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Chapter 9

Warren grunted tiredly as he rose from bed to get ready for school on a cold January morning. Nearly three months had passed since the fateful incident that led to Warren's strange condition and aside from a small bit of weight, which a person could only see if Warren was naked, his body hadn't experienced any noticeable changes as of yet. The first trimester had not turned out to be that bad. The only side effect he had really had to deal with so far was extreme sleepiness at times. Okay. That wasn't quite true; even though Warren had not really had to deal with the true form of "morning sickness" he had developed an extreme aversion to the smell of bacon and this smell alone would send him on a mad dash to worship the porcelain goddess named Toilet. With helpful information from his mother and files upon files of information from Ethan, Warren had a pretty good handle on what to expect throughout his pregnancy.

"I just wish that I wasn't so tired," Warren grumped to himself as he changed his clothes and noticed in the mirror the dark circles beneath his eyes, "I look like a freakin' raccoon."

Warren stomped downstairs and past the guest room that was soon to be the new nursery to his thankfully "bacon free" kitchen to grab some breakfast. After nearly frying a couple of freshman for cutting him off in the hallway, Warren had discovered early on that he was unable to make it through the morning keeping his temper in check or his energy levels up without eating properly. Warren was very careful to eat as healthy as possible and take the vitamins that his doctor had recommended. He had become very protective of the small life forming within him.

"Good morning Imp," Maddie Peace chirped happily to her sullen son, "What would you like on your omelet?"

"Ham and pickles," Warren grumbled.

"I would almost think you were having the mythical 'pregnancy craving,'" Maddie laughed out as she added the requested items to the already halfway cooked omelet, "If I didn't know that you have always liked ham and pickles on your omelets. I still can't get over how my father got you hooked on that disgusting dish at age three."

"It's good and thanks," Warren said as he tore into the rather nasty looking concoction placed in front of him only slowing down when he felt his mother's concerned eyes on him, "What?"

"You look exhausted Warren," Maddie said shaking her head, "Why don't you take a day off and get some more sleep?"

"I can't," Warren explained tiredly, "I have a test coming up in mad science and a term paper based on today's lecture in history."

"Yes you can," his mother insisted as she massaged his tense shoulders, "Remember that your schedule is allowed to be altered when needed. Ms. Powers can email you the lecture notes from both classes today plus all of your daily assignments. You can get some more rest and get to your work when you feel less exhausted."

"I don't know," Warren hedged.

"It's not good for you to push yourself for your and the baby's health," Maddie explained gently as she gave him a hug from behind, "This tiredness should settle down in a couple of weeks once you enter your second trimester."

"Okay," Warren agreed with a sigh of relief, "But I don't want to make a habit of this."

"I know," his mother said, "But you have to think about taking care of yourself more. The baby's development is using up most of your excess energy and you need more sleep now than ever before."

"Let me give Will a call," Warren said with a wry chuckle, "Remember what happened last time we forgot to tell him that I was going to be late to school for a doctor's appointment?"

"At least his father fixed our door," Maddie giggled at the memory, "I thought he was going to faint in relief when we got home and I thought I was going to faint at the sight of my mahogany door ripped off its hinges."

"Will forgets about his strength sometimes," Warren said with a shake of his head as he reached for the phone, "Mrs. Stronghold assured me that Will would get over this soon, but by the looks of the way Mr. Stronghold goes through phones? I'm not so sure."

"Will is not his father," his mother said, "He can control himself a lot better. Just give him some time. I think Will will surprise us. Now you go make your call while I call Ms. Powers from the other line and then off to bed. I have to get to work myself."

"Yes ma'am," Warren saluted as Maddie noogied his hair into disarray, "Mom!"

After assuring Will that "no everything was fine" and "no do not come over since I will be sleeping and will roast your ass if you wake me," Warren slept hard until nearly 2:30 in the afternoon. Once roused, he grabbed a hearty, yet healthy lunch and settled down to finish up his work assignments. A knock on the door startled him back into reality a couple of hours later and he opened the door to reveal Will and the gang. Will was regarding him a little warily.

"Hi," Layla chirped happily not noticing or choosing not to notice her boyfriend's stiffness, "We thought we would drop by and see if you want to study together for the mad science exam."

"Sure," Warren agreed as moved to let everyone enter, "I just finished all of my assignments and was about to start studying for the test as well."

"I can't wait to compare notes," Ethan said as he waddled in with his oversized book bag full of who knows what as Magenta rolled her eyes behind his back

"How are you feeling?" Will asked in concern before shrinking back at the scowl Warren sent his way, "I mean you look a whole lot better today."

"I just needed some extra sleep," Warren grumped as he grabbed his books and notes, "I told you no hovering."

"How is asking a question hovering?" Magenta tossed out as Will turned thankful eyes her way, "And don't scowl at me Warren. Will didn't do anything, but ask towards your well being. Try a little appreciation every now and again."

"This coming from little Miss Sarcasm?" Warren jested winking at her to let Maj know he had got the jab before turning to Will, "Sorry Stronghold. Old habits die hard I guess. I really did need a day off."

"You've got it so sweet," Zack enthused as he grabbed a spot on the couch.

"What?" everyone chorused together in equal amounts of astonishment.

"Oh…um…what I meant was that it is so cool to be able to skip school with permission," Zack added before gulping audibly at the glare Warren sent his way.

"Sweet? Cool?" Warren growled out, "Maybe you wish you were in this position instead? Because I certainly would not choose to be tired all the time!"

"Chill Dude," Zack whimpered as he backed up further into the couch cushions as Warren advanced on him.

Magenta solved the problem by slapping Zack hard over the head with her science book, which made him squawk like a cockatoo. The unusual sound caused a burst of laughter that proved useful in clearing the tense air.

"Peace guys and I don't mean the flame throwing one," Layla giggled as she held up a box of fresh doughnuts, "I come bearing gifts of happiness and joy."

"Layla, marry me," Warren said in all seriousness as he attacked the contents inside of the box.

"Hey!" Will snapped as he put his arm around his giggling girlfriend, "She's mine."

"Oh yeah?" Warren laughed as he sent a bone melting smile Layla's way which she responded to by playfully pretending to faint on the couch, "Looks like I can give you a run for your money."

"Shut up Warren," Will grumbled as he hauled a laughing Layla upright before showing his true maturity by sticking his tongue out in Warren's direction, "Not to bring up the subject again, but is everything still going well with you and the baby? You just seem so tired all the time."

"Right as rain. The baby's heartbeat is strong and he or she seems to be forming just fine," Warren reported happily as he unknowingly began to stroke his almost flat belly, "Tiredness is normal. There is nothing to be worried about."

"Remember what I told you Will," Ethan lectured as Will and the rest of the group groaned out loud in annoyance, "In a week or two Warren will move into his second trimester and then he won't feel so tired all the time. At that time he will begin to…"

"Thank you Doctor Spock," Magenta interrupted, "But we got it the first 100 times you went over this with us."

"Cut it out," Warren warned with a smile, "Let's study. I have an intercom meeting with my dad later tonight and I don't want to be torn between studying and getting to see him."

"Yes sir!" the group shouted out as they all saluted.

"Oh, look," Warren smirked out, "It's the five stooges."

Pedestrians could not figure out what the laughing and shrieking was all about coming out of the Peace residence. Every now and then you would see a pillow armed teen running past the window and random feathers float by. However, what puzzled them the most was the strange roar that echoed down the street.