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It was a day like any other at Sky High. The students were all nestled happily in their different classes. Well. They weren't all that happy since school is still school which means lots of work, but they were all for the most part working diligently.

"Today we will be making a 'Healing' ray gun," Mr. Medulla lectured in the mad science lab, "This ray gun was invented by a particularly inept hero who kept injuring himself by tripping over his own two feet."

Most of the class burst into laughter to which Mr. Medulla only smiled good natured.

"Yes. This was the only thing that the hero got right in his career," the teacher continued, "The 'Healing' ray gun can heal minor wounds that left unattended can cause a person a delay in his or her reaction time. The ray gun can be used on anything organic so rather than using any student with a small, shall we say 'boo-boo,' we will be testing your guns on the plants in the back of the room that have lost a leaf or branch. If you have constructed your ray gun correctly, the leaf or branch should be able to rejuvenate itself. Begin."

The students quickly paired off with their lab partners and began to construct their ray gun.

"Hey Warren. Would you pass me the screwdriver?" Will Stronghold asked his best friend.

"It's in your hand Stronghold," Warren Peace sighed as he pulled his jacket off and snatched the tool out of Will's hand, "And your putting the condenser in upside down. Give me that. I'm not failing because you're inept."

"Well you know that science isn't my thing," Will snapped, "That's how Gwen got to me last year. Remember?"

"Yes I remember," Warren said not looking up from what he was doing, "But that was last year and now you have me as your lab partner and I won't have you sabotaging my grade. Now watch what I'm doing. It's like repairing a car."

"I don't know how to repair a car," Will said sheepishly.

"I'll show you," Warren snapped angrily, "Now watch what I'm doing."

Will gulped and quickly bent to study what his friend was doing. Even if Will had super strength and powers of flight, Warren the pyrokinetic was still one to respect. Let's just say Will's best friend had a fiery temper. As Warren helped his friend understand the inner workings of the ray gun, two other students were not paying very good attention to what they were doing. Not only did they have the condenser in upside down, but also they had the wiring in wrong and had misarranged the focusing crystal.

"Alright everyone," Mr. Medulla said when the time was done for constructing the "Healing" ray gun, "Everybody line up with your partners to test your guns.

One by one the pairs fired their ray guns at a plant to varying reactions. Some "healed" the plant, some blew the plant up, and others got totally weird reactions such as turning the plant blue or making the plant grow fur. Will and Warren were one of the lucky few who "healed" their plant.

"Very good Mr. Peace and Mr. Stronghold," Mr. Medulla said to the two impressed, "You get an A+."

"Yes!" Will cheered softly, "Warren you rock."

"You are such a spazz," Warren griped while smirking at his friend, "Did you at least learn something today."

"Yeah," Will enthused, "You are so much better at this than I am. I can't wait to tell Layla the good new."

"Yes. I'm sure your girlfriend can't wait to hear that you finally passed something," Warren joked.

"Ha ha," Will said testily.

Will and Warren were interrupted by the arguing of the two students that had royally screwed up their ray gun.

"I want to test the ray gun," one snapped as she reached to snatch it out of her partner's hand.

"No! I want to test the gun," the other snapped as he wrestled his partner over it.

"You two stop it before someone get hurt!" Mr. Medulla ordered just before the feuding partners accidentally fired the ray gun.

Since the focusing crystal was misaligned the gun fired in a wide blast that hit Will dead on. Warren was hit as well but only just by the edge. Both young men were thrown backwards.

"Mr. Peace! Mr. Stronghold! Are you alright?" Mr. Medulla asked as he snatched the guilty ray gun and rushed to help his students up.

"I'm fine," Warren said groggily, "I feel a little funny though. I kinda feel a little tingly inside."

"I'm sure it is just the adrenaline rush you probably experienced," Mr. Medulla said as he helped a dazed Will stand up, "Let's get you two to the nurse. I want to make sure that those two idiots didn't do anything damaging to you."

Warren had to help Mr. Medulla lead Will to the nurse's office. Will was awake but seemed to be unaware of his surroundings. Warren was worried for his friend and couldn't help being a little nervous about what the ray gun had done to Will. He breathed a sigh of relief when they finally reached the nurses office. Nurse Specs had seen it all. She would know what to do if there was any problems.

"Warren help Will onto the table," the nurse said after Mr. Medulla explained what happened, "I want to exam both of you to make sure that the ray gun hasn't done any damage."

After she had thoroughly examined both young men, Nurse Specs declared both to be in perfect condition much to everyone's relief.

"So why is Will so out of it?" Warren demanded as he snapped his fingers in front of Will's staring eyes.

"Will had the wind knocked out of him," the nurse assured placing her hand on Warren's arm, "He is already showing signs of being back with us. See how he looked when I moved my hand to touch you?"

"Yeah," Warren said looking over at his friend before jumping in surprise when Will growled loudly.

"Nurse Specs. I don't think that's normal," Mr. Medulla said exchanging a surprised look with the nurse, "Mr. Stronghold you are in the nurse's office. You had a slight run in with a ray gun. You are perfectly safe."

Will turned fierce eyes on the occupants of the room. Recognition came only when he turned to Warren.

"Will. What's wrong?" Warren said as he stepped towards his friend.

"Be careful," Mr. Medulla warned as he pulled the pyrokinetic back, "Mr. Stronghold is not himself. He could hurt you with his strength by accident."

Will growled even louder and raced acrossed the room and yanked Warren forcefully out of the teacher's grip. Warren was stunned to feel himself pulled tightly against his friends chest by an unyielding arm around his waist.
"Mine!" Will growled at the two adults.

"Will? What the hell are you doing?" Warren said testily as he tried to pull away, "Let go of me!"

"William Stronghold, you let that young man go this minute!" Nurse Specs ordered as she advanced on the two.

"Mine!" Will snarled as he backed to the opposite wall.

Warren was flabbergasted. What in the hell had that ray gun done to his friend? And what the hell did Will mean that he was "his?" Will was no longer the short little freshman. He was now just as tall as Warren and his grip was beginning to hurt.

"Let me go Stronghold!" Warren demanded as he struggled to get Will to release his grip.

"No! Mine!" Will howled as he turned and punched a huge hole in the wall and took off with Warren into the sky.

"Mr. Stronghold get back here!" Mr. Medulla yelled out as Will disappeared with Warren into the clouds thanks to his super speed of flight.

"What is happening?" Ms. Powers demanded as she appeared in the room from her comet form, "Did I just see Will Stronghold kidnap Warren Peace?"

"Yes you did," Nurse Specs said with wide-eyes, "He checked out fine, but he was acting like a cornered animal."

"The answer lies with this ray gun," Mr. Medulla said, "Mr. Stronghold was hit dead on. It affected his behavior somehow."

"You analyze that gun and find a way to reverse the effects," Ms. Powers ordered, "I'll call their parents and arrange a search party. We've got to find those kids!"

To be continued…

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