The Hokage currently stood outside looking at the monument and waiting for some important visitors. At this time the Hokage decided to reflect on what had passed over the last ten years.


It had now been four years since the incident with the Tsuchikaze and Dairouchimimaru. Everyone was living happily together. Sasuke and Sakura has gotten married earlier that year when she turned twenty-one. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto, or the Neo-Sannin as they were now called, were currently after Itachi. It was now late August they found themselves in a little village on the outskirts of Kumo. The three found out from villagers there that the man they knew as Itachi was blind and lived by himself in the middle of the woods. Once they arrived the four had a conversation.

" So brother I'm sure you find this rather amusing. Me being almost blind and all." Itachi said

" Maybe this is Kami's way of punishing you for what you did to our family." Sasuke said unemotionally to his older brother

" No, there is no Kami. There is only darkness and light some always stand at the edge of one or some go too much into the other." Itachi said smiling at where he heard his brother voice come from, " I would think you of all people would understand that little brother."

Sasuke started to lunge at the man, but was stopped by Sakura grabbing his arm. She looked up at him with pleading eyes and just shook her head.

" Don't." She whispered

" Hump, you aren't even worth my time Itachi. You're not a challenge anymore." Sasuke said

" NOT A CHALLENGE!" Itachi screamed infuriated his brother belittle him

Even if the man was blind, when he activated his Mangekyou Sharingan he could see like a normal person.

" SASUKE WATCH OUT!" Naruto yelled

Itachi was coming forward with eyes blazing.

" SENAI JASHUU" Sasuke said extending his arms

A number of snakes flew out of Sasuke sleeves and wrapped around Itachi flinging him into a tree behind him and tying him there. The force caused Itachi to lose concentration and release to Mangekyou Sharingan.

" I suggest brother you calm down before I do something I regret." Sasuke said

Itachi started laughing, " Oh, I thought you were going to kill me little brother?"

" No I decided that that would be too good for you. We're taking you back to Konoha, so you can be tried for the murders of the entire Uchiha clan along with crimes you performed being a missing-nin." Sasuke said

" Like you three weaklings could take me back there." Itachi said squirming in the snake ropes

" I guess you haven't heard then Itachi." Naruto now spoke

" Hear what fox brat?" Itachi said still unaware of the merger

" That we are the new Sannin. In Konoha we are known as the Neo-Sannin and I'm not just a fox brat anymore I'm a Kyubi brat." Naruto said grinning madly

" WHAT!" Itachi screamed

" They brought me back to Konoha and away from Orochimaru. Naruto had to merge with Kyubi to do this and is now the new Kyubi Demon Lord. Since I was taught by Orochimaru, Sakura by Tsunade and Naruto by Jiraiya; we have now taken their places as the new generation of Sannin." Sasuke informed him, " Sakura"

Sakura nodded and headed towards the bound man.


" Uh-oh now he's done it." Naruto said wide-eyed

" WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" Sakura screamed

" Inner Sakura" Naruto said cringing at what was about to happen to Itachi

Though Sakura was just suppose to knock Itachi out with a sleep jutsu used on patients before operations, she opted to just knock him out the old fashion was with a good smack down.

" Sakura, honey I think you went overboard." Sasuke said trying to calm the fuming women down

" SASUKE HE CALLED ME A … he called me a…" Sakura said but broke down into tears

Sasuke walked forward and hugged his now wife and calmed her down

" Hush, Sakura it's ok, it's ok." Sasuke said calming her down

Naruto knew not to get involved in this, so he went about the task of gathering the lump that was Itachi a minute ago and summoning Gamabunta.

" Hey Boss" Naruto said

" Gaki, what's up?" Gamabunta asked

" Can you take us home?" Naruto questioned the frog

" Sure kid no problem, climb on." Gamabunta said

Naruto go onto Gamabunta and placed Itachi onto his head.

" Be right back Boss." Naruto told the frog

He walked back to Sasuke and Sakura; Sakura had fallen asleep in Sasuke's arms.

" Is she alright?" Naruto asked worried for his friend

" Yeah, she's just tired it hard on her right now." Sasuke said smiling at the girl

" I still think she shouldn't of come with us. What about if something bad had happened?" Naruto asked looking at her

" We would have protected them." Sasuke said

" Yeah you know it, but I still don't think it was a good idea bringing her along if she's pregnant even if it's just three months Sasuke." Naruto said

" I know. Let's just get her and the traitor home." Sasuke replied as the three got onto Gamabunta's head

Once back in Konoha the Anbu took Itachi off the Neo-Sannin's hands. Sasuke took Sakura home to rest some more, she still hadn't woken from the emotional breakdown she had had hours ago. Back at the estates he placed her on their bed and sat beside the bed waiting for her to wake up. He didn't have to wait long.

" Sasuke?" Sakura said groggy

" Yeah." Sasuke replied

" We're home?" She questioned looking around

" Yeah, you fell asleep and we rode back on Gamabunta. The Anbu took Itachi and are guarding him till the trial. I was worried about you. Will you please just work at the hospital from now on. At least until you have the child." Sasuke pleased

Sakura could see the worry in her husband's eyes. Even if he wasn't the emotional one he still had his moments, but she could tell anything by looking into he eyes.

" Alright Sasuke-kun I'll ask Tsunade-sensei tomorrow if I can work in the hospital from now on and be taken off of active duty. At least until the baby comes." Sakura said

Sasuke was relieved and hugged the woman in thanks.

Two day later the trial for the missing-nin and murderer Uchiha Itachi began. Sasuke had asked Sakura to stay home and rest since everything was shut down for the day. Sakura had agreed reluctantly. The Hokage along with a number of ambassadors from the other villages read the atrocities he had performed in each place. Konoha because it was his home village was the last to be read.

"We have read the crime Uchiha Itachi has done on villages outside of ours, now we will hear from the Hokage of his charges here." A ninja spoke

" Uchiha Itachi you are charged in Konoha with becoming a missing-nin and murdering hundreds of innocent people outside of our gate. As if that wasn't bad enough, you decided to prove your worth by killing your entire clan save for your younger brother, so he could later come and kill you. Not only did you kill the Uchiha clan you also killed the Konoha police force and made your brother witness their murders over and over when he was twelve using the Mangekyou Sharingan. For all of these crimes upon our village and the other villages in our world we are now to pass judgment on you." Tsunade said

" Whatever you do to me will not hurt me." Itachi said defiantly

" I bet you think we're going to kill you brother." Sasuke said casually

" For all the crimes I've committed. I have no doubt you will." Itachi said

" Don't get your hopes up Bastard." Naruto said to the smirking man

" Future Rokudaime Uzumaki Saigen Naruto you are to announce the councils decision." Tsunade said

Naruto unrolled the scroll he had in his hands and started to read all the crimes Itachi was charged with after each he would read Guilty. Then he came to the end

" We the council decide death is too good for a creature such as this and to allow him to die quickly wouldn't do the victims any justice. We have decided to put Uchiha Itachi in Konoha's Maximum Security Prison and have him rot there and die of old age. We also decided to the Anbu watch him 24/7 so he does not try to commit suicide in his cell to end his sentence early." Naruto ended

Naruto and Sasuke were smirked at Itachi sentence. Itachi though was fuming mad.


Naruto crossed the room and punched him in the face to shut him up.

" Itachi you don't even deserve to have the Uchiha name." Naruto said angrily

" I think you're right about that Naruto." Sasuke said behind him moving to a book he had brought in before the trail had started, " This is a book of every Uchiha born into the family. As the last honorable member of this clan I am now head and have every right to do with this book as I please."

Sasuke them took out a pen that had Kanji printed all on it.

" This pen has been in the family since the Uchiha clan was first created. It has a jutsu on it that allows the head to add or remove any Uchiha from the family. So far it has only been used once to purge an unworthy man of his heritage. I, Uchiha Sasuke, will now use it to purge the traitor Itachi." Sasuke said

With that he took the pen over to Itachi's name and scribbled out the Uchiha. The book then glowed blue and Itachi's name was nowhere to be seen.

" From hence forth this man is known only as Itachi and I along with my wife Sakura are the only Uchiha's in Konoha. For now at least." Sasuke stated

Itachi was shocked at what his brother just did. He couldn't believe he'd go that far. Everything they done to him now was nothing, but what Sasuke had just done was far worse than being killed. He was nothing now and people would only know him as a missing-nin and a prisoner, but never as an Uchiha ever again.

Naruto and Hinata were now 25 and had decided they would finally get married. Even though it was the future Hokage's weeding. Hinata and Naruto decided to just have it between friends, which meant everyone that was at the Saigen house warming party and a couple others. Naruto had had his best men Sasuke, Shikamaru, Choji, and Neji. Hinata had Sakura, Temari, Ino, and Tenten as her maids of honor. They did this so the girls wouldn't be walking with someone that wasn't their either girlfriend or wife. Shizune and Iruka were in the front watching over Mirai, Sasuke and Sakura's four year-old boy. He was currently sitting quietly watching his mother and father help in their best friends wedding. Tsunade was in the middle of married the two, but was interrupted when Jiraiya thought it was a good time to started taking notes for his newest book, Icha Icha Weddings. Once Jiraiya was sent to Suna via Tsunade's fist she continued the ceremony and married the two. At the reception Naruto and Hinata told Mirai he could cut the cake since he had been so good.

" Naruto-Oji-san, can I cut the cake now?" Mirai asked

Naruto looked over at the boy who was currently bouncing up and down with excitement. Naruto laughed at his antics.

" Mirai how many time have I told you just call me Naruto or Oji-san, but not both?" Naruto said to the boy

" But Papa will get mad if I do that." Mirai said

" I'll deal with mister grumpy butt, you go deal with the cake." Naruto said walking over to Sasuke

Sasuke and Sakura had no idea Naruto and Hinata had told Mirai to cut the cake, so when the boy pulled out six shurikens. The two parents gasped. Mirai jumped into the air and spun around throwing the shurikens at the cake.

" MIRAI NO!" Sasuke and Sakura screamed

The scream caused everyone to turn to see what Mirai had done. They saw him finishing his spin and land on the ground smiling triumphantly. The shurikens he had tossed were now embedded into the wall behind the cake with bits of icing hanging off the tips.

" UCHIHA MIRAI WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING" Sakura said sternly at the boy

" I'm taking those away from you." Sasuke said

" Oi, will you two quit it we told him he could cut the cake." Naruto said ending the lecture the two were giving their son, " We didn't have time to tell you and that was why I was coming over to see you, but you freaked out. You two need to chill. I know Sakura's pregnant with you next child, but being hard on the one you have isn't helping."

The two looked at each other upset and looked down at Mirai, who currently found the floor to be very interesting.

" Mirai, we're sorry we yelled at you. We didn't know Hinata and Naruto had given you permission to cut the cake." Sakura said bending down to be level with her son

Sasuke picked the boy up and put him on his shoulders. Mirai smiled and laughed knowing his father wasn't one for apologies, but he knew this was his was of saying he was sorry.

" Come on kiddo, let's grab some cake and then you're spending the night with Shizune." Sasuke said

" But I want to stay with you two." Maria now complained

" We're going to be up later than you're bedtime and you have to practice in the morning." Sasuke said

" But Papa" Mirai wined

" I swear I'm not letting you stay with Naruto anymore. His habits are rubbing off on you." Sasuke said

Later that night the couple returned without Mirai. They entered as everyone started talking about how they never thought the two would get married.

" I thought you'd two never tie the knot." Kankurou said

" Hey it hasn't been that long. Only nine years, we were wanting to wait until it was alright." Naruto said

" Alright with who?" Gaara asked

Naruto and Hinata looked over at Hiashi. Hiashi saw them looking at him and waved to the new couple.

" Oh, so it was Hinata's dad that was holding you guys up." Choji said

" Well father said he wanted us to have a little bit more time together before we officially made the date, so he asked us to wait until Naruto-kun was 25." Hinata said

" Why then?" Temari asked

" That's what age was when dad meet mom." Naruto said sadly

" Sorry." Temari apologized

Naruto shook his head. " No apologies necessary Temari. You didn't know."

" So what are you two going to do now?" Kiba asked

" Yes are you still going to live at the Hyuuga estate Naruto?" Sakura question

" No we're moving into the Saigen estates." Naruto said

" Yes, I like it there and with the waterfall and shrine it's nice." Hinata added

" And it becoming a kitsune sanctuary has nothing to do with it." Sasuke asked smirking

Everyone knew that Hinata and Naruto both had a soft spot for kitsune's now and when a orphan or injured one was found the villagers would bring it to either of them and they take it to the compound treat it and release it. But for some unknown reason the foxes always stayed on the estates and would never go back home.

" Ye know we didn't plan it to be like that." Naruto said

" Have you asked the others about it." Shino asked

" You mean Gatsu, Taki, and Itazura? Yeah they said it's probably because I'm the Kyubi and they see me as their leader." Naruto said

" So what are you going to do?" Neji asked

" If they let me I'll use them in battles. I like your help with that Kiba." Naruto said looking at the man

" Me?" Kiba asked

" Your family raises the dogs to help you fight. If you and your family show me how you do that I'll have my family train with the kitsunes and use them like that." Naruto said

" That's a great idea Gaki." Tsunade said coming from behind the group

" Obaa-chan I thought you'd left." Naruto said

" Now why'd I do that and miss out on all the wonderful varieties of sake Hiashi provided us." Tsunade said smiling

" You never change. Do you Obaa-chan?" Naruto said

" When you stop calling me Obaa-chan is when I change my ways little brother.' Tsunade said

" That's about as likely as Ero-sennin giving up writing those books of his." Naruto said

" Speaking of which wasn't he taking notes during your wedding?" Lee asked

" Was he?" Naruto asked surprised he hadn't even notice the incident that had happened between Tsunade and Jiraiya he was so happy

" Yes, but don't worry I got the book." Tenten said handing the pad to Hinata

Hinata opened the pad and went blood red and shut it quickly.

" What Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked and took the pad from his wife

As he opened it he saw what his sensei had been writing and sketching. He also shut it quickly. His hand started to glow red.

" KITSUNE HI." Naruto said and the pad caught fire

" Why'd you do that?" Kankurou asked


Tsunade could figure out what had been in the pad and smirked at the man's anger.

" You'll have to wait in line little brother. I still have to finish what I started at you wedding." Tsunade said

A year later Naruto was made Rokudaime of Konoha. Along with finding out that day they were expecting their first child. At the ceremonies the villagers along with the Kazekage and his family had shown up. Naruto was glad to see Gaara had finally met someone that loved him even with the Shukaku. What surprised him the most was that the Shukaku was the main reason the girl loved him so much. Because of all the pain he had gone though as a child and being able to become a stronger and kinder man because of it.

" My I present the Rokudaime Uzumaki Saigen Naruto and his wife Uzumaki Hyuuga Hinata." Tsunade said as the two stepped forward

Naruto waved at the village and smiled the truest smile he had ever had. After the ceremony Naruto's friends gathered at the estates to talk.

" So Gaara you going to introduce us?" Naruto asked looking over and thewoman that was with Gaara and who was holding a boy by his small hand. The boy looked like a clone of Gaara except it was a small child and had no tattoo on his forehead.

" Yes, this is my wife Anuki and out son Aiki." Gaara asked

" Anuki, this is Naruto and Hinata." Gaara said

Anuki nodded to them, " I'd like to thank you Naruto, if it wasn't for you Gaara would still be unhappy. Aiki say hello."

" Hewow." Aiki said

Naruto just ruffled the boy's hair and laughed at Anuki's comment.

The family walked away to converse with some of their other friends.

" So dope. What you going to do now?" Sasuke asked hitting Naruto on the back

" Sasuke how many times… Oh I give up." Naruto said, " I'll run this village what else am I suppose to do."

" Can I make a suggestion then?" Sasuke said

" I'm up for those especially from a man I consider my brother." Naruto said smiling at Sasuke

" Remake the police squad." Sasuke said

" But Sasuke the squad was made of all Uchiha's there's only you, Sakura, and Mirai, and little Kuro right now. How can I do that? The Konoha Police squad was a family thing." Naruto said

" We'll help." Neji said walking up to them

" The Hyuuga's and Uchiha's." Naruto said scratching the bottom of his chin in thought, " Yes that'll work, but I'll also have the interrogators be part of you group too. That way Ibiki can help you out."

" What is it with you and Ibiki?" Sakura asked

" Oh he wants to retire from the interrogation squad. This way he can, but teach the future generations how to do it well also. He won't have to go outside the village for dangerous assignment and can visit he little brother." Naruto answered

" You thought that out long before we suggested it didn't you." Sasuke said

" Maybe." Naruto said, " You two come to me tomorrow and we'll work out all the details. Sasuke you're going to be in charge since I count the Konoha Police to still be Uchiha's even if we haven't had any in eighteen years. Neji you're second in command, from there we figure it out tomorrow."

The discussion ended and the party continued late into the night when the last of the guest had left the estates Hinata and Naruto retired to bed. Laying in bed Naruto thought about their child on the way.

" Hey Hinata-chan." Naruto said

" Yes." Hinata answered

" I was thinking about the baby." Naruto said

" Yes." Hinata said

" What are we going to name it?" he asked

" Well what would you like to name it?" she asked him

He turned on his side to look at her.

" You mean you'd let me name our child." Naruto said surprised

Hinata laughed at his statement, " Of course I'd let you name the baby. It's our baby not just mine." She said smiling at him

" Well if it's a boy I'd like to name it Arashi, after dad, if that's alright with you?" Naruto said

" I like that Naruto-kun, I'd be honored to have a son with your father's name. What about the girl?" Hinata said

" I don't know, I really didn't know mom and people I talk to only remember her vaguely. It's not like I don't love her too, but everyone knew dad so well I fell like I actually grew up with him beside of me now." Naruto said

" Well I wouldn't mind naming the girl after your mother, but if you want I can name her if it's a girl." Hinata said

" That's a great idea Hinata if it's a girl you name her and if it's a boy I'll name her." Naruto said, "So what will you name her?"

" Hana." Hinata said

" You mother's name. I like it." Naruto said

" Yes and when we have to next one well switch." Hinata said smiling

" NEXT! You mean you don't mind having another one." Naruto said surprised

" No, I'd like to have three if that's alright with you." Hinata said

Naruto was so happy at what his wife had just told him he moved towards her and hugged her with all the loved he had in him at the moment.

" You're the best Hinata-chan." Naruto said kissing his wife

End Flashback

A man and women walked up behind the Hokage standing outside holding a baby in her arms. The baby was currently fast asleep and would stay that way.

" Hokage-sama she's here." The Jounin said

" Thanks Shikamaru." the Hokage said

He turned around to meet his wife and son. He looked down at the boy who was currently nine months old. He bore his fathers blond hair and for some unknown reason his whisker marks he had two fox ear sticking out of his head and a tail. If he were to open his eyes they would be solid sliver like his mothers.

" How is he my love? What did the kitsunes tell you?" Naruto asked

Naruto had worried when she had had the boy that he would be branded a demon like he had been as a child and might be feared by other villages, though most loved the Rokudaime. There were still some that were hesitant to allow the man into their villages because of what he was. On top of that the only was he could look normal is if he used a Henge. He was either in his hanyou form, which he used most of the time, or in his Kyubi form.

" He's a hanyou." Hinata spoke

" But it he alright. Will there be any problem?" Naruto asked

" No, Taki and Gatsukoosen said he'll be as strong as you and he'll be able to control his appearance, so he can look human if he wishes." Hinata informed him

Naruto now let out a breath he didn't eve know he had been holding. The air that was expelled caused the baby boy to wake up. The boy looked and saw his father in front of him and held out his hands.

" Da" the boy said

Naruto laughed and picked the boy up from his wife's arms.

" Hello my little Arashi did you sleep well." Naruto said

Arashi laughed at his father and looked out onto the village along with him.

" One day my son when you are old enough you will know why we protect this village so hard and you will know why you were named Arashi." Naruto said looking out onto the Hokage Monument.

Staring back were the faces past Hokage's of Konoha all static in appearance and then the present one smiling back with his trademark fox-smile.

Kumo – Cloud

Senai Jashuu – Hidden Snake Hands

Kitsune Hi – Fox Fire