Chapter 4

A few hours later Kayla silently made her way to the sleeping Wingly, the moment her arm reached out to gently shake him awake, Lloyd's hand grabbed her arm and pulled her close, Kayla gasped as she stared at Lloyd's golden eyes filled with hate. "What?" Lloyd seethed through clenched teeth.

"W-we've just arrived in Fueno..." Kayla informed the silver haired warrior. Releasing her from his grip, Lloyd quickly stood and made his way to the deck. As the Queen Fury was not docked yet, Lloyd made his way to the port side and jumped on the dock making his way up the street.

Seeing this Puler smiled at the golden-eyed warrior. 'He truly does love her...' he thought to himself.

Checking his armor, and making sure that he had at least a few potions Lloyd made his way to the undersea cavern.

Ignoring the petty little creatures that dared attack him Lloyd simply cut them down or pushed them away, silently making his way within the cave Lloyd walked down the spiral staircase and looked around in the next room. Not seeing Wink in the vicinity, Lloyd growled. Casually walking within the cave Lloyd smirked as he sensed the 'boss' behind him.

"My dear Lloyd, you look very well toned as usual..." he heard, Lloyd turned to find the Wingly leaning by a rock in a very seductive pose.

"" Lloyd asked looking bored.

"Oh I'm doing well, that is until I found out that you were living with that little sweet bitch of a human..." she glared.

Lloyd laughed, "Well too bad Dart and the others didn't do to much of a good job in killing you off, when you fought them...then you wouldn't be stuck in this mess..." Lloyd chuckled.

"Mess?" Lenus looked appalled

Lloyd was growing tired of this little waste of time. "Enough with the chatter...where is she..."

Lenus smirked and snapped her fingers, four of her men came out of the back of the cave dragging an unconscious, tied up and bruised Wink throwing her to the floor at Lenus' feet.

Lloyd glared at Lenus, his eyes blazing with rage. Lenus grinned as she took out her blades and pointed one at Wink's chest, "I'll give you a choice my dear Lloyd, stay with me and she lives..." Lenus looked up watching Lloyd's every move and frowned as he stepped forward " move from that spot and I'll have my men rape and kill her." Lloyd froze and watched as Lenus' men approached Wink.

"You dare lay a hand on my woman...and you will be joining your boss, as I rip the limbs from her rotting corpse." Lloyd barked.

Lenus stepped forward and laid a hand on Lloyd's chest, leaning up she gazed in his eyes, "Say you'll be mine again...I understand that you thought I was dead, I'll forgive you..." she smiled, and was about to kiss Lloyd.

Lloyd tilted his head back and smirked. "Only on one condition..."

"What would that be?" Lenus smiled as Lloyd caressed her cheek with his hands, and leaned down to her ear.

Lloyd's smile quickly turned into a glare, "That you die..." he whispered.

"What..." Lenus looked at him in disbelief as she grasped his arms.

"I was never yours to begin with..." he seethed as he fisted her hair keeping a firm grip on her head. Lenus clawed at his arms. "And now you do something stupid as to kidnap and harm my woman...for that you'll pay dearly..."

Lenus looked to her men who looked on petrified, if that man could harm their boss what would he do to them. "Ki-ll...her..." Lenus ordered, not wanting to disappoint their boss the men took out their knives and approached the unconscious Sacred Sister.

Lloyd punched Lenus in the head, and took out his Dragon buster stabbing Lenus in the chest, Lloyd fazed out of sight and appeared behind the men about to kill Wink, easily and quickly killing them off Lloyd leaned down and cut the ropes tied around Wink, carefully lifting her in his arms, Lloyd assessed her injuries she wasn't too badly hurt, just a few cuts and bruises. Standing with his Wink in his arms, Lloyd slowly walked to the cave entrance, " wait..." he heard, turning Lloyd looked at Lenus who clutched at her wound and tried to stand. "Ho-w could you...I thought you loved me..." she growled.

"I never said that, you assumed I did..." Lloyd answered.

"You bastard...when I regain my strength I'll hunt you down and kill the wench slowly..." hearing those words, Lloyd leaned down cradling Wink to his chest and gathering a fairly decent amount of energy, Lloyd sent the golden orb towards Lenus, erecting a shield to surround himself as well as Wink. Lloyd held her tightly as he watched Lenus fall to the ground, too weak to gather enough strength to shield herself the orb hit her straight in the chest killing her. Picking up Wink again Lloyd left the cave.

Making his way towards Lidiera Lloyd found himself surrounded by the moonlight and a nice warm gentle breeze. Taking a deep breath Lloyd, glanced down at the treasure cuddled up in his arms, moaning softly. Wink started to wake up. As her eyes fluttered open Wink looked around and squirmed in Lloyd's grasp, settling down on the sand. Lloyd held her close to him "Are you all right?" he asked as he ran his fingers through her hair.

Wink smiled, "You came to rescue me?" she whispered.

"But of course, you expect I let you get hurt...I am your own personal warrior am I not?" he chuckled as he held her tightly in his arms.

Wink leaned her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck, after a few moments Wink leaned back and kissed his lips then smiled, "I though you'd get annoyed with me since I always seem to get in trouble, and you always go out of your way to save me." she whispered, Lloyd smiled and kissed her deeply. Laying her down on the sand Lloyd caressed her arms and sides.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, little bird..." Lloyd answered as he settled on top of her and kissed her passionately. Wink smiled when she arched her back and brushed up against Lloyd. Lloyd moaned in her mouth as he tugged at the top of her dress, sucking at her neck. They were so caught up in their passionate embrace that they failed to notice the rain as it poured down on them, cooling their heated flesh.

"Lloyd..." Wink moaned. Lloyd looked up and gazed in her eyes, "Make love to me..." she whispered.

Leaning up Lloyd softly kissed her lips and caressed her cheek, "Are you sure about this?" Lloyd asked hiding the fact that he wanted her so much, but he didn't want to push her.

Smiling Wink nodded, "Yes I'm sure...I love you..." and kissed him deeply. As her hands tugged at his shirt. Lloyd seemed to be purring as she caressed his chest and kissed his neck.

Taking his time, Lloyd rolled and let Wink straddle his lap, as they kissed and caressed each other Lloyd slowly took off Wink's top and kissed her soft ivory skin. Wink shivered as she felt Lloyd's hot breath on her chest, mixed with the coldness of the rain as it cooled her skin. Lloyd actually saw Wink smile as he slowly made love to her in the rain on the deserted beach.

The next day Wink slowly woke up to a pair of golden eyes staring at her lovingly, caressing her cheek, Wink smiled, "Good-morning..."

Lloyd chuckled "Good-morning little bird...sleep well?"

Wink closed her eyes and snuggled up to her Wingly's bare chest, "Mhmmm..." After a few more moments Wink enjoyed Lloyd's attentions towards her. Finally wide-awake and a bit underdressed Wink giggled as she dragged Lloyd in the water clad only in her undergarments. Splashing water on her, Wink turned and laughed as she launched herself on the Wingly catching her in his strong arms Lloyd leaned back and dunked them in the water. When they resurfaced Lloyd kissed her passionately, Lloyd chuckled as Wink's face turned beat red.

"Why is it every time I kiss you your face turns red." Wink smiled and shrugged.

"You're the only man to ever make me feel this way, and if anyone knew of what we did last night...oh my..."

Lloyd silenced her with a kiss, "Well if you must absolutely attend that royal wedding we should leave now..."

Wink looked at him horrified, "Oh...I forgot the wedding..."

Lloyd laughed as he led her out of the water. "Well you did have a were being kidnapped at the time..." getting dressed, Lloyd and Wink took their time as they walked through the streets of Fueno.

Finally in Bale, Lloyd looked extremely bored as he stood at the entrance of the castle, staring out at the blue sky, "Didn't think you'd attend Albert's wedding Lloyd...what happened?"

Lloyd ignored Hashel's question and starred at Meru as she dragged Guaraha behind her to congratulate the King and the new Queen of Bale, Dart held Shana by the waist as they spoke with Albert and Miranda.

Lloyd smirked as he sensed a certain someone creeping up behind him, Wink leaned her body against Lloyd's back and closed her eyes. "Tired little bird?" he asked as he looked over his shoulder.

Wink nodded her head, while Lloyd turned and held her possessively looking at the crowd who were mostly paying attention to the royals, Lloyd smirked as he teleported them to their room.

Furni six months later

Queen Theresa nearly had to order Wink to take a vacation she looked extremely exhausted, Lloyd had dragged her to Furni, since the mayor had taken his daughter with him on a trip to Rouge, he had offered that they stay at his home. Which of course they had accepted.

That night

Lloyd spotted her up on the roof gazing at the stars, smirking he slowly made his way to her "Is there something you want?" Lloyd asked placing a kiss on her shoulder.

Wink smiled, "Your arms around me..." she whispered.

Lloyd wrapped his arms around her lithe frame bringing her close, kissing her neck...Lloyd grinned knowing were this was going. "Anything else?"

Wink tilted her head back "Your lips on mine..." she looked at him sweetly, turning her around Lloyd kissed her passionately until she moaned and gasped for air. Lloyd leaned his head down, feeling her breath on his lips.

"Anything else, Love?"

Wink opened her eyes a mischievous glint mirrored in them as well as a grin plastered her face, "You inside of me." She whispered. Lloyd smirked and lifted her off her feet carrying her downstairs to their room. Gently putting her down Wink scurried away from him onto the balcony of the little house and grinned as she watched him slowly approach, taking off his shirt Lloyd let it drop to the floor, Wink bit her lip and quickly looked away, Lloyd came up behind her and inhaled her sweet honeyed scent gently caressing her back, with his right hand as he moved her hair over her shoulder with his left, wrapping his left arm around her waist Lloyd pulled her tightly against his body while his right arm wrapped around her chest tilting her head back Lloyd sucked at her throat and pulled down the strap of her dress above her right shoulder, "Lloyd..." she moaned, as she felt the mix of his hot breath and the cold night air, making her whole body shiver. Tilting her head to the right Lloyd kissed her demandingly as he gently picked her up and carried her to their bed, laying her down Lloyd carefully pulled the dress above her head then stripped himself of his clothing then trapped her beneath him. He just stared at her for a moment then held his breath as he looked at the door.

Confused Wink looked within his direction, "What is it?" she asked as she gently caressed his right cheek with the back of her hand, tilting his head towards hers.

Lloyd smirked, "Just waiting for that blasted knock at the door that keeps interrupting us..." Wink smiled and lifted her head glancing at the door for a few moments, Lloyd gazed at her eyes that seemed so innocent. Gently Lloyd pushed her back on the bed and leaned down as he marveled at the goddess before him and kissed the delicate skin on her stomach. Lloyd gasped as he sensed something growing within her. "Wink?" He murmured as he looked up.

"Yes?" Wink quirked an eyebrow and smiled.

"How long?"

"Twelve weeks..." she answered, the moment those two words were said Lloyd leaned up and kissed her passionately, then rolled bringing her with him.

"And you were planning on telling me when?" he asked as he watched her straddle his chest.

"Tonight...surprised?" Wink purred as she dipped her head and kissed his well-toned chest, settling atop him Wink moaned out softly as she moved him within her. Grasping her hips Lloyd grunted as he rolled and moved a bit faster.

"Very..." he breathed down her neck as Wink moaned out loudly.

"Does that...mean yo...ur happy then...ah..." She panted. Lloyd quickened his movements and kissed her possessively plunging his tongue in her mouth, Wink breathed deeply and wrapped her legs around his waist, "Oh Lloyd..." she moaned. Feeling as she was about to release, Lloyd pushed himself faster and harder until he could feel her nails dig in his back drawing a little blood as she screamed out her release, Lloyd quickly followed. After a few moments both covered in sweat and breathing deeply, Wink smiled, "I'll take that as a yes..." she whispered.

Lloyd chuckled and nuzzled her cheek, resting his forehead on hers. "Most definitely..." he rasped in her ear and kissed her lips lightly then settled atop her, putting his weight on his arms so as not to crush his love, Lloyd rested his head above her chest and kissed her shoulder. Pulling himself out of her Lloyd settled beside her, Wink was already on the verge of sleep, Lloyd smiled and ran his hand across her stomach. Kissing her cheek he covered them both with a thin sheet and held her protectively as he thought of the child he had helped make growing within her.

The End...