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Get A Life: Chapter 2

Getting a Life?' Midway to Hammond's office, Sam stopped running.

What if I'm wrong? I'm running like a mad woman, when I could be making a complete fool of myself! He probably meant something entirely different!

Yeah right, said a voice in her head. She slowed to a halt near Hammond's office and stopped when she heard the voices from inside.

"… so I need a transfer sir."

"Are you sure Jack? I'm not willing to accept this without proof that you've given it some thought." Hammond sounded almost angry. Sam listened more carefully.

She heard creaking and guessed Jack was rocking back and forth on his heels. It almost made her laugh. Almost.

"I thought that's what I had spent the last 20 min doing sir. It's the only way." Sam's heart began to sink.

"I see. Well, pack your stuff and get your arse of this base!" Hammond said, and Sam knew he wasn't being funny. She ducked out of sight as the door opened and watched Jack walk away to his office.

She didn't understand. He's getting away from me? I thought maybe he cared about me. So I was wrong. She felt the blush rise on her face and suddenly she felt foolish and embarrassed at her earlier actions.

"MAJOR!" Hammond shouted for the 3rd time.

"Sir!" Sam practically jumped out of her skin and swung a salute so quickly she swore that the fact that her arm didn't fly of her body defied the laws of physics.

"In my office now." He turned and Sam, in shock, followed him. Here goes my career.

"I have just had Colonel O'Neill come in here and ask for a permanent transfer. I don't need to ask for reasons Major, he explained everything. However I do want to ask what the hell you are still doing here…"

oh my god I'm being fired…

"…and not running after him!" Hammond watched Sam's reaction with great satisfaction.

"S-sir?" Sam blinked, still trembling from shock and the fact that she hadn't been fired.

"I've watched you two for a long time Sam, but you know as well as I do that the regulations are there for a reason, and a good one at that. I know that Jack would retire to a civilian role in a heartbeat, but he thinks it's best for you if he transfers. So get yourself the hell out of my office and knock some sense into him!"

"Yes Sir!" Sam replied executing the best salute in her whole life.

"Oh and Major?" Hammond called as she reached the door. "This conversation never happened." Sam nodded and then bolted down the hall after Jack.

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