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Three Days Later

After much encouragement from their team, Janet balling her eyes out and Sam having to comfort her, Sam and Jack walked the corridors to Hammonds office. Daniel came with them.

"I can't believe it! You, her. I mean what took you so long? Man, I just can't believe it… whoa wait till I tell-"

" Daniel, I'm really please that you're so elated for us, now why don't you and Janet do the same thing?" With that said Daniel shut up pretty quickly, blushing as he did. Sam just smiled. Jack always knew where to hit when it came to Daniel. Jack knocked on the door and then took Sam's hand in his.

" Come in," Hammond called. They took a deep breath and walked in.

" Now, before you say anything, I'd just like to say…" Jack never finished.

"You two finally got it together didn't you? Now, if you'll wait one moment I have a phone call to make." Hammond picked up the phone and dialled. "Hello, Siler? It's General Hammond. I'd like to inform you that you owe me $20. Yes, that's right. Go clear up the bets." He hung up and turned around to find his Major and Colonel gaping at him with open mouths.

" B-bets Sir?" Sam was the first to find her voice.

" Yes, bets. Everyone knows you've got a thing for each other. We just wondered how long it would take. Dismissed." And with that he turned back to his papers.

"But, but Sir the-" Sam started not believing what was happening.

"As long as it's off base and stays off world, I don't have a problem. Now, go and inform the rest of your team that you have been granted two weeks downtime."

A stunned Sam and Jack walked out to find the rest of their team whooping and celebrating along with Janet who was crying all over again.

"Oh come on! You must've known about the bets. I mean even we had some." At Daniel saying this Jack playfully knocked him over the head.

"We've all been given 2 weeks down time. Enjoy yourself." And with that he and Sam made their way to the elevator.

Once inside they both let out a breath. "So…" Jack started staring at the doors.

"Well, I for one am shocked, we should be court-marshelled by now." Sam answered she too staring ahead.

" But were not." There was a long silence. "So… how about that trip to Hawaii?" Jack asked with a gleam in his eyes.

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