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X5-417 happily settled down inSeattle with all of Alec and Max's friends. She even got used to being called by her childhood name of Lyn again, rather than changing her name every few months as Zack used to insist upon.

It took Lyn three weeks to get one of the bio-labs inside of Terminal City cleaned up enough so that she and Max could cure the virus, but they did. Lyn even figured out a way to stop Logan from rejecting Max's pluripotents.

Over the next few months she tricked out all the transgenic's motorcycles. Eventually the police learn not to bother trying to pursue a nearly silent motorcycle that could accelerate to 120 M.P.H. in 3 seconds. They gained the nickname 'light cycles' although none of the transgenics ever understood why.

After Terminal City was mostly cleaned up, Lyn and Max set up another Eyes-Only station inside, so that even if Eyes-Only were traced, the villains would not dare come in after him.

Lyn did look the other way as Alec set up a betting pool, which was very popular among the transgenics in Terminal City, about how long Logan would last when Max (who did not sleep) went into heat. Apparently the prospect of heat was fascinating to the males. Lyn just made sure that Max and Logan had a steroid inhaler handy, even though Logan had no history of asthma before. He survived without the aid of EMTs or 911.

After Lyn's cure and Alec's pluripotents permanently cured Sebastian's ALShe was very helpful to the transgenics. (The series never states what is wrong with Sebastian, so I decided it was the same thing wrong with Stephen Hawking. You know they wanted us to make that association.)

Lyn exposed the snake/breeding cult, giving Sketchy a great exclusive. She killed Ames White with a 300 yard shot from her custom-built high-powered elfish compound bow. Logan figured out that there was a toxin coming in a comet, and that Max, Lyn and Jondy (who no one could find) were the only ones whose blood could produce the antibodies. Max and Lyn had produced some vaccine, but not enough for everyone. It was looking grim until Lyn discovered that by altering the pH in the blood you could prevent the toxin from attacking or replicating long enough for the body's natural defense systems to get rid of it. Eyes-Only broadcast this information worldwide. The limited supply of vaccine created so far was enough for the pregnant, emergency personnel, and minors. Everybody else got really drunk (A/N: It worked in the Andromeda Strain!). Thereafter that day was known as St. Eyes-Only day and celebrated just like St. Patrick's day.

Eventually word got out (mostly among Sebastian's fellow conspiracy theorist at first) that transgenic anit-bodies andpluripotents could cure almost anything (but only Max and Lyn's could cure the common cold). Seattle became quite the tourist destination as rich people from all over the world came for treatments. This sparked an economic recovery that eventually spread through the nation. Which in turn eventually led to the transgenics being widely accepted and granted full citizenship, real birth certificates, the works.

Five years after Max escaped Manticore the world was pretty much fixed. Eyes-Only hadn't made a broadcast in over a year because there was no need. Freedom of speech was pretty much restored, and evil could be fought through legitimate channels. Max and Logan were both wealthy in their own right due to their investments in Terminal City and the transgenics.

Max sighed deeply.

"What's wrong, darling?" asked Logan. He stood up from his computer and walked over to where Max was staring out the window of their apartment.

"The world is fixed. Nothing to do," she replied with a smile and a shrug.

"Craving a little action? Some chaos?" Logan asked playfully as he pulled her close.

"Maybe …" she hedged. She turned into his embrace and looked up into his beautiful, famous eyes.

Logan paused a moment for effect. "Want to have kids?" he asked with a grin.

Max just stared with her jaw agape for some time.

They did eventually have kids. Lyn came over to baby-sit, teach the kids to speak Japanese, and, occasionally, fix the kitchen sink.

---The End ---

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot. They all lived happily ever after.