Hey everyone, Sandyspark here, and this is going to be my first "actual" fanfic. The only other one I have written is a stupid one shot I created earlier today. Check out my profile to read it. This story is based on a dream I had a few weeks ago, and I'm sure it will turn out awesome. You should know that many of my stories in the future will either be based on dreams or random thoughts I had during the day. I advise you to read the ones based on dreams, b/c they will turn out the best. Anyways, as promised, full summary here:

After the Disclaimer: I own nothing but the dream which this story is based on, and no matter how many stars I wished on, I am not Ms. J.K. Rowling who owns the rest of it. Don't go suing me.


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P.S. – WARNING! Adult content…eventually.

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Inspired by a REALLY detailed dream of mine. Hermione is in a really good relationship with Ron. Harry is in a really good relationship with Ginny. One of them cheats, leaving the rest of them in tragedy. Suddenly, Mrs. Weasley is bed-ridden (sp?) and due to one persons mistake, it is snowing IN hermione's house. Hermione gets drunk and reveals a secret, and Harry has more on his shoulders than anything else. Will a trip to the Wizarding Bahamas between two people who are no more that just friends solve all their problems, or will it just create more? Rated M for sex, mild language and possibly violence. Hermarry.

And now we trudge onward!


Heavy Heartbreak

Chapter 1:One Kiss, and Another

It was the last day of Hogwarts, and everyone was crying, signing yearbooks, and saying their goodbyes.

Harry, who had become Head Boy, was currently in lip lock with his girlfriend, Ginny Weasley, who was receiving deathly looks from a group of girls down the hallway.

To no one's surprise, Hermione had been made head girl, and she had been together with Ron since the end of last year. They were saying good-bye in what Hermione considered to be a much more conservative manner, which consisted of Hermione bawling on his shoulder and Ron comforting her as best as he could.

She broke away from him resentfully.

"Ron, I have to go to the bathroom and clean myself up, okay? So I'll see you at the feast?"

"Of course, Mione," he said, giving her a quick peck on the lips, "I'll be sure to see you there."

"Thanks, see you later then."

"See ya babe."

Before Hermione could turn around, she was almost knocked flat by Ginny, who ran up to her from behind, causing her to throw her copy of Advanced Potions and her favorite (and very expensive) eagle feather quill into the air before spinning on her heel and almost collapsing in Harry's arms, which were luckily situated right behind her.

She nearly fainted.

"OhmygodHermioneI'msosorryareuoualrightshouldigetmadamepomfreyohgodimsorry," exclaimed Ginny, all in one breath.

God that girls' mouth gave new meaning to the phrase, "a mile a minute."

"Oh Ginny stop fretting, I'm fine. Thanks Harry."

Hermione craned her neck upwards from her position in Harry's arms (which was very difficult by the way) and gave Harry a significant look.

"You really do have a knack for saving people, you know?"

Harry laughed as he hoisted Hermione up from her currently uncomfortable position.

He placed a chaste kiss on her forehead and whispered in her ear, "Well, I can't deny that, Mione (she visibly shivered from his breath in her ear.), but you've got to me more careful now, I'm not going to be here for you all the time anymore, especially since…(His voice heightened considerably)… drum roll please!"

Hermione was wondering what in Merlin's' name is going on, until Ginny squealed,

"I'm engaged!"

It was Hermione's turn to ramble now.


Ginny thrust her left hand excitedly into Hermione's face.

Hermione gasped, both from the beauty of the ring and for air deficiency

"It's… beautiful," said Hermione, for lack of better word.

In all her life, her extensive vocabulary hadn't failed her, yet today, for some strange reason, it did.

In truth the ring was perfect:

A single, perfectly chiseled cat-eye pink diamond sat between two smaller round white diamonds on what she was sure was at least a 15 carat gold wedding band. On the face of the pink diamond, the faint outline of a lightning-bolt scar gleamed brightly.

"Wait, there's more…" said Ginny fervently, removing the ring and handing it to Hermione.

She looked at it, then at Harry and Ginny, in turn. What were they not telling her? Why did Ginny give her Harry's engagement ring? A look of sheer realization dawned on her face. Did this mean what she thought it meant? Was he, Harry Potter, proposing to her, Hermione Granger? Her spirits soared momentarily. In her moment of elation, all she could manage to say was a strangled, "Huh?"

Harry watched this transaction on her face, but being the boy that he was, he had absolutely no idea what was going on in her head.

Ginny, however, could read Hermione a little better that Harry, and realized at once that she wasn't thinking of something she ordinarily thought about, quite on the contrary, she was thinking of something outrageous, thought Ginny couldn't really put her finger on what it was.

"Hermione?" she said, snapping Hermione temporarily out of her trance, "Read the inscription."

"Oh!" exclaimed Hermione, her cheery thoughts obviously wiping off on her voice, now syrupy sweet (a/n – not in the obnoxious, pretending-to-be-sweet way).

She looked onto the inside of the ring, and mentally slapped herself for what she read:

"To G.W. – My one and only. –H.P."

"Oh," she repeated, considerably less cheery than she was a minute ago. "Oh," she repeated dully.

Those four little words had broken her heart. Not what they meant, but to whom they were addressed to.

She mentally slapped herself again.

"Wow Harry, it's perfect," she said in a very Luna-like voice, "It's exactly what I would've wanted for my engagement ring," she added dreamily, not quite ready to leave her dream world yet.

She noticed Harry giving her a weird look, as if she were suggesting that he get married to her. She was about to smile at the thought when she realized that was EXACTLY what she was implying.

"Without the lightning-bolt scar, of course," she suddenly blurted out, blushing furiously. "Oh and without the 'To G.W. from H.P.,' shed added hastily. She mentally slapped herself again

Harry's lips turned upwards into a smile that Hermione was so distracted with, that she hadn't seen Ginny's darkened face.

"Well guys, I'll see you later, and then we can celebrate, k? Right now I've got to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up."

"Ok Hermione, we'll see you later," said Harry as he put an arm possessively around Ginny's waist.

Hermione pivoted and began to take off towards the bathroom, but her mind was nowhere near getting herself cleaned up. It was dwelling on the events that just took place.

How could she have been so stupid to think Harry was proposing to her? In her "moment of elation" Hermione had forgotten that she was in a relationship with RON not HARRY, and furthermore, Harry was in a relationship with GINNY and was kissing her passionately under a minute ago. What was even weirder was that for the split second that she thought she would be the future Mrs. Harry Potte4r, it felt so… right.

She mentally slapped herself again, and this time much harder.

She swore.

Her extensive vocabulary had failed her again. That was twice in the same day. She had to fix that.

Almost subconsciously, Hermione thought, "Well, I guess love really does make people blind."

She stopped in her tracks and slapped herself for real this time.


No. NoNoNoNoNO!

LOVE and HARRY were two words she forbid herself to use in the same sentence ever again.

Well, except for this once…

"I am NOT in love with Harry!" she said slowly to herself.


He's the one that loves me back. He's the one that cares for me. Ron loves ME!

All of this flashed through her mind in a split second. She hadn't taken two steps when someone grabbed her hand from behind.

At first she was startled, but then she turned to face the person who had grabbed her and met only a harmless, freckle-faced Weasley.

"Ginny, I can't move two feet without you attacking me. Are you turning into some sort of stalker?" Hermione asked teasingly.

Ginny rolled her eyes and tugged Hermione along the corridor.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

"But I have to go to the bathroom," Hermione said whining. She REALLY had to go now.

"There are plenty of other bathrooms this way."

"Yeah but the closest one is that…"

But Hermione never finished her sentence.

Just then Ginny rounded the corner and stopped abruptly. Hermione, who was basically running to keep up with her, almost crashed into Ginny when she stopped.


But Hermione never finished that sentence either.

Before her lay a sight that madder her forget her entire conversation with Ginny. As a matter of fact, Hermione forgot everything except what her eyes saw that moment.

Pressed up against the wall was Pansy Parkinson. And holding her there was…

Ron's arms, Ron's hips, Ron's hands, and… Ron's lips.

Ron was making out with Pansy Parkinson.

At her sharp intake of breath, Ron stopped what he was doing and looked up.


She turned.

"Mione, wait!"

But it was no use. She was already down the hall and gaining speed as she allowed the tears to stream down her face, settling into seas and oceans behind her.

A/N - i didn't plan for Hermione to be OoC, but i guess thats how it turned out. Ahh well, its just fanfiction. Anyway, i know Hermione isn't behaving exactly like her usual self, but the main point of this chapter was to show that Hermione, at leastsubconsciously, likes Harry and to have Ron cheat on Herms. Sorry for those of you who like Ron, but i needed a bad guy and there he was.

Anyways, i took the idea of having little "snippets" at the end of a chap. from Sunny June 46, so thanx! ill try to include them at the end of every chapter, except for this one because i dont really have anything in mind right now.

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