To Carly, whom I dreamt was Alice one night…

Alice had been led away from all she had held sacred to her heart. She knew her father had been killed in the fight, despite Cora's efforts of secrecy. Now she was being lead to a horrible fate by the man who had killed her father and her sister. Duncan couldn't save her now. The sun still hung a bit low in the sky; the morning time would soon end.
There was a disturbance now. A man, a deep tan by nature with long black hair was fighting her captors. "Uncas! He has come for me…" Alice thought. Several warriors were gutted or sliced and sent over the edge of the promontory by Uncas. Alice's main captor, Magua, took out his knife and tomahawk and headed for the younger warrior. Her love had come to save her. Uncas was too slow, however, in his actions. Magua slashed at the younger warrior, quickly, with his weapon. Uncas looked down to see blood pouring from two large gashes made by Magua's knife.
Uncas's eyes lit up like fire as he saw Alice, standing, watching in a silent awe and horror. He led the offensive on Alice's captor once more. Magua knocked Uncas onto a nearby rock and rolled until he pinned the younger warrior under him. He sliced Uncas once more with his knife and got up. Magua stood back to see the bloody warrior rise once more in stubborn determination. "My God…why does he have to die in front of me?" Alice shrugged off the grips of the warriors who held her. Hot tears rolled down her face while she watched in horror as Magua stabbed Uncas in the back. Her captor took the young warrior by the throat and ripped it open with his blade. Magua, his hands covered in Uncas's blood, pushed the dying warrior off the cliff to his death.

"I am alone…I will die alone…" Alice thought.

She slowly stepped towards the edge of the promontory. Magua's eyes followed her every movement. The mountains were clearing of the morning mists and the sky became clearer. Alice looked into Magua's eyes. She saw him raping her, treating her like a dog. She saw herself pregnant with the hateful man's seed; she saw revulsion. Alice turned her eyes down to the trees below. They showed a beautiful deep pine green in the waning morning light. Uncas's body lay shattered on the rocks below. He was as beautiful in his death as he was beautiful in life. Her eyes turned back to meet Magua's own.
Chingachook had seen his own son die and Hawkeye had passed through to see Uncas falling onto the rocks below. Now Cora ran to see Alice standing at the edge of the promontory.
"ALICE!" She thought. "NO!"
Alice saw her death in Magua's eyes. Yet, for a second, his eyes became real, with a human-like quality to them. He reached out his right hand for her, which was still covered in Uncas's blood, and lowered the knife that lay in his left. Magua motioned for Alice to come back to him, back to a world where life would be hell, but she would live.
Alice looked below again and saw Uncas.
"I do not die alone…" she thought. Alice turned and threw herself off the cliff. Cora's cries could be heard as she fell down. The air about her was cool as she fell, and for that few seconds, she felt free.
"We'll meet again someday, my sister…" was Alice's thought right before she hit the rocks that lay below the promontory.

It then ended and all was silent.