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Only to Protect

It's getting hard to breath,

chains constricting around my battered body.

Pulling me down into the miasma,

to never see sunlight again.

My blood spilling,

seeping through my veins.

Thining intill it turns black as coal.

My soul being ripped from my weakining mind,

to parish into nothingness.

Eyelids growing heavy,

turning blurry as unconsusness overtakes me.

Just let me die,

escape this pain in life,my life.

A life I should never of had,

never have been born.

Let me finally leave this lonely world behind me,

to move on and suffer no longer.

But I know that I must stay alive,

to live for them and to potect them from him.

They must not pay for my own sins,

so I will live on for one reason.


That only took 2 . crazy minutes to write.


over and out