It had only been 3 moths since the defeat of the Akatsuki and the only one that had escaped Naruto and Gaara's wrath was Itachi. Naruto just couldn't bring himself to kill his best friends brother he knew it was Sasuke's job to end his life. Kakashi's team along with Jiraiya and the Suna sibling stared at the fight that was going on in the valley beneath them. On the other side stood Orochimaru and Kabuto. Both sides watched with anticipation for their member to win the match, but where as Konoha wanted Sasuke taken alive Oto couldn't care if the kitsune container lived or died. And so in the valley Naruto and Sasuke battled it out to see who would truly win the battle of truth.

"Come on Sasuke, is that all you've got? Your brother throws a harder punch than you do." Naruto said with a grin He knew any comment he made about Sasuke's brother would infuriate the man to no end.

" Shut up! You had the chance to kill him and you didn't that just shows how weak you really are." Sasuke answered back already in his level 2 seal

" Naw, just wanted him to die by the right person's hands. I really have no say in it, he's your brother." Naruto said sounding bored

" Yeah, whatever you say. You're just afraid to admit he was too much for you to handle and you got scared and ran." Sasuke said

This is the one thing that got Naruto mad. Not only would he have been able to kill Itachi the last time he had seen him. Naruto actually had to hold Gaara back so Itachi could live and Sasuke could avenge his family.


Naruto then raised his hand that seemed to be glowing red and placed it on the area where the cursed seal was. Sasuke started to scream out in agony at the pain the attack was causing him. I was at that moment Kabuto tried to interfere with whatever Naruto was trying to do, but in jumping he found he could only go a foot down from were he and the other were observing the fight. Naruto looked up feeling the attack on his shield.

" Ah, so someone finally tried to break in. Sorry everyone but this in between me and the Uchiha right now, but once I'm done. You two are next." Naruto said and looked at Orochimaru and Kabuto with red silted eyed. As Naruto returned his attention back to Sasuke he had finally returned to normal and passed out from the pain.

" Sakura I need you to come down here." Naruto said

" But Naruto you just said there is a barrier. I can't get though." Sakura replied

" I'll make a hole near you big enough for you to get in and out." He answered

With that Sakura jumped down and entered the area with Naruto and the now unconscious Sasuke.

" Sakura I want you to take Sasuke and get everyone out of here. I'm going to have to do something really dangerous and I don't want my precious people getting hurt. Take Sasuke back to Konoha and tell Obaa-chan I used the jutsu." Naruto said

" But Naruto..." Sakura started

" GO NOW!" Naruto yelled

At that she exited the barrier and handed Sasuke over to Kakashi.

" What's going on Sakura?" Temari questioned

" Naruto said we should leave now I have to tell Tsunade-sensei that he used 'That Jutsu'. Whatever that means?" She answered

" HE'S GOING TO DO WHAT!" Jiraiya yelled

" Jiraiya-sama what is that Jutsu?" she questioned him

" It's a jutsu he learned from the Kyubi himself. During our training him and Kyubi came to and agreement. I don't know how, but he was able to have the fox teach him Demonic Jutsu's. If he's going to do the jutsu I think he's going to do we better hope the shield hold up." Jiraiya said

" What is this Jutsu?" Gaara questioned

It was at that time the shield powered down and Orochimaru and Kabuto entered the valley. After they entered the shield was brought back up and they became trapped with Naruto.

" Stupid Gaki he IS going to do the jutsu." Jiraiya responded

" Hey, my brother asked you a question answer it!" Kankurou said angrily

" The jutsu is called Kyubi no Gappei it allows him to summon the Kyubi in chakra form, but after that I don't know what it does. He wouldn't tell me too much about it. Probably afraid I'd try to stop him." Jiraiya said

Down below Orochimaru and Naruto were having a little discussion, while Kabuto stayed back and tried to disengage to barrier.

" So, the vessel is also the Yondaime's son." Orochimaru smiled

" What are you talking about?" Naruto questioned

" So your sensei didn't tell you? I figured he would of told you once you mastered the Body Flicker Jutsu." Orochimaru grinned evilly, " The only people able to do the Body Flicker are members of the Yondaime's family. So, since you are able to do it means you are his son. Ironic isn't it, you father is the one that sealed the demon inside of you. You and Gaara are really two of a kind."

" Shut up! So what if the Yondaime was my father. It just even more reason for me to be the next Hokage and to kill you for what you did to Kyubi." Naruto answered

At that statement Orochimaru's eye's widened.

" I don't know what you are talking about." Orochimaru stated

" Yeah right. Unless Akatsuki erased your memory you know damn right what I'm talking about. You were the one that summoned Kyubi." Naruto said

" He What?" Jiraiya yelled

" You summoned him to take care of the competition which was Akatsuki at the time, but he refused to do it so you put a genjutsu on him. Only problem is you thought you'd be able to control him, but you couldn't. So you did the next best thing point the most powerful demon in the direction of the village you were chased out of and get revenge. Everyone knows you had a grudge against the Yondaime. My dad was better than you and you couldn't stand you weren't made Hokage by your own sensei." Naruto said

From the cliff everyone observed the conversation all three were having and just having learned how the Kyubi came to be in Konoha. What shocked the children the most was that the Yondaime was Naruto's father and no one had even told him.

"It is true isn't is Jiraiya? Yondaime is Naruto's father? I once asked him to teach me the Body Flicker and he told me that only his family could do the jutsu." Kakashi said in disbelief

Jiraiya just nodded

" But why wasn't I told?" He questioned

" We didn't want anyone knowing it and having another village try to come after him like the Stone with Hinata. If anything Stone and Oto have the greatest reason to try and kill the boy. Keeping his identity a secret from him and the village was the best. The only people who know are the elders, head of the clans, the Hokage, and myself." Jiraiya explained

It was then the group saw a flash of bright red chakra.

"Oni Kyuchiyose no Jutsu" Naruto said and a red burst of chakra came forth. Standing beside of Naruto was now a horse size Kyubi made entirely out of Chakra. Most of the Konoha group was in shock at how much power the Kyubi was emitting from himself and that the shield was still holding.

" So snake, you still haven't changed." Kyubi asked

" Ku, ku, ku No, Even thought I couldn't control you the results were still to my liking. Thousands of Konoha ninjas die along with the Yondaime himself." Orochimaru replied smiling

His answer only infuriated Naruto and the Kyubi even more. It was at that point that the Kyubi turned its back to Orochimaru and Kabuto and started talking to Naruto.

" Don't ignore Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto said as he rushes in with a Chakra Scalpel

This of course was caught by one of the Kyubi's tail and Kabuto was flung aside like a rag-doll.

" Insolent fool! You really think some thin chakra knife can hurt the great Kyubi. You will soon find out what your master released unto this world is your own deaths." Kyubi stated as he walked back a few feet.

He then started to run at Naruto and jumped into the air. The Konoha group gasped at the Kyubi looked like it was about to eat Naruto, but instead the Kyubi's form smashed down upon Naruto.

" NARUTO'S ON FIRE." Sakura screamed

" Calm down Sakura he knows what he's doing." Gaara said

The next instant the flames died down and Naruto was now surrounded by the Kyubi's chakra, but his ears and tails stuck out of Naruto making him look half fox.

" You may not regret what I did to Konoha, but you are going to regret that the Yondaime put me in his son. Kyubi no Gappei complete Kit" Kyubi's voice echoed around them

" I seriously doubt your vessel can cause me any trouble. The last time he tried to go against me Kabuto almost killed him. If it hadn't been for Tusnade-hime you would both be dead now." Orochimaru responded

Naruto looked like he had fallen asleep and had not moved a muscle since the Kyubi engulfed him in chakra. After Orochimaru had finished he statement Naruto's eyes opened revealing sky-blue silted eyed. Looking angrily at the two in front of him. At this Orochimaru decided to end the fight quickly.

" I hope you like this technique Kakashi you pupil was kind enough to teach it to me. Though I put my own spin on it of course." Orochimaru stated " Brat there is no way you'll survive this attack even with the Kyubi healing you. HEBI CHIDORI!"

With that at giant snake came from Orochimaru's hand and headed towards Naruto. The sound was unbearable to the group observing the fight. It sounded like a thousand birds being tortured at once. Naruto on the other hand just stood there waiting for the attack to come.

" MOVE OUT OF THE WAY NARUTO!" Sakura and Kakashi screamed together

" Kid has finally lost his mind." Kankurou stated

That's what they think. Shukaku told Gaara

" Stupid kid." Jiraiya said

The attack finally hit knocking Naruto off his feet. He was sent flying back a couple hundred feet and landed underneath the group watching him.

" Naruto get up! You have to get up!" Sakura said

Orochimaru and Kabuto smiled and started to walk away, but noticed the barrier hadn't been released yet. If the vessel was dead the barrier should be gone. When Orochimaru and Kabuto turned around they saw Naruto getting back up and laughing at them. When he looked at them his eyes had turned red.

" That was your best attack? That was pathetic and to think you have the eight-headed demon lord, Orochi, in you." Kyubi said, " This must be why Manda can't stand you. You're wasting his chakra on trivial thing and continue to be weak."

" I'LL SHOW YOU WEAK!" Orochimaru screamed as he sent another Hebi Chidori toward the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

Kyubi just batted it away with one of his tails. This surprised the Otokage and his accomplice.

" Have it your way." Orochimaru said as he and Kabuto started the hand seal to summon Manda and another snake.

" Oh no you don't." Kyubi said and Chakra Claws stretched out from his own hand.

They then grabbed Orochimaru and Kabuto around the arms and started to squeeze tightly. The two were screaming in pain and then a loud snap was heard. Kyubi grinned knowing what that meant.

" Well it look like you two won't be going anywhere anymore I've just crushed your spines. But you know, I have a feeling you'll still cause trouble, so for the worlds sake I'm going to end this right now." Kyubi stated and turned up the heat on his disabled captives.

His arms now looked like they were on fire and it quickly reached the two that he still held in his claws.

" I'm sorry Jiraiya-sennin, Kakashi-san, but this must be done to prevent any more tragedies from occurring. Don't worry the Kit is asleep right now. Please tell him it wasn't him that killed them it was me." Kyubi said looking up at the senseis of his vessel.

"KITSUNE HONOO" Kyubi yelled at the flamed engulfed the two he was holding.

No screams were heard and horrible scene was observed. The flames were so high that they actually curved across the top of the barrier. Once the fire died down all that was left was ash of the two traitors of Konoha. The barrier flickers off " I Win." Naruto said and starts to fall from chakra depletion, but Jiraiya is there to catch him before he hits the ground. He sees the kid is asleep and smiles at him.

" You're definitely the Yondaime's son, Naruto." Jiraiya stated and Naruto smiles, " Come on everyone. Let's get these two home and have the Tsunade look at them. She probably be worried to death about her little brother by now."

" Gaara would you mind carrying them for us?" Sakura asked

" For my friends, of course not." Gaara replied

He then created two stretchers made of sand and each boy was placed in it. The sand then cover the top creating a blanket so they wouldn't fall out. With that the group turned and headed back towards Konoha and the new adventure waiting for them.