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Heavy Heartbreak Chap. 2, More to the Truth

No. This cannot be happening. It's all a mistake. I imagined it. Yeah, that's right, I imagined it," Hermione thought as she turned and ran from the scene in the hallway.

She had no idea where she was going, and though in her mind she had convinced herself that somehow what she had just seen was not real, Hermione could not stop the tears from falling. They kept coming up, and no matter what she did, she could not stem their flow. Her comforting thoughts did nothing for the pain in her heart, which somehow knew - deep, deep down - that the image she had just witnessed was, in fact, real.

Ron was snogging Pansy Parkinson.

Her boyfriend was snogging someone else.

The truth hit her like a big yellow school bus, breaking her heart in the process.

"Ron cheated on me!" she whispered under her breath.

She was so distracted with her thoughts that she didn't notice that she had run into the girls' bathroom and right through Moaning Myrtle, who had overheard what Hermione had just said.

"Really?" asked Moaning Myrtle.

"Huh?" said Hermione, who was unaware that she was not alone until moaning Myrtle spoke up. Hermione was also blissfully ignorant of the fact that Harry was standing in the doorway behind her, panting, with his hands on his knees, b/c he had followed her from the scene of the crime, to make sure she was okay.

Harry was about to step in and get her, when he overheard Moaning Myrtle speak again.

"I meant, did Ronald Weasley cheat on you?" To this Hermione merely nodded. "Really? Well that's a bit of news. How long have you guys been together, because I could've sworn that he would treat his women better. He was in here at least 10 times in the past two weeks with his previous girlfriend, what was her name? Pomfrey? No. Patil? No. Oh yes, it was Parkinson. Anyway he was always in here making out with her and I thought she was pretty content with him. Always smirking, that one."

But Hermione was no longer listening. She had stopped listening a while back, and was stumped as her brain processed this new information. Two weeks…at least 10 times…Parkinson…content…always smirking.

It was true, Pansy had been happier over the past two weeks; it was obviously noticeable to anyone who had cow dung for brains. But why hadn't she noticed a change in Ron? Her sadness evaporated momentarily and turned into anger as she realized this had been going on behind her back for two weeks. "OH, he's gonna get it."

"What did you say?" said Moaning Myrtle, who had been preoccupied with her cuticles.

Hermione growled at the ghost girls' stupidity.

"I meant, Ron is going to get it, 'cause I've been with him for more than a year, and he's been creating on me with that bitch, Pansy!"

"Oh…umm…I'm sorry," said Moaning Myrtle timidly, at Hermione's sudden outburst.

Outside, Harry was also stunned by Hermione's outburst. All that was going through his mind was, "Is Hermione alright? How could I have befriended such an idiot? (a/n – he's talking about Ron, not Hermione…)"

Words cannot describe what was going through Hermione's mind at that moment.

Finally, Harry could not restrain himself any longer, and though he knew Hermione wasn't ready to see anyone yet, he still stepped through the threshold to try and comfort her, but was instead met with a second sight for that day that would be forever embedded in his memory.

Moaning Myrtle was backed up against the wall.

Hermione was backed up against the sink, and…

Her wand pointed at her own throat.

"Avada Kedav…"

"Hermione, No!"

Startled, Hermione looked around wildly, until her trained eye finally rested on a surprised and disheveled Harry Potter.

She narrowed her eyes in warning.

"And why shouldn't I?"

"Because it's not right, Hermione!"

"Well, my ex-boyfriend doesn't seem doing things that are 'wrong', so why should I give a damn!" explained Hermione, her voice rising dangerously, but not enough for her to say the name of the man whom if mentioned at all would turn her mouth bitter.

"Because you're better than him, Mione, so much better! You can get over Ron and go on with your life, not give it up!"

Harry had said the magic word.

That very name made her blood boil, but instead of her predicted reaction of a fiery anger, the mention of that bastard's name reduced her to tears and caused her to fall to her knees.

"I can't, Harry! To think that he preferred Pansy to me…oh god! I can't deal with this! I really thought that we were meant for each other, I really did! I even went as far as to discuss moving in with him after Hogwarts! How can I forget about this, how? Harry, I can't do this!"

Yes you can Hermione! You need to show him that you're strong, that a woman who has been admired for everything before an incident like this can still be admired after it, after something that should've been a 'deathly blow' to her!"

"I can't."

Harry had to use all his willpower to keep him from rolling his eyes. Instead, he closed them, and said calmly,

"You can do it. I will help you."

"No, I can't."

At this, Harry opened his eyes, but before he could figure out what was happening, Hermione had transfigured a ring from her left hand (ironically one that Ron had given her) into a serrated knife, and in a flash, it was moving across the now pale skin of her neck.

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