Perhaps it was the constant stream of strange events that kept befalling them that had made Falcon's mind rather numb to the unexpected. The attack by the bandages Jack hadn't practically left him in stunned surprise. But what had attracted his immediate attention was the fact that Mel, after the attack, had been left in an almost stunned state.

After Jack had fled, which was something that REALLY bothered him, Mel simply sat there silently with wide eyes and an emotionless expression. She'd been wearing that expression for hours now and Falcon suspected that something was up. Julia had been trying to comfort her but Mel simply did not reply.

"Fantastic." Ryoma cursed sarcastically. "And now, ontop of everything else, we have to worry about Jack." The samurai paced the small room above Mel's shop with his arms folded inside his blue robes and an angry scowl on his face.

Falcon simply studied Mel in silence. She sat in a chair on the far side of the room, staring out the window. She hadn't said a word.

An idea had formed in Falcon's head some time ago but it seemed so unbelievable that he was prepared to dismiss it on the spot. Still he couldn't think of some other reason for her behaviour. Mel was not easily frightened and not given to flights of emotional distress that some pompous men claimed all women were affected by.

"Falcon, are you even listening to me?" Samurai asked, snapping the Englishman pack to reality.

"Sorry Ryoma, I was just thinking."

"Good. You can think of dealing of a way of dealing with Kraken, Valgas and now Jack all at the same time."

Without a word to either of them, Mel stood up and left the room. Falcon watched her go, bits and pieces of thought going back and forth across his mind.

On the far side of the shop, Ryoma's sensei Goamon and Mistress Ghana were putting up boards to replace the window that Jack had smashed. Nearby them, Accel and Wang-Tang were both sitting at the same table. Accel had the medieval manuscript that Pride had hidden for them to find on the table in front of him while Wang-Tang looked through a pile of books about Medieval crusading Orders.

"You know…" Accel began after a moment. "Something strikes me as familiar about this map." The cow boy leaned forward to get a look at the giant super continent depicted upon it. "I think I may have seen this landmass before from somewhere."

"Well if you remember, do tell us." Wang-Tang replied, looking up from the books. "Our Knights Templar connection isn't helping right now. I can't find any reference to this manuscript in any of these books."

"Great…. So it's a dead end." Ryoma grumbled. "We're out of leads."

"Not so, dear samurai." A seductive voice stated and Rouge walked past him, tracing a finger along Ryoma's chin.

She left Ryoma blushing and turned to Gunrock, who was still sitting there wallowing in self loathing.

"Perhaps its time you told us everything you know Gunrock." Rouge suggested. "How much you know about the Acoyltes and about Valgas."

The large Mexican looked up at her before he nodded once.

"Yes of course." He sank down in the chair, resting his arms on his knees. "It was after my wife died and I was left to raise my kids by mah self. I considered immigrating to American and getting a job there but Mexican's aren't very welcome in the States.

The only place I could get a job was at the Refinery in DawnVolta.

It was paying work so at first I simply got on with my job. But as time went on I noticed strange things were happening."

"Such as?" Ryoma asked.

"Well when the carts came back up out of the mine, they were carrying away normal stone and not ore. At first I thought with was because they were building a new tunnel but soon it became clear they were excavating something else.

I tried to keep mah nose out of it, but accidents started happening… cave ins, gas leaks and stuff. It was clear working in that mine was dangerous but they drove us on anyway.

One guy even got whipped. The workers hardly got any breaks and at the end of the day the mine had little to no Ore to show for it.

It was nothing more than slave labour and day after day it got worse."

"Yeah I spied on the conditions in those mines." Accel added from across the room without looking up. "The Acolytes are desperate to unearth something in those mines, but I haven't been able to figure out what exactly."

"It was about then that Valgas came to me. Sought me out 'cause I was the best fighter amongst the miners.

He told me he'd triple my salary, ensure my kids were well fed and educated, if I helped him with his project." Gunrock continued.

"It was too good an opportunity to pass up. I accepted and he trained me, teaching me how to use the Power Stone he gave to me." He paused and reached into his pocket, withdrawing the large stone that symbolised the elemental power of Earth.

"At first he simply had me clear rocks and debris from the mine so they could excavate further. Then he told me what he really wanted me to do…"

He looked up at them.

"He wanted me to be an agent, set amongst you, so that when you gathered the remaining stones I would help him kill you.

I told him I couldn't do that… and that was when he revealed his reptilian friends, and promised that if I did not obey him he would kill my children."

"And that's when I came into the picture." Accel commented. "I offered him the chance to be my double agent, to spring the trap we attempted on Valgas in Eygpt. It almost worked too… only I underestimated Valgas' abilities.

"We all did." Galuda remarked, looking back at him over his shoulder. The large red skinned man had been standing quietly away from the conversation admiring the stack of books. "Even the spirits of my ancestors could not have anticipated that monster's strength… but it is of no importance.

Valgas is not our ultimate enemy."

"He's not?" Ayame asked, looking up in alarm. "Then who is?"

"The Grand-Master of the Acolytes, my dear." Mistress Ghana stated. "Valgas is their second in command and he answers to only one being. An immortal, like himself, only far far older."

There was a pregnant silence.

"The great evil." Galuda stated. "An evil my people have stood against for countless years. In the days of old he ruled an empire to the south of our ancestral lands… and demanded human sacrifice from his followers.

Each year a man would be dragged to the top of his pyramid and his heart would be removed with a knife of Obsidian."

Rouge drew in a sharp breath.

"That wouldn't… I knew the Acolytes were depraved but even I would never consider that they could consort with the Smoking Mirror!"

"The who?" Ryoma asked.

"In modern times he is known as an Aztec god." Galuda explained. "But he is a very real person, immortal, cunning and deceitful.

The Aztec's called him Tezcatlipoca."

Gunrock shot to his feet, utter terror and shock plain on his face.

"I swear to you… if I had known this… I would never…not even for my children would I have becoming a servant of the Smoking Mirror! Willing or Unwilling!"

Galuda chuckled.

"Your words are brave but I think you value your children more than even your soul, gentle one." He stated, turning around.

"Well if this… Tezcatlipoca… person is the Acolytes' Master then why haven't we seen him yet?" Wang-Tang asked. "Why has he only sent Valgas to do his work?"

Galuda fixed him with a stare.

"You probably already have met him." He replied. "The real Smoking Mirror, not just the myth, is a master of deceit. He could easily have been directing you into Valgas' waiting hands."

"Apollus, we need to head off." Falcon stated after a moment of contemplation.

"Young Master?" The old butler asked as the Englishman made for the door.

"Just where are you going?" Ryoma queried.

"Just off to run some errands." Falcon replied with a smug grin. "I'll be back soon I hope. Come on Apollus."

"Right behind you, Young Master."

Accel muttered some angry cursing as they left.

"Dead Crusading Orders, a Manuscript that undecipherable, Aztec gods, secret excavations in DawnVolta; and we still haven't the faintest idea what to do." He smacked a hand against the old piece of parchment irritably.

"Please don't do that." Gaomon told him. "That document is centuries old and unique. I'd rather it not be damaged."

"If it doesn't tell us where to go from here then I can use it as a napkin if I want." The cowboy snapped. "But there isn't one single clue to go…" He stopped.

"Wait a minute…" Slowly he looked down. "Is that it?" He picked the map up off the table and held it close.

After an instant he dropped it, doubled across the room as fast as his injuries would allow and removed a book from the shelf and returned with it to the table.

It was one of Mel's latest editions to the book store. The latest science journal from the British Museum in London, printed on the front with the picture of a large Dinosaur.

Accel opened the book and flipped through a few pages.

"Here." He began, opening to a page with a large picture on it. Wang-Tang leaned across. The picture was the exact same one as on the manuscript, down to almost the last detail.

"Archaeologists now believed that the world's landmasses were once united as one." Accel started, reading off the journal. "And this was the world in which the Dinosaur's originated. This has been named, Pangaea, by the German Scientist Alfred Wegener based on his theories of continental shifting."

"Then this map depicts what the landmasses of Earth were like millions of years ago?" Wang-Tang asked. "But that's impossible. The theory of continental shifting was only just thought up. How could the Templars have known about it? And even if they had, how could they have known what the world looked it millions of years ago without modern archeological equipment?"

"I think now I understand." Accel stated and beckoned them all around. "Ladies and gentlemen. I believe we are looking at more than just the world of the Dinosaurs.

We are looking at how the world was before someone used the Power Stones and wished our present, modern world, into being!"


"Young Master… might I enquire as to what we are doing here?" Apollus asked as the two of them made their way up the large stone steps towards the Town Hall. "With your father missing, Jack and Valgas on the loss and the Power Stone of Light anywhere in the world aren't there more important things to do?"

"I'm just following up on a theory Apollus." Falcon replied as they reached the top, having to move past the many people going in and out "And If I'm right…" He hesitated, pausing with his hand on the large silver handle of the door. "Well we'll cross that bridge went we come to it."

The town hall was far busier than usual. Repairs from the pirate raid had been finished and what was left was the messy business of trying to complete all the financial loose ends.

The Major was out of town, heading to London to plead for more restorative funds from Parliament.

"Yes, can I help you?" A small, balding man with an overly large pair of spectacles asked when Apollus and Falcon approached the help desk.

"Can you direct me to the census office? I need to have a look at the citizen records over the last ten years." The blonde Englishman asked.

"I'm afraid the Census branch is not open to the public." The stuffy man stated, looking Falcon over with a sceptical eye, eyeing his red suit, goggles and leather boots. "Especially not to street rifraf."

Apollus was not given to violent compulsions but calling a member of the house he served 'street rif raf' was something he would not, could not, tolerate.

"Now you listen to me you self important, impertinent, foul little paper pusher!"

Falcon staggered back as the old butler went forward and grabbed the petty official by the front of his shirt.

"My master is heir to the noble house of Falcon, the scion of the blood of saints! How dare you suggest he is a common thug? Apologise at once or I shall report your dishonourable behaviour to the lord of the manor who will not be as forgiving as I am!"

"Er…yeah." Falcon added looking rather unsure of himself.

"I beg your forgive, lord Falcon; please follow me!" The official was suddenly very cooperative.

With Apollus behind him, he lead them through several corridors with high ceilings before reaching a small room with dozens of wooden shelves, all full to the brim with stacks and rolls of parchment and paper. A few mother stuffy looking men with glasses were sitting quietly at desks trying to sort through it all.

"So Young Master, what exactly are we looking for here?" Apollus asked as Falcon started looking through the large collection of draws to one side; each draw labeled with a letter.

"I'm not entirely sure quite frankly." Falcon relied, finding the draw labeled 'F'. "It's only a theory at the moment but I want to be utterly certain."

He paused, shuddered, and then drew the draw out. Inside were dozens of folders and pieces of parchment stacked tightly together.

Apollus helped lay out the large section of files and the two of them began their research, taking up an entire table as their stacks of paper began to pile higher and higher. Whatever Falcon was searching for, as the hours ticked by, Apollus was beginning to suspect they weren't going to find it.

It would certainly help if the old butler knew what he was looking for however. All the young master had told him was to look for the family name; Fitzroy.

Falcon grew more and more agitated and as the sun began to dip low in the large window, he leaned forward on the table and sighed.

"You haven't found what you were looking for then?" Apollus asked. Falcon shook his head.

"I had a hunch Apollus." The Englishman explained, running his hand over his brow. "So incredible a hunch that I guess it was impossible." He sighed and leaned back in his hair. "Perhaps it was all nothing after all…" He muttered to himself and half closed his eyes.

Suddenly however he then sat bolt upright. "Or perhaps I've been going about this all wrong!" He darted from the table to the draws, this time pulling out the one marked with a large 'W'.

Apollus watched him flip through it until, with a loud declaration to success, he withdrew a single envelope.

He returned to the table to open it and Apollus would see that printed upon the top was the family name 'Winslow.'

Pulling out several pieces of paper, Falcon began reading and the butler looked at the old black and white photograph and slipped out.

It showed a young woman and a young man, apparently recently married. In the woman's arms was a child; a young boy with jet black hair.

"Ah ha! I knew it!" Falcon declared, holding up a piece of paper. "Jack Winslow the second, born 1884, heir to the French aristocrats of the 17th century just before the Revolution.

He was married to Melina Winslow, who bore his child; Jack Winslow the third."

Apollus looked at the photo again with more scrutiny.

The woman looked familiar but Apollus could not place where.

"Melina Winslow, born 1885, maiden name…" Falcon paused and then looked directly at Apollus. "Maiden name, Fitzroy."

"Melina Fitzroy…" Apollus repeated and then realised what the name 'Melina' could be shortened to.

"Mel? Young master… you're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting are you?!"

"I know it sounds absurd…" Falcon started. "But when Jack saw her yesterday, he froze. He even dropped his knives. I've never seen him do that before."

"It could just be a coincidence Young Master, there must be dozens of Young woman who bare the name Mel Fitzroy."

"Look at the photo and you tell me." Falcon told him, pointing at the photograph in the butler's grasp.

He stared at the woman holding the baby and now that a name had been put to her, Apollus could not deny that the resemblance was indeed undeniable.

"Jack has found his mother… I needed to be certain. Now I am." Slowly he put the paper back down and then sharply glanced out the window towards the setting sun.

"What… what are we… what ware supposed to do?" Apollus asked.

"I'm… not entirely sure." He adopted a serious expression. "But whatever it is… we're going to have to do it fast." Apollus looked up at the Englishman as he snatched up his red jacket.

"Young Master where are you going?"

"The cemetery behind the cathedral." Falcon replied, stuffing the paper into his pocket. "Quickly, I need you to go back to Mel's place and get Ryoma. Tell him to bring some rope and hurry!" Before Apollus could ask any more questions, Falcon bolted from the room knocking over dozens of piles of files as he did so.


Ayame wandered through the streets of Bristol. She knew it was unsafe to do so with the thieves and scum that lurked in alleys and particularly so with Jack on the loose.

She was worried however. Mel had left the shop shortly after Falcon had left but with a look on her face that worried the little ninja.

Refusing to let her wander through the streets by herself, her brother Kikanojo was trailing along behind.

"I must say, I can't agree with the English sense of architecture." He remarked, looking up at all the tall stone buildings with plat roofs. Having never left Japan, he wasn't familiar with the other styles of construction and so these buildings left him feeling almost nationalistic, longing for the wooden sliding doors and walls he was used to.

"England's not prone to the Earthquakes Japan is." She told him without looking back. "They don't have to clear forest for housing that often either."

"That doesn't mean they're except from style."

"They have their own style. They wouldn't be English if they did not."

Kikanojo shot his little sister a glance.

"Are you passing that assumption on your English friend? This Mr. Falcon?"

Ayame chuckled.

"Falcon…him, Ryoma and Wang-Tang… they showed me there was more to the world than my ninja training. They're great examples to look up to."

At that moment Falcon came hurtling out of a side street, almost knocking Kikanojo over.

"Where's Mel? Have you seen her?" He asked almost so fast he couldn't be heard.

"Great example?" Kikanojo repeated, giving Ayame a sideways glare.

"She came this way." Ayame told the frantic Englishman, ignoring her brothers sarcasm. "We were trying to follow her. I think she's heading towards the Cathedral."

"The Cathedral?" Falcon repeated. "Then I'm right!" He slapped his thigh. "Quickly, follow me, the pair of you!"

Without another word he about faced and started running down the street towards the spires of Bristol Cathedral.

Ayame quickly stared after him, with her brother following close behind.

"Falcon what's going on?" Ayame asked, managing to catch up to him.

"Mel's in danger." He explained without looking back. "Jack's going to try and find her."

"Jack?" The little ninja repeated in alarm. "Why?!"

"Because she's what he's been searching for his entire life."

Mel had not gone into the Cathedral. Rather she had gone around it, to a large graveyard at the back. Amongst the tall and grey gravestones she wandered silently, before sitting herself down in front of one of them and staring up at the words engraved there. Over the last few years they had worn a little and the smaller words were almost unreadable but the name still stood out in bold.

"Dear Jack… I don't know what to do." She began, her voice trembling. "He… he called me…momma…" She broke down and started crying. "Our little Jack… he died. He died with you, it can't be him." She looked up at the cloudy sky with tear strewn eyes. "Oh my lord God, please… let me speak with my dear Jack just one more time."

Suddenly there was a loud thumping sound as something landed on the top of the grave stone. Staring up, she was met with the glare of a single, unblinking red eye.


She staggered back, butting her head against another grave Stone as Jack leapt off the top of the grave stone and moved slowly towards her, swaying back and forth as he moved.

"MOMMA!" This time the cry was more urgent and unable to take it anymore, Mel tried to run; stumbling as she went. Jack however was not about to let her get away and darting forward, he grabbed her by the wrist and refused to let go.

"Ayame, don't!" Someone called out and glancing up, Jack saw dozens of shuriken flying directly at him. Letting go of Mel, he back flipped to avoid the projectiles. Mel glanced back and saw that rushing to her rescue were Ayame, her brother and Falcon.

Jack screeched like a wounded animal and darted in amongst the grave stones, effortlessly vanishing from sight even from trained ninja eyes. He didn't even make the sound of footsteps.

"He just… he just went for me." Mel stammered.

"And I think we all know why." Falcon retorted, pushing past Ayame who had acted rashly in throwing her metallic stars.

"Falcon, what are you doing?" The little ninja asked.

Mel froze, looking trepid and scared. She backed off several steps until she came against the grave stone she had been crouched before once before.

"I knew you'd been married once before Mel." Falcon started, his voice coming out cold and indifferent. "And that your husband died over fifteen years ago."

Ayame blinked in surprise. Mel…. Mel had been married? The ninja was aware that Mel looked younger than she actually was but… married? She didn't seem the type for it.

"Please… I…" Mel started but Falcon wasn't finished.

"You hid it rather well but the records couldn't be changed. At one time you where known as Melina Winslow. Your husband was Jack Winslow 2nd, a French aristocrat."

Mel actually looked frightened now.

"And the records also showed that Mel Winslow and Jack Winslow, had a son."

Ayame started, looking up at Falcon with wide stunned eyes.

"Jack Winslow the 3rd, after his father." The English added, never taking his eyes off of Mel, even for an instant. "He was born in 1905 and died…"

"STOP IT!" Mel cried in despair cutting him off. She turned and ran. Ayame took a few steps forward after her but Falcon put a hand on her shoulder. Glancing back, she saw him shake his head; telling her to give her some distance.

Mel ran through the graveyard and in through one of the side doors of the Cathedral, disappearing from sight.

Falcon sighed and glanced over at the gravestone she had been crouched at. The weather had beaten the stone a little but the name was still readable.

- Jack Winslow, 2nd. Born 1884 – Died 1916. –

"Mel was…" Ayame started. "Mel was married?" She glanced up at Falcon. "Why didn't you say anything to me before?"

"Because I wasn't entirely certain." Falcon replied. "I wasn't sure if our Mel was the one I read about in the city records." His expression turned very grim. "Which of course means we have a very bad situation on our hands."

"We do?" Ayame asked.

Falcon sighed.

"Oh yes." He muttered and then started up the hill towards the open door of the church. Ayame blinked once in puzzlement, trying to piece this all together, before she followed him up.

The two of them found the Cathedral empty apart from Mel and a few priests at the alter. The red haired woman was sitting in one of the pew with her back to them, looking up at the large cross by the alter where the priests were .

"Mel, I'm sorry this is something you can't run from." Falcon stated, his voice echoing. He walked up beside her. "What happened?"

Mel just kept her eyes on the cross.

"Please." Ayame added.

The red haired woman sniffed once.

"There… they died." She eventually managed to say. "Jack…my Jack… he got a job as head of a alchemic research laboratory in London. We lived in the apartment above it, until…" She chocked back tears. "Some men attacked us. They were part of a fundamentalist Christian sect. They called the science my husband used Heresy and attempted to burn it down.

My Jack tried to stop them and in the struggle a fire was started by the chemicals on the shelves.

I escaped… but Jack… both my Jacks, my husband and my son, were burnt alive. My husband tried to carry my son out but the hospital he was taken to pronounced him dead. I buried their ashes together."

"Did you now?" Falcon asked. "Mel, I get the feeling this Hospital wasn't being entirely truthful when it told you that your son died."

The red haired glared up at him.

"My son's skin was scorched almost completely off by the fire and why would they lie to me."

"There have been rumours." Falcon stared ignoring her outburst. "During the war, when I was living amongst the soldiers I would constantly hear stories of men, taken to hospitals after injuries that weren't even that serious only to disappear for months on end.

Then they would reappear… changed. They were different people, as if something inside them had been altered. The rumours say that they became berserkers, men without fear of pain or of death.

The brass refused to comment but the rumour was that these men were targets for experimentation, to create soldiers who gladly break their own bones and organs if it meant killing an enemy."

Mel's expression turned to one of horror.

"And I think… that perhaps… your son was their attempt to see what would happen if they used the same techniques on someone so young."

The stained glass above the alter burst open, the pieces clattered over the floor with a tremendous crash.

A shard flew toward Falcon at tremendous speed. The Englishman only just managed to dodge, the edge slicing a part of his cheek as it flew past.

The huddled shape moved up, swaying back and forth. A pair of arms flew out either side and a single red eye snapped open.


Mel, her eyes wide with conflicting but powerful emotion, simply stood there with her mouth agape.

Ayame darted forward, one hand darting inside her kimono for her hidden shuriken. She was roughly restrained when Falcon clamped a hand down on both hers and her brothers' shoulders and pulled them back.

"Falcon what are you..." She started by the Englishman tightened his grip and his eyes went stern.

"No." He told her. "Stay where you are and don't move."

Jack dropped down from the alter, sliding almost like a snake until he was standing right before Mel; his single blood red eye staring at her with an unblinking stare.

"Momma…" He began again and tears began to well up in Mel's eyes. "Momma…"

"Yes…" Mel started, almost choking on her words. "It's me."

Jack let out a wail but strangely a wail of joy rather than despair. He flung himself at Mel and wrapped his arms around her, for the first time in years embracing the mother he thought he'd lost.


Jack was a murderer. He had killed many people, innocent people. Yet still, unable to turn him over to the police, they had time captured and placed inside the cellar of the Falcon estate. There, he would confined and well looked after until they decided what to do with him.

"He's only a boy." Falcon remarked. "The fire must have traumatized him enough but whatever they did to him in that hospital twisted him around completely. I don't believe he's responsible for his actions."

"As long as Jack is confined, I don't care where he is." Ryoma started in reply, folding his arms. "But I suppose if we keep him locked up we can keep an eye on him."

"We can't keep him here forever though." The Englishman added. "I'll just have to think of something. Perhaps a mental institution?" He paused. "No, I don't think one of those would be a good idea."

"Young Master, your Mother and Miss Whitepearl are here to see you." Apollus said, walking into the lounge and standing to attention. Falcon shuddered.

His mother AND Julia? The combination would be deadly.

Luckily for him however, the two ladies appears reserve and mellow… which was so unlike Julia that it almost frightened Falcon, who was constantly looking over his shoulder in anticipation of the bear hug that would surely come.

Georgina Falcon was not in the best of ways. Her nerves had been taxed and it obvious she was very frail.

"I just wish they'd sent the ransom note." She muttered and Julia helped her sit down on the sofa. "How much could they want for him?"

"About all nine Power Stones would satisfy them I think." Falcon muttered.

"What was that dear?" His mother asked, batting away her tears with a hankie.

"Oh? Nothing." The Englishman moved over to the window and sighed, folding his arms behind his back.

His mind returned to the manuscript Pride had hidden inside the toy soldier. What could it mean? Was it supposed to lead them somewhere?

Right now, Falcon was at such a loss he might even consider asking Kraken for help.

"You grandfather will be mortified when he hears of this." Georgina started again. "Pride was always… literally… his pride and joy. His only son."

Falcon felt a lump in his throat."

"I mean, Pride even brought those train tickets." Georgina sniffed, sitting down and gesturing vaguely over to the mantelpiece over the fire. Falcon glanced up to see several pieces of paper placed by the brass clock. "He must have wanted to take the family up to see your grandfather… but now…" She broke down and started crying again.

Falcon sighed and walked over to the fireplace. He picked up the tickets and looked solemnly at them. The intended destination, Edinburgh, stood out from the rest of the nearly faded type.

Suddenly, several things clicked together in Falcon's mind.

The Englishman stood bolt upright, eyes wide in utter surprise and revelation.

"Mother, you're a genius!" He claimed, whirling around. Georgina looked up at him with clearly confused eyes.

"What's wrong Edward dear?" Julia asked as Falcon bolted past her to the table.

"You remember when Mel told us about the Knight's Templar? That a few of them escaped to Scotland because it was excommunicated?"

The Louisianan girl nodded once.

"That was the reason why he left us this map…to tell us that." He reached into his jacket and waved the old manuscript about almost like a madman. "Perhaps this map means more… but right now its pointing us in the right direction.

And these tickets! If dad knew Valgas was coming after him… why'd he bother buying the ticket?

It was to tell us something! To confirm that its Scotland we need to go to!!!"

Ryoma blinked and then stood up.

"You mean…"

"Exactly!" Falcon began again, cutting him off. "The light stone… he must have sent it to Scotland!"