Please Save My Sanity

Ch.3-Et Tu?

Trunks sat in Sanderson's office.

" are a pixie?" Trunks asked. Sanderson nodded as he organized his things on the desk even though it was already organized. He was slightly nervous and needed his hands to do something to keep his mind occupied.

"...I didn't think pixies existed anymore." Trunks joked. The pixie quietly shushed him and lowered his voice.

"...Don't say that...of course we's just that...not everyone knows there's such things as pixies...human children only know about fairies. We just like to keep our existence a secret...that's all." Sanderson said, half to himself. The hybrid saiyajin looked concerned and touched his shoulder.

"Eddie-kun...are you sad?" Sanderson let a quiet sigh and turned around, leaning against him desk.

"...Somewhat, Trunks-san...I..." He didn't say anything else as his eyes looked at the floor sadly. Trunks felt guilty for bringing up any troubles the pixie had, and got up, fixing his clear blue eyes on him. They were the same height, but still shorter than average. He pulled Sanderson to him and hugged him tightly, cursing himself for being emotional everytime Mirai Gohan drifted through his mind. He...just...reminded him of his mentor SO much.

"...Gomen nasai...sorry...I didn't mean'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

"'s's not your've had a hard life and I won't hold that against you..." he said arkwardly. Trunks shuddered slightly and kept hugging Sanderson, repeating to himself.

"Please don't leave me again, Gohan-kun...I'll die without you." Trunks cried, burying his face into his shoulder. Sanderson lifted his arms as soon as he got over his shock of being hugged and slowly encircled his arms around Trunks, holding him close.

"I'm not Gohan-kun...but I promise I won't leave you alone." He whispered into his ear. He rubbed Trunks' back and soothed him with his words, both of them standing there in silence. The moment HP walked into the office with a bunch of paperwork, Sanderson jumped away from Trunks in shock and knocked over his things and making them fall to the floor in a clatter.

"..Am I interrupting anything?" HP asked.

"N..No HP...I was just..I..." Sanderson stammered as he kneeled on the ground, picking up his pencils. Trunks bowed politely.

"No, HP-sama...I...was just going out the door." HP glanced at his vice-president suspiciously.

"...W...What he said, sir." HP placed a stack of paperwork on the desk and looked at Trunks.

"...Not full human, not a fairy...and not a pixie or anything else...what are you?"

"...I'm half-alien." Trunks explained. HP lifted an eyebrow and slapped a nametag on Trunks' chest.

"Well as long as you're here, you might as well temporarily work. Do you know how to do office work?" HP asked briskly. Trunks nodded.

"H...hai sir..back in my world, my family owns a company called Capsule Corporation...I once ran it by myself when my mother was ill." The head pixie patted his shoulder and walked towards the door.

"Good, Sanderson will inform you on what to do..." Trunks blinked as the head pixie left as fast as he could.

"..So...d..does this mean I'm hired?" HP poked him head in.

"Yes. I expect a good work status report from you...mister...?"

"Briefs...Trunks Briefs."

"Yes, well...welcome to Wishfixers, Briefs...enjoy your stay here." Sanderson peeked from over the side of his desk.

"Is it safe to come out, Trunks-san?" Trunks nodded and Sanderson stood up, placing his cup of pencils back on the surface.

"...Arkward...huh?" Trunks shrugged as he sat in a chair.

"So far, do I do, Sanderson-kun?" Sanderson pulled up a chair and opened the file.

"...Paperwork...ugh..." Trunks pulled some paperwork towards him and looked at it, very interested. He never seen anyone do paperwork on the amount of bad wishes Earth children did. Even the amount of wishes Shenlong or Porunga did couldn't measure up to these...fairy godparents. He still had a lot to learn about this world he was in, and he planned to go home knowing information no one else did...but did he really want to leave? He thought about the past he was supposed to go to...but...he liked this universe much better...

"What's it about?" Sanderson fished a pen out of his drawers and started marking them.

"About each child and their fairy godparents, and the amount of wish fixing we have to help them with. It's all organized by alphabetical order, amount of bad wishes, and filed by what level their bad wishing is at." Trunks looked overwhelmed at the whole thing. There was a race of magical people that were more organized than his mother! And that was very shocking, considering his mother was the most organized person he knew in his entire tiimeline.

"...Sanderson-san...what should I do first?" Trunks asked. The pixie glanced up from his writing and handed him a stamp and stamp pad.

"When I'm done with the paperwork, stamp my seal in the little box on the bottom, then place it in the outgoing box next to you." He explained. Trunks looked slightly miffed.

"Don't I get a chance at writing?" Sanderson smiled softly at Trunks and went back to writing.

"...Maybe tomorrow, Trunks-san...maybe tomorrow..." The hybrid blushed a little at his smile and waited patiently, thinking about Sanderson. He was calm and understanding as Mirai Gohan was, and patient as well. What else proof did he need that the pixie was very much like Gohan?

"...Et tu, Sanderson-san?" Trunks whispered to himself. Sanderson looked up.

"Nani? Is something wrong?" he asked.

" was nothing." Trunks tried to grin back. he glanced out thw window and stared miserably at the gray sky, which seemed to be normal for this world called 'Pixies, Inc. he was in.