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Authors Note: Ok, first of all I should say that I'm in the Royal Australian Air Force Cadets so this might help you understand my later bit about the regs. Although I'm sure 88 percentof us would like Sam and Jack to screw the regs, the point is they just can't and won't. I really can't see it happen, that the regs will be suspended. Wait, don't pelt me yet, hear me out! It just wouldn't be right them going on missions together. I'm serious just imagine it. The atmosphere would just disappear. But I am a firm believer in them getting together so here's what I think. I really thought that Jack would retire and that's how it would work. But with him being posted to Washington in season 9, placing him and Sam in a situation where the regs don't apply, let's see what happens… They better get together or the screenwriters are so gonna get it! XD Oh BTW can't you just see Hammond leaning with his hands in fists on his desk like he does when he's standing, saying what I write? I can! It makes me laugh!

Get A Life

"Carter, whatcha doing?" Jack asked walking into her lab to find his beautiful 2IC hunched over some thingmibob.

"Oh, hi sir. Just working on the reactor we recovered today. You know the force field on this one is…"

"Ah ah ah! Carter when did your shift end?" He had his hands up in front of him as if trying to shield himself from her so called techno babble.

"About 2hrs ago sir, but I wanted to…"

" No Carter. When your shift ends you go home, this can wait. You've been here all day and I'm not gonna ask when you last ate because I already know the answer. Now go."

Jack was pointing towards the door. " But sir…"

" No buts Carter. Now before I have to physically drag you off the base '...Not that I wouldn't like to…'

'That could be interesting...' thought Sam.

"…I'm gonna order you one more time to get a life!"

" Well, I WOULD sir but you're in the military!" Sam yelled back, hands on her hips and quiet mad. Jack was still pointing out the door but his jaw dropped. Sam's hand flung to her mouth the minute the words had slipped out. She blushed scarlet.

"I'm in the military am I?" questioned Jack straightening up slowly.

"Y-yes sir." Sam was still blushing and seemed to take great interest in her shoes.

"Well, we'll just see about that." Jack replied.

" Sir?" For the moment Sam seemed to have forgotten her embarrassment.

"Well, Carter I like to make sure that all my team members get lives. So if you'll excuse me, there's a certain General I have to go see." And with that, he walked out and down the corridor. Sam just stood there stunned for a few seconds. Then she smiled, grabbed her coat and ran to meet Jack.