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Author Note: This is my first ever fan fic! Ok, it starts off a bit weird, because you're like how did they get to this conversation. Basically you're a bit like WTF? So here it is. Jack gets injured off world and as such is being "babysat" by Sam at her house. The conversation somehow turns to the regs and Jack says why he can't do anything and so the question… Oh and yeah they're in the kitchen and Sam's washing up. Lame I know, but it works the way I want it to. And now to the story, enjoy…

The Question


"So what?"

What would you do?" Sam asked the question again.

"This," Jack said as he walked behind her, his arms sliding around her waist. "And this." He whispered as he began kissing her bare shoulder travelling slowly up to her neck. Sam moaned and tilted her head to allow him better access. Her hands lay limp in the sink.

Jack was drowning, he'd fantasized about this for so long, but now, actually holding her was better than anything. She was so beautiful, skin as soft as satin.

This. Was. So. Wrong. The thought fluttered briefly through Sam's mind. As soon as she had felt Jacks arms encircle her, her brain had melted and she leaned into his embrace. She was also glad she had worn the bare shoulder top.

Jack removed his hands from her waist and heard her whimper from the loss of contact. He worked to remove the gloves on her hands and this time when he brought his hands back to her waist, hers settled on top of them.

"And this." Jacks voice, barely audible rumbled in Sam's ear and sent a shiver down her spine. Jack slowly turned her around and gently brushed his lips on hers.

'Oh my God.' Sam thought and she grabbed the sink to save her from collapsing, her legs now like jelly. Jack sensed this and tightened his grip around her as her free hand reached to his neck. 'I should not be doing this!' He's my Colonel for God's sake!' However when faced with the feeling of Jacks lips on hers Sam found that her soldier mind was lost.

The kiss was earth-shattering. Jack couldn't believe he was actually kissing her. He was kissing Sam. Something he longed to do for nearly 7 years. Light exploded in Sam's mind, the kiss was slow and passionate.

Jack pulled away and opened his eyes to look at Sam. She still had her eyes closed and he imagined the breath taking blue that lay beneath the lids. He looked down at his arms encircling her waist; her arms around his neck. Only then did Jack notice that Sam was trembling. He looked up and saw three tears sliding down her pink cheeks. She still had not opened her eyes. Jack kissed the tears away, leant his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. "Sam, I love you and I will always protect you." His heart ached with the power of emotion behind his words.

At this Sam, her eyes still closed, burst into tears. She remembered all the times he had protected her, trying to convince herself that there was nothing more than team mates behind it. He would do it for anyone. But somehow whenever the team got split up, she would always find herself with Jack. She remembered the time when she took a shot to the stomach, and Jack with two shots burning into his back, had wrapped his arms around her unconscious form and crawled with her through the StarGate back home.

Jack thought back to when Sam had told him about her childhood. How after her mum died, she was on her own, learning things the hard way with her Dad only caring when she bought a new boyfriend home and realised just how much his words must have meant to Sam. He pulled her tighter against him as Sam's arms tightened their grip, and she buried her face in his neck as she continued to sob. With his knees screaming in protest, Jack lifted her in his arms and carried her to the couch where he sat down and placed her on his lap. At this Sam curled into him, still holding tightly to his neck. She reminded Jack of his niece when her dog had been hit by a truck. He decided to do just what he had done for his niece. He stroked Sam's hair and mumbled soothing words as he gently rocked her.

When he realised Sam had stopped he looked down to face two breathtakingly blue eyes staring at him.

" I-I'm sorry Jack, it's…" She started.

" It's ok Sam." He answered stroking his finger down her nose.

" I've waited so long for this." Sam said.

" We both have."

" I wanted so much to be held by you. To feel safe with your arms around me." The whole time not one broke eye contact.

" Ever since you walked in the briefing room, all I've done is counted the days until I could hold you." Jack replied remembering how his heart had skipped a beat when she'd first walked in.

" So many times you have protected me, saved me. I ached to know if there was something more."

" I couldn't lose you. There is no life for me if you're not here. I love you and I will always protect you." By some unknown force their lips were pulled together in an all-explosive kiss as if sealing their pledge. Sam broke away, grabbed Jacks' hand and pulled him of the couch. She led him down the hall, glancing back at him every few steps, somewhat nervous. Jack squeezed her hand every time she did this and mustered all the reassurance he could find to tell her with his eyes. Finally she came to her bedroom. Once inside she lay down on the bed and pulled Jack with her snuggling into him as he pulled the covers over them. Sam rested her head on his shoulder as he draped a leg over hers and slid his hand under her top to rest on her smooth belly. He kissed the back of her neck before closing his eyes, revelling in the feel of her. Before he feel asleep he had a brief vision of his hand resting on a more swollen belly.

Sam felt more content than she ever had. She knew she was safe with Jack and that every word he had spoken was true. She sighed and placed her hand over his, feeling as though they were protecting an unborn child. She smiled at the thought before drifting off to sleep.