Dick Grayson smiled grimly as he was lead from his jail cell. If all went well, he'd be out of the joint in a couple of hours. All he had to do was smooth things over at his hearing. The guard who'd picked him up a mere five minutes ago shoved the ebony haired twenty five year old into the hearing room, where he was instructed to take a seat. Seeing only one chair at the center of the room, Dick took it. He faced two people- a man and a woman. Judges or attorneys or something of that effect, he was sure. The woman greeted him as he sat.

"Good morning." She didn't smile. Tough crowd.

"G'morning." Dick folded his hands across his lap and tried to look somewhat pleasant.

"Please state your name for the record." The woman had a voice like liquid ice; cold and flowing.

"Dick Grayson." No point in lying about that. It's not like they didn't already know who he was.

"Thank you." The woman glanced at the tape recorder to her right, then nodded to her male partner and continued. "Mr. Grayson, the purpose of this hearing is to determine, if released, you are likely to break the law again." The woman glanced down at her notes. "While this was your first conviction, you have been implicated, though never charged, in over a dozen other confidence schemes and frauds. What can you tell us about this?" Dick bowed his head in what he hoped would be taken as a gesture of respect.

"Well as you say m'am, I was never charged."

"Mr. Grayson," The male was speaking now, pushing his wire rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose, "what we're trying to find out is…was there a reason you chose to commit this crime? Or was there a reason you simply got caught this time?"

"Well…my girlfriend left me…I was upset…" That much was true enough. "I got into a…self destructive pattern." More like careless, but he'd done enough self-admonishment in his year long prison sentence.

"If released," the woman spoke again, "is it likely you'd fall back into a similar pattern?"

"She already left me once." Dick adverted his gaze. Suddenly the brick wall to his right was very interesting. If the woman didn't know any better, she'd say she saw hurt in his blue eyes. "I don't think she'd do it again just for kicks."

"Mr. Grayson…" The woman bit her lip, looking at the convict critically. This was a crucial question. "What do you think you would do, if released?"

What would Dick Grayson do? Nothing that the parole officers would approve of, that was for sure. But they didn't have to know about that.

Not yet.

Born of my insane obsession with Ocean's Eleven. The cast will be revealed as we go along…for those of you who have seen the movie, I hope you like it. To those of you who haven't…I hope I don't confuse you.