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Summary: Wink and Lloyd fic after Melbu Frahma dies, need I say more... major fluff...apparently Wink is not as shy and innocent as we were led to believe...will be a lime

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Chapter 1

With Melbu Frahma finally defeated by Dart and his friends the moon that never sets started to break apart, thankful that his armor had taken most of the blow Lloyd still suffered the pain of being hit in the heart and barely had enough strength to stand let alone be able to escape the destruction, he felt totally drained. After managing to get on his feet he took a deep breath and concentrated on teleporting out of there which was kinda hard to do with the ground shaking and breaking apart beneath him, but he was too exhausted, he couldn't find the strength within. 'I can't die here.' He thought, 'I can't leave her.'

Hearing a huge explosion, Lloyd opened his eyes and saw debris heading towards him, quickly the golden eyed Wingly took flight, and dodged the huge boulders, yet he wasn't fast enough when a crater erupted, pieces of the earth hurled towards him knocking him to the ground, Lloyd groaned and hissed in pain quickly rolling on the ground to avoid being crushed, he was now lying on his back, breathing heavily Lloyd felt as if he was going to pass out. When suddenly he heard her voice telling him to get up, to come back to her to keep his promise to her. Grunting as he stood, cursing himself for running out of healing potions which didn't do much his injuries were too severe, the last one he had taken didn't even close the tiny cuts he had on his cheek, neck and arms. Forcing his wings to expand Lloyd was able to take flight with the last of his strength he teleported off the moon that never sets and was able to get far away enough from the blast of the moon as it exploded, but his strength and energy quickly ran out, his mind and body couldn't take the tremendous amount of pain he felt and so he fell unconscious.

Falling towards the earth Lloyd would have drowned in the depths of the sea had not Kayla the second mate of the Queen Fury seen him crash in the calm clear blue water, quickly turning to one of the crew "YOU...launch the lifeboat, NOW" She yelled, "MAN OVERBOARD...PORT SIDE." Hauling the battered and bruised body of the silver haired man out of the water, the crew of the Queen Fury quickly rowed back and brought Lloyd to the doctor on board, who grimaced at the look of the man's injuries. Commodore Puler immediately gave the order to set sail for Fueno.

"How is the young man Alexander?" Puler asked the doctor.

"Not to good I'm afraid, most of his wounds should heal, but there was a lot of stress around his heart, and internal bleeding I managed to stop the bleeding he also had a dislocated shoulder and a few puncture wounds. The potions I've given him don't do much for his wounds except to ease his pain. I'm afraid that there's nothing more that I can do for him until we reach Fueno."

Lloyd groaned out as the doctor laid a gentle hand on his chest, he could tell by the grimace the silver haired man made that he was in pain. Lloyd started breathing deeply and whispered something. Both Puler and Alexander got closer and strained to hear what he was saying, "...Wink..." he whispered.

A few hours had passed deep in thought, the Commodore kept repeating that name in his head as he paced back and forth in the room. "I know I've heard that name before...but where?"

A knock was heard at the door, as Kayla peeked inside the room, "We are approaching Fueno sir, we should be at the dock within the hour."

"Yes thank-you Kayla...wait a minute...Wink?" Puler said out loud,

Kayla and Alexander simply looked at him confused. "Sir?"

"Could that man possibly mean one of the Sacred Sister's of Mille Seseau?"


Carefully carrying the silver haired man on a stretcher, so as not to aggravate his injuries, Alexander led them to the town doctor and explained the man's injuries, as they decided on the best way to treat the man.

Through all this Lloyd dreamt of his precious Wink. After saving her in Donau from those bandits, then again from that Wingly at the forest path leading to Deningrad, he couldn't understand why he kept wanting to save her. Even after kidnapping Queen Theresa which she was very close to, in order to get the moon mirror. Wink had blocked Dart's sword with her body protecting Lloyd, he couldn't believe it, as her legs could no longer support her body, Wink collapsed to the ground. Yet her body never graced it's cold surface, for a pair of strong arms encircled themselves around her lithe frame holding her up. Resting her head on his chest Wink was able to catch her breath and plead to Dart to spare Lloyd's life. After she was brought back to the Crystal Palace, He left with Dart and the others to find Emperor Diaz, and after being led on by the fake emperor, Lloyd was beaten and thrown aside.

After that, Lloyd just couldn't stop thinking about her and so made his way to Deningrad he had to see her again one last time. Transporting himself to one of the guest rooms within the palace, Lloyd watched as a nurse left one of the rooms, Lloyd silently confirmed it to be Wink's room since she had been badly wounded, waiting until the nurse was out of sight Lloyd casually made his way to her door and actually knocked. When there was no answer he opened the door and entered.

She was sleeping on her stomach as he walked to her bed. He glared at her back as he saw the bandages wrapped around it, the blood stained the white cloth, for some reason he didn't like it when she got hurt. Lloyd gently sat on the edge and watched as she slept, brushing away a few strands of hair stuck to her face. Wink slowly opened her eyes and looked at the person by her side. "Mr.Lloyd...what are you doing here?" she asked sitting up then noticing her manner of dress clutched the sheet to her body.

"...I just...had to see you again." Lloyd answered gazing at her clear blue eyes. Wink smiled, blushed and shyly looked away. Lloyd leaned forward and gently tilted her head up with his right hand. "Why are you blushing?" he asked curiously.

"Well, I believe that I'm...uh...a attracted to you..." she looked away for a second, before locking eyes with him again. "And it doesn't help that you are sitting next to me while I'm nearly naked." Lloyd chuckled and picked up the blanket at the base of the bed, and wrapped it around her shoulders covering her completely. "Are you still going to build your utopia?" she asked quietly.

"I have to stop Emperor Diaz, he tricked order to build my utopia, this world must be destroyed, I have to go and kill him." Lloyd made his way to the balcony and looked outside. "I don't want you to die." He whispered.

Wink stood up slowly, the blanket still wrapped around her small frame and walked over to him, leaning her body against his. Wink wrapped her arms around his chest laying her head on his back hugging him close to her. Lloyd gasped wide eyed and looked down at her hands as her right thumb caressed his chest. "I don't want you to go, you might get hurt, I don't think I could bare it if you died." She pleaded; Lloyd turned within her embrace and looked at her tear-streaked face, gently wiping them away.

He rested his forehead on hers. "If I don't try to stop him, we'll both die..." Wink looked at him with tears in her eyes. Before she could say another word Lloyd grasped her face with both hands and tilted her head up to his kissing her lightly on the lips. Wink held her breath, and gently returned his kiss, hugging him closely to her, the blanket she held around her fell to the floor pooling at her feet, but she didn't care, fearing that he might not see her again Lloyd deepened the kiss running his tongue on her lower lip, waiting for permission to enter. Wink opened her mouth letting Lloyd's tongue caress hers. After a few moments which seemed like an eternity Lloyd broke their kiss gasping for breath, he gazed at Wink's face waiting until she opened her eyes, she breathed deeply, trying to catch her breath. Running her thumb against his cheek she looked deeply in his eyes. "Do that again," she demanded sweetly.

Kissing her again with as much passion as he could give, Lloyd obliged to her request, after breaking the kiss a second time Lloyd breathed in her ear. "I must leave now..." Before she could protest Lloyd ran his thumb on her lips to keep her silent, "I will come back. I promise I will return to you." He promised as he kissed her one last time.

Wink nodded and reluctantly let go of him, Lloyd bent down to retrieve the blanket on the floor and covered her. Wink leaned her head on his chest, listening to the rhythmic beating of his heart then Lloyd kissed her forehead, letting her go he then leapt on the balcony and turned to her fully giving her a small smile, before letting himself fall back over the balcony. Wink gasped and ran to the edge watching as Lloyd revealed his wings and flew away.

A few days later Lloyd woke up with a gasp quickly taking note of his surroundings, 'How did I get here?' he asked himself slowly sitting up and grimaced as he put a little weight on his shoulder, feeling extremely tired Lloyd lay back down and closed his eyes. Sensing someone approach, Lloyd remained still. "Well now it's about time you woke up you had us worried there for a while."

Lloyd slowly opened his eyes. "Who are you, where am I, and how did I get here"
He croaked.

"My name is Cyan I am a doctor, your in Fueno and Commodore Puler of the Queen Fury dragged you out of the water from which you 'crashed' into apparently."

"How long have I been here?"

"Three really should rest you look..." Cyan looked to his patient and chuckled, Lloyd had passed out. "Exhausted."

The Queen Fury arrived in Furni; Puler had Kayla send a messenger to Deningrad, to ask if Sister Wink knew anything of the silver haired man,

Wink was in her room within the Crystal Palace, After hearing from Dart and his friends about the tale of Melbu Frahma, How Rose had stayed with her long lost love Zieg after the battle, and how Lloyd had perished, she had not stopped crying since. "He promised..." she sobbed, 'He will come back.' She kept telling herself.

"Sister Wink?" One of the men from her knighthood gently knocked on her door, "Are you all right?"

Quickly drying her eyes she got up from her bed and went to her balcony to open the doors for some fresh air, taking a few deep breaths and walking to the door. She finally answered "Yes I'm fine there anything that Queen Theresa wants of me?"

"No ma'am, but she did say that she will come see you in a while, she sensed that you were not feeling well this evening after Dart and his companions left, do you wish to see the doctor?"

"No I'm fine I was just tired that's all."

"Very well then." He answered through the door.

Wink then slowly took a step, feeling the wound on her back as she stretched, wincing a bit she made her way to her balcony, opening the doors she breathed in the night air and fell to her knees as she silently cried feeling her heart breaking.

Lloyd woke up suddenly feeling an ache in his chest, slowly sitting up he shrugged off the blankets that were keeping him warm, laying his head in his hands Cyan approached him. "Are you all right?"

Lloyd did not answer.

"Are you in any pain?" Cyan continued.

"I need to get to Deningrad as soon as possible..."

"I'm afraid the next ship won't return until three days from now..."

"DAMNIT..." Lloyd growled suddenly feeling very weak, sweat covered his forehead and he began to breathe deeply.

"Calm down...I'll see what I can do, you really should rest you received a very heavy blow to your heart...which is why you tire easily." Laying a hand on the man's shoulder, Cyan gently pushed him down, seeing that the man was yet again about to pass out, "Now before you close your eyes, can I at least know your name..." the man asked curiously.

"Lloyd..." he whispered as darkness took him, Cyan smiled and covered the man with a blanket.

"Well Lloyd it's nice to meet you." He grinned, then felt Lloyd's forehead, he was burning up.

"I'm sorry to disturb you your highness but there is a messenger boy here to see you." One of the guards entered the throne room patiently awaiting her answer.

"A messenger, from where?"

"Furni, your majesty...a message from Commodore Puler of the Queen Fury ma'am."

"Oh well then send him in." Queen Theresa commanded.

"Your majesty..." A young boy entered in a rush kneeling before her. "Commodore Puler sends a message to Sister Wink." He breathed.

"I'm afraid she is a bit indisposed at the moment...What does the message refer to?"

"The Commodore wishes to know if she knows of a silver haired man, that was found in the ocean."

"A silver haired man you say, how long ago was this?"

"Almost a week now ma'am."

"I pray...Does this man have a name?" she asked standing.

"The Commodore did not say, only that he was unconscious when they fished him out of the water."

"Very well I'll have a hand maiden escort you to a room so that you may rest and food will be brought to you, while I speak to Sister Wink."

The boy nodded as he was brought out of the room, the queen then stood and made her way towards Wink's quarters. Gently knocking on the door the queen heard a faint 'come in...' Slowly opening the door Theresa made her way to the balcony where Wink was watching the people below.

"How are you doing Wink?" she asked a gentle hand on the sister's shoulder.

Wink smiled at the queen then looked down again, the smile quickly disappearing. Seeing her reaction Theresa quickly wrapped her arms around her dear friend, "I had a visit from a messenger today..." she said grasping the woman's head in her hands brushing the few tears that rolled down her cheeks. "I do not want to get your hopes up Wink, but perhaps Mr.Lloyd may still be alive..."

"What?" Wink looked at her, a glitter of hope in her eyes.

"The messenger said that Commodore Puler of the Queen Fury found a silver haired man floating on the waters..." Wink started hyperventilating, "Shhh calm yourself child...the boy will leave in the morning and you will join him with your rest yourself." Theresa commanded with a smile as she led Wink inside and helped her in her bed.

Wink nodded and amazingly a small smile could be seen on her face.

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