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How Come? How come you're the only one who can make me smile when I hurt? How come you're the only one who can make me laugh when I cry? How come yours is the only face I search for? How come I am hesitant every time we are separated? How come your voice makes my heart skip, your face makes me stumble, your presence makes me shiver? How come you make me weak? Every time you walk in I surrender defeat? Every time you gaze at me my hear flutters, my breath quickens? How come it's you? How come I feel this way all the while knowing I can't have you? How come I want your arms around me when we can't even hold hands? How come you ruin my life but I want you to stay? How come even though I know I can never have you I can't move on?

Sam sighed, then blinked. Great, if I don't think out loud I type what I'm thinking! She moved to delete it.

"Didn't know you were a poet Carter."

Sam jumped a foot in the air at the sound of Jacks voice, then blushed as she realised he'd been reading what was on the screen.

"S-sir, I d-didn't know you were here. " She managed to stammer.

Jack was leaning over her shoulder, his soft breath on her neck making her shiver.

" Nice. Though I'd say the answer is pretty obvious." He commented straightening up.

"Carter, when was the last time you ate?" he asked as he checked the time. He was met with a blank look.

" Thought so. Cominsonry in 5 major. And I'll be waiting for you." He winked and then walked out.

A small smile appeared on Sam's lips. Maybe… just maybe there was hope. Though, she'd known the answer years before now. She typed the last line before saving it and heading off to the cominsionary. Because I love you.

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