Chapter V

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Hogwarts woke the next morning and trailed in sleepy eyed as per usual. However, when they got there it was only to find four more unfamiliar faces, three at the Gryffindor table, and one at the Ravenclaw table. For the sake of keeping it quiet, their appearances had been altered. Sirius was still built as he had been before, but his head was now crowned with a mass of golden curls, and warm brown eyes stared from where ice blue had once burnt.

Remus now had white blond hair and very light, almost translucent green eyes. His physique had changed slightly; he was now more muscled than he had been.

But James had changed the most, Dumbledore could not risk people looking at him and Harry and putting two and two together. He now had middling brown hair, and very dark blue eyes. His frame was now slightly shorter and muscle-bound; however Dumbledore knew that when they had great need, a simple Finite Incantatum would return them to there true form. Lily remained unchanged, and as identical to Perseus as mixed twins could be.

After a while the chatter ceased long enough for Dumbledore to stand up and introduce them, using their real names.

"If I may have everybody's attention, we have four more new students. They, along with Perseus are from another time, and I will now introduce them to you.

Remus Lupin," As Remus stood up, the hall had a flash of someone else inside them, a flash that would be repeated for the other two.

"James Potter," James stood too, standing with Moony, as part of the team.

"Sirius Black" after this announcement, there was uproar. The whole hall craned their necks to glance at the convict, as he too rose.

"Lily Potter, and before you ask, yes they are the Gryffindor-Ravenclaw twins mentioned in the Prophecy!" Cheers broke out after this last announcement, whispers racing like wild-fire around the hall.

As the four sat down at their respective house tables, Dumbledore made another announcement.

"No one can tell anyone else about the announcement I have just made. I have bound all inside this hall to secrecy."

Horrified mutterings could be heard at the Slytherin table, along with many speculations about who Perseus was.

"I think they're from the same year" Draco Malfoy said, thoughtfully,

"You know, he almost reminds me of someone, but I don't know who!"

"Neither do I" said an unfamiliar, thoughtful voice, but when Draco glanced behind him all he saw was Goyle, poor thick Goyle who was incapable of thought. No one ever asked Goyle about his passions. Hitting had to be chief among them they decided…


A Poem by Goyle – Just to prove he isn't thick.

I am a Knife, cutting through the night

I am the darkness abhorring the light

I am the earth as it turns right on course,

I am the water through the mane of a sea-horse

I am the wing beats you hear late in bed,

I am the heart and I am the head,

I am the word on everyone's lips,

I am the frost that bites and nips,

I am the breeze rushing through the air,

I am the wind in your hair

Goyle not being thick will become extremely important as Perseus learns to trust again, and gains a new friend…guess who! Goyle gets resorted later on as well.