Chapter One


Rin's Age: 18

Sesshoumaru's age: God Knows

'Italics'-- Thoughts

'Bold'-- Conscience


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'Sugoi.. These flowers are beautiful'. Rin held onto the blue flower and placed it behind her left ear. 'Hmm.. I think I should get some flowers for Sesshoumaru-sama to welcome him back'. Rin had been following her Lord Sesshoumaru for eleven years now. She had always enjoyed being Sesshoumaru's companion and travelling with him. Nothing changed between them until today .

Rin, still a child at heart, had grown up to be ravishingly beautiful. Her once short ebony wavy hair was now long, reaching to slightly lower than her hips and letting the wind caress her locks of hair freely. She had given up on the ridiculous ponytail at the side of the head when she was thirteen. She was now as tall as her lord, just a couple of inches shorter than him. Her body had fully developed. Her bosoms were not too big and not too small, but just nice for her. Her curves were voluptuous which would draw every man's attention. In all she was perfectly gorgeous. Her face had lost all the child-like features, replacing string features of a woman. Her chocolate brown orbs however were still the same, always full of life, happiness and warmth.

In these eleven years, Rin started to develop feelings for her lord unknowingly. She wanted to be more than a companion to him. However, she knew her lord wouldn't accept her for she was just a pathetic human. She then vowed to keep her feelings to herself and love him from afar.

Rin was now sitting with Jaken, her guardian and friend at the flower field. "Jaken-sama, when will Sesshoumaru-sama return?", she asked the short toad demon, turning her head to face him. "How would I know you brat! Now get into the palace before you get yourself into trouble! Sesshoumaru-sama will kill me if something happens to you!". Giggling a little, Rin got up to her feet. "Hai Jaken", she skipped back to the palace, humming some tune she had made up.

'Why does Sesshoumaru-sama always leave me behind with this human brat!'. Jaken had been following Sesshoumaru faithfully for more than a century already. Life had always been boring for him whenever he was travelling with Sesshoumaru. However things started to change eleven years ago when Rin came along. The green youkai had always been nagging and yelling at the human child ever since then. Rin loved teasing him, snatching his staff away from him and hit his head continuously. Both of them would never stop bickering at each other. They would begin their petty argument whenever they get a chance to. Though they didn't get along most of the time, both of them had mutual respect for each other. Jaken wouldn't admit it, but he had grown fond of the child over the years.


Sesshoumaru was now patrolling in his borders. He would usually bring his servant, Jaken along with him during patrols. However it was different this time. He had asked Jaken to stay at the palace, running errands for him. He didn't want Jaken with him this time, firstly because he was too damn irritating. Secondly was because he needed to think. Think about what you might ask. He needed to think about Rin. Yes, Rin.

Sesshoumaru hadn't known the reason why he had let the human child to stick with him. He had revived her using tenseiga, the sword made by his father's fang, when she was seven. Hell, he didn't even know why he revived her in the first place. Ever since he revived her she had been following him loyally until now.

He wouldn't admit it to others, but he had grown fond of the girl. He was so used to her scent of wildflowers. He was so used to hearing her laughter. He was so used to her ridiculous questions and doubts. He was so used to her presence to sum-up!

He used to be her protector and always treated her as his own when she was younger. However, ever since she started developing to be a young lady, his feelings for her had changed. He could NEVERtake his eyes off her now. He couldn't help but to notice her beauty each time he lays his eyes on her. He could NEVER be near her now! Each time she is near him, he had to resist the urge to pull her close to him and hold her. He had been avoiding her recently just because of this.

Sesshoumaru had to admit that his young ward had grown up to a beautiful woman. She had lots of suitors, both demons and humans. He knew that his ward did not accept any of them, which he was thankful for. The thought of her being with another male made him sick to the pits of his stomach. 'She belongs to no one except me! Rin is mine and mine alone!'

Wait a minute. Did he just say Rin was his? He started growling on the statement he just made. 'No. Never. I will NOT follow Chich-ue's footsteps! I will not mate a human!' He started to increase his pace, back to his palace, his home. He had lots of errands to run back at his palace. Well, not 'lots' though but some. The only reason why he wanted to return back to his palace was because he needed to see Rin so badly. However, sad to say he wouldn't admit it.

'I have lots of things to do back at the palace. I have to get back home fast'.

'LIAR. You don't have things to do in the palace. You are just dying to see Rin', his conscience snapped.

'I'm not dying to see her dammit!'

'Do not lie Sesshoumaru. You know it too well. You do want to see her. Admit it'

'Shut up. This Sesshoumaru has nothing to admit. I have not lied to admit the truth. I only speak the truth'

He had reached his palace soon after while arguing with his conscience in his head. He was walking back to his chamber as Rin chased him with a handful of flowers. However he was too busy arguing with himself that he didn't catch Rin chasing him.

"Sesshoumaru-sama! Welcome back!" Hearing Rin's lively voice brought him back to reality.


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