sirius who had a similarly perplexed look. "How do you know that?" He demanded.

Severus glanced up, his gaze narrowed in pain. "I don't, I'm just telling you what I thought, it's like a feeling." He frowned. "A really bad feeling." He shook his head and glared. "Why are we even talking to each other Potter? Go find your brother before something does happen to him." He said cryptically.

"Is that a threat Snape?" Sirius began to step forward menacingly with a crack of his knuckles.

James grabbed his arm and began pulling his friend away. "We have to find Harry." He muttered, shooting a quick glance over his shoulder. "Thanks Snape." Sirius protested as he was dragged away, but he was ignored.

Severus glowered and looked away in slight embarrassment; it seemed the Gryffindor had seen through his act of nonchalance. He grimaced – to think – Potter knew that he cared for his little brother yet did nothing but thank him. It was discerning.

He worriedly watched the path they had taken, hoping they would find the young Slytherin before something really did happen despite his warning.

What's happening? The feeling of dread overwhelmed him.

--- --- ---

"Remus!" James yelled to get the Gryffindor's attention as they ran the length of the hall.

The werewolf lifted his head and upon seeing Sirius scowled. "What is it James?" He asked politely as they came to a stop beside him at the foot of the staircase.

"We can't find Harry, it's really important that we do." James panted as he caught his breath. "Something bad," he huffed, "has happened, or at least we think something has happened."

Sirius scoffed, shoulders tense as he crossed his arms. "You mean Snape thinks." He muttered. "Why are we even listening to that stupid Slytherin?"

James glared. "Because he cares about Harry and he had a bad feeling about his disappearance. He wouldn't lead us on a wild goose chase if it wasn't important."

"The last time I saw him, he was going to go speak with Dumbledore." Remus interrupted the soon to be argument. "You might want to check there first."

The elder Potter nodded distractedly, rubbing his chest in confusion. "Now I'm getting a bad feeling about this." He muttered. "Come on you guys, let's go ask the Headmaster."

--- --- ---

Harry continued to scream as he fell to his knees, knowing he was back in his original time. The floor beneath him was plush, red, he was in Gryffindor Tower.

"Severus!" He cried at the top of his lungs, he clutched at his shoulders and slowly rocked himself. "Severus!" The wail cut through the room.

Voices soon trailed down the stairs as someone, or a couple someones decided to assess the situation and find out who was screaming at such a late hour.

"I don't know what it is, but it sounds like…" The voice stopped as the body paused at the foot of the stairs. "Harry?"

Emerald eyes slowly tracked upward, blurry and wet with grief. Something flickered in Harry's gaze, recognition.


The bushy haired witch – who looked as though she had gotten older – ran toward Harry and fell beside the sobbing boy, embracing him forcibly and started to cry herself.

"Where have you been Harry?" She buried her face in his shoulder. "We thought you were gone forever, we were so worried!"

Harry looked toward the tall redhead behind her in a sort of daze. He felt unbalanced, lost. "Severus." He whispered, and closed his eyes weakly.

"What?" Hermione pulled away and sniffled as she wiped her eyes. "What did you say Harry?"

He slowly turned and locked eyes. "Severus, where is he?" He whispered again, his voice rough from his screaming.

"Oh Harry." Hermione covered her frowning mouth sadly. "Is that why you left?" Her eyes became soft and compassionate. "It doesn't matter, you're back now, you've come back to us."

Harry's eyes flew wide open as he trembled. "No, he took him away!" Harry grew frantic. "I can't stay with you, he's not here! He's not here!" He screamed and tried to push away the girl.


Hermione looked back in shock as Harry fell to his side. "Ron, why did you do that!" She turned back toward Harry and lifted him worriedly.

"We need to take him to Madam Pomfrey." Ron murmured as he stepped closer and lifted his best friend. "Let's get him there before something else happens."

The witch quickly nodded and helped her boyfriend out through the portrait.

--- --- ---

"Where is he? Where's Harry?" James demanded in panic, the feeling of dread had consumed him. The three Marauders had stood outside the gargoyle for a total of five seconds, quickly catching on to the oddity of the password and gaining entrance. Remus and Sirius watched on worriedly as Dumbledore shook his head sadly.

"I'm sorry Mr. Potter, but your brother was just involved in an accident. The appropriate owls have been sent to your parents." His eyes dimmed. "I'm sorry my boy, he didn't survive."

James stared at the Headmaster in shock, face paling as his eyes rolled up into his head and he slumped forward into his friends' arms.

Remus shook his head, arms loosing their strength. "No! That isn't possible, I was just with him! He was with you!" His face broke as tears erupted from his eyes and he let go of his friend. "It's not possible."

Sirius scowled as he hefted James into his arms. "How the hell does something like that happen?" He snapped. "An accident? Didn't survive? What the bloody hell happened?"

"I understand your grief Mr. Black, but please be patient and I will explain." Dumbledore inclined his head silently. "After he spoke with me, Mr. Potter was emotionally unstable. He apparently retreated to the Forbidden Forest in his grief, where he was attacked by the various beasts which inhabit it." He shook his head regretfully. "The centaurs informed me of this, only moments ago and I have been trying to rectify the situation."

"Rectify the situation?" Remus breathed harshly, glaring up at the Headmaster. "Harry is dead! There is no way to make the situation better!"

Dumbledore looked tired. "There is nothing I can do; Harry Potter is lost to this world." He murmured.

--- --- ---

Had it really been a week since he had returned? Had he really survived for so long?

Kill me, someone kill me.

Harry was spread out on a bed within the walls of the Infirmary, a familiar sight for him. But this wasn't one of his accidental visits, the only injury he had was his shattered heart. He was bleeding from the inside; slowly dieing…and nobody seemed to care.

He wanted to go back, he had pleaded when Albus had come to visit him. But no one would listen to his garbled speech. The only word that could be understood was the mumbled name he refused to forget.

"Severus." He whispered, fingers twitching in the cool sheets at his sides.

Out, I need to get out. His eyes closed as he tried to hold back his tears. I don't want to be here anymore.

The dark head shifted to the side of the pillow and Harry looked toward the doors, toward his freedom.

Yes. His mind whispered. It was so easy, so close. He slowly lifted his torso and sat up, allowing his body to adjust to the motion. He had been heavily drugged and had been in the same bed since his unexpected arrival, so he was a bit sore.

His feet touched the floor hesitantly; the cool touch snapped at his nerves and wrenched a startled gasp from him. He quickly looked around the room in case there were wards around his bed or other patients sleeping through his escape.


He would have expected Dumbledore to protect him now that he had returned, to keep him captive, but it seemed as though he was going to fail because of the same mistakes again.

Stupid fool. He silently growled as he stepped out of the Infirmary, his first steps toward the end.

But not as foolish as his Gryffindor friends it seemed. It appeared that they had gotten together in his absence, which was good; they would have each other when he left again. Their foolishness would be the reason he was leaving though.

He had cried to them during one of their many visits. Sobbing and pleading as he usually did, but this time his reasons were different, he needed to find solace. They had been more then happy to bring the items the Marauders had left behind, it was all he had left, seeing as they were all dead in this time.

The Marauders Map, Prongs' cloak, Moony's wand, and Padfoot's old penknife…

Hermione and Ron had never questioned his motives, they were too trusting, too Gryffindor. It would cost them.

The crisp breeze of dawn slapped his cheeks as he left the safety of the castle, bringing a healthy pink flush to his face. He silently walked toward the Forest, heading for the secret hill he had shared with Severus. It would be his final resting place.

This was where he and Severus had been the closest, where they had shared tentative kisses and slow hugs. It was beautiful to Harry, so many memories. He slowly sat on the wet grass, the morning dew seeping into his nightclothes as he stared up at the purple sky.

"I'm sorry for being such a coward Severus." He whispered into the silence, his only companions were the soft songs belonging to the birds of morning. "I tried to be strong, just like you wanted, but it was too hard without you."

In his hand the soft silver flickered in the rising light of the sun. He opened and closed the penknife with a slight click as he stared out toward the Lake.

"Albus took me away from you." He murmured conversationally. "He told me you couldn't make me happy. He was always against our relationship, don't you think?" He chuckled sadly.

The sun was beginning to peek over the trees and Harry stared at the bright orb.

"No more though." His voice grew firm.

His flesh split under the sharp blade Sirius had given him, blood blooming forth at the first bite of metal. He winced and closed his eyes in pain as tears prickled behind his eyelids. Ouch, I didn't expect it would hurt so much. Another voice chided him like the thickheaded fool that he was. What do you think dying feels like?

He slowly lay down on his side and breathed through his pain as his wrists bled crimson rivers, the crimson pooled around him slowly and he felt like he was sinking. Emerald eyes opened his vision fuzzy and graying at the edges as Harry looked toward the sun one last time.

"I'm coming Severus." He whispered and closed his eyes.

--- --- ---

"Have you seen Harry at all? I checked with Madam Pomfrey and she said he had gone missing." Hermione frowned as she took a seat within the Great Hall, it was breakfast and the noise of the students was filling the room.

"No, I haven't." Ron turned from his plate. "I'll come with you to look for him." He volunteered.

She smiled and patted his cheek affectionately. "Thank you." She glanced around them. "Do you want to look for him now? I'm not sure, but I'm getting a funny feeling."

"That's fine, the sooner we find him the better." Ron stood and helped his girlfriend up.

Hermione reached into her bag as they left the Great Hall behind to stand in the hallway beyond and pulled out the Marauders Map triumphantly.

Ron frowned upon seeing the familiar item. "I thought we had given that back to Harry."

"We did, but he left in the Infirmary, so I took it." The witch slowly unfolded the old parchment. "Let's see, I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Hm, it says…he's outside."

"Why would he be outside, you don't think he's been out there all this time do you?" Ron asked worriedly.

"I hope not." Hermione folded the map up and stuffed it into her bag. "Come on; let's go bring him in then before someone gets worried."

The pair silently walked outside, holding hands to comfort each other, it was something they had grown used to doing. They had been so happy when Harry had returned. He had been missing for a few weeks and then he had suddenly appeared again!

Dumbledore had explained the situation to them, about how Harry had gone back in time to relive his entire life. It was a bit of a shock to see the lengths he would go to be with Snape again. But he was their friend, so they accepted it and welcomed him back.

It seemed that revealing his past life had been a mistake, especially at the speed which Dumbledore had done so. The spell had sent Harry into shock and he had in a sense, snapped. It was the reason they had been forced to keep in within the safety of the Infirmary, under protective spells and heavy surveillance until he was deemed safe.

The wards had been removed, which had also proven to be a mistake since Harry was now loose and emotionally unstable.

"Hey Hermione, what's that up ahead?" Ron nodded forward, breaking her thoughts.

A small form was huddled in the cool grass, shadows seeping around the figure and hiding it from prying eyes.

"I'm not sure; it looks almost like…Harry!" The girl screamed in recognition.

Harry remained still as the two Gryffindors rushed to his side. Ron slid to a stop, landing on his knees beside his best friend.

"Don't do this to us Harry, please." He choked as he saw the state the boy was in. "Don't leave us again!"

Blood gave the grass a crimson sheen, the blades around Harry shining wetly in the early sunlight. The penknife remained in Harry's limp hand, glinting maliciously and taunting, still bloodied and dangerous.

It was the one Sirius had given him.

"Damn it!" Ron cursed, clutching Harry's wrists futilely in an attempt to stop the sluggish bleeding.

Hermione covered her mouth as she slipped to her knees weakly; shaking her head in denial. "Harry, why would you do this?" She whispered.

The Boy Who Lived was gone once more, this time forever, and there was sadly nothing they could do to help him. They would mourn as they had the first time, they would shed tears and hopefully, eventually they would move on.

The couple remained with Harry's body until Dumbledore and the other Professors came to investigate their missing presence from within the castle. More tears were shed and Dumbledore looked stricken as he looked down upon the serene face of the young wizard.

"I've made a terrible mistake." He whispered.

No one would understand those words in future years, and Albus would continue to carry the heavy weight of guilt in his heart for the remainder of his life. One thing could be said though, despite the severity of the situation, Harry had had a smile on his face.

Despite everything, he had died happy.

--- --- ---

James stood silently as he stared down at the casket being lowered into the ground. It was empty of course, Dumbledore had never provided a body for them to bury, inside the fancy piece of wood were personal possessions belonging to Harry.

It had been two weeks since he had been told his little brother wasn't coming back, two weeks and it still hurt like hell to think about. The entire situation was wrong, Harry was only thirteen! He should have been able to live a carefree life; he should have been able to experience everything!

Tears slowly trailed the length of his cheeks and slipped down his chin. Everyone around him was mourning, crying for the lost soul they had all come to love. His parents were the worst off, they wouldn't be able to have anymore children, Harry had been their baby.

"You alright James?" A voice murmured sadly beside him.

He turned and gave Sirius a watery smile. "I'm good." He sniffed and glanced back toward the grave. "I'll be better soon."

"We don't expect you to be our strong leader anytime soon." Remus smiled gently. "This is a hard blow for all of us, you especially. It's going to take time to get over this, if at all."

James nodded distractedly, trying not to think about it overly so. Sirius clapped him on the shoulder and took him into a half hug. "It's going to be alright Prongs, you'll see."

He nodded again, the strange lump in his throat tightening and stopping his response. "Where's Pete?" James wiped his eyes as he looked around.

Sirius gestured over his shoulder. "He's over with Mum and Dad." He inclined his head. "Evans is over there too if you want to go." He offered.

"No, I need to stay with you guys." James rubbed his face in an attempt to clear the flushed tint his cheeks had taken.

"Are your parents going to be alright?" Remus asked worriedly.

The hazel eyes finally cleared as James looked toward his parents. "I don't know." He murmured truthfully. "They can't have anymore kids because of their age. I'm all they have left," he smiled and lightly punched Sirius' arm, "Padfoot here too I suppose, he's like a son to them anyway."

Remus nodded and smiled softly as Sirius came behind him and wrapped him in his arms lovingly, while kissing the side of his neck. He wished James could be as happy, though perhaps Lily would help him through as he friends were willing to do.

Sirius and Remus had gotten back together; Harry's death had given them a shock to the system. They had painfully learned that life was extremely short, and that anyone could be next. They wanted to be happily together for as long as possible, so after a lot of tears, everything had been forgiven.

James stared at the headstone mutely, the last of the dirt had been set upon the coffin and Harry was forever gone.

The tears came again.

The hiccupped sob caught the couple's attention and they quickly stepped closer in an attempt to soothe James. He buried his face in Sirius' robes and began to cry his heart out as everything came crashing around him once more.

"It's not fair." He sobbed as Sirius pulled him against his chest. "It's not fair…"

"We're here for you James, we'll always be there." Remus whispered as he too looked toward the headstone.

Harry Potter

1962 – 1975

Beloved brother, lover and guardian angel.

May his soul rest in peace and his memory go on.

--- --- July 31, 1980 --- ---

A loud squall broke through the tense air of the room and a pained groan from Lily announced the birth of her son.

Sirius cheered and clapped a shocked James on the back as the Mediwitch cleaned the newborn babe. Remus remained at Lily's side, gently stroking her brow with a wet cloth.

"Well done Lily, he's beautiful." The werewolf congratulated. Lily smiled tiredly in return, her fiery hair spread around her damp face.

"That's right James; you've got a beautiful son." Sirius smiled, throwing an arm around his friend.

A watery smile was sent in his direction. "He is isn't he?" James said proudly as he watched the tiny bundle.

"What's his name then?" Remus asked softly.

There was a moment of silence as James simply gazed at his wife. She smiled and nodded at his silent question.

"Harry." James finally said. "Harry Potter."

The End

AN: And thus the circle starts again. This is the ending that I liked; there was so much more action and the title fits with this version since both Harry/Sev are 'already gone'. Well, thanks to everyone who stayed for the entire fic, especially those who have reviewed. It was fun! Thank u Zoomi for being my beta through the whole thing!