Perseus Evans

It was snowing. In Privet Drive, Petunia Dursley Nee Evans was sitting there, picturing her husband coming home. She was lost in fantasy so didn't notice that outside the snow had whipped up a storm. She was the only one who didn't see the sixteen-year-old boy, who bore a marked resemblance to Lily, her sister. If she had seen him, she would have been spared the shock and horror of finding her eldest sibling on the doorstep, a teenage boy once more. But it wasn't to be. A knock on the door startled her out of her reverie. She yelled to the boy, Harry, to answer it, but there was no response. Grumbling she got up and went to answer it herself. She got the biggest shock of her life. Staring back at her, no older than he had been the last time she had seen him was her brother, Perseus. He was as young as her son and nephew she realised suddenly as she yelled to Harry to come down quickly and meet his uncle, or as she termed him 'the freak I call a brother'! The look of shock on Harry's face told her that he didn't know Perseus. He had dark auburn hair and very dark eyes. His pale skin had a dusting of silver freckles. In short he looked like he always did when the spell wore off.


Authors note: Who is this mysterious Perseus? (Yes, I know most of you already know but this is to cater for the few fans who haven't heard the rumour.) What spell wore off, and why was there a spell in the first place? Why is he Harry and Dudley's age? And the ultimate question, what does He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named have to do with this?