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Chancing Time
By: Lost-Remembrance (Red Tail)

Chapter One: Prologue

Monday, August 15 AD 2006—1:30 PM:

The clock ticked. Time continued as the hustle and bustle of people grabbing their coffee and their papers from over the weekend as the start of a new week began.

Ringing to announce the time, many people looked up with a sigh of relief at the time—three. Meetings ended at three for the more important executives, meaning freedom for those who put their whole life into the company.

A woman with mari-golden braids on either side of her shoulders looked up with powder blue eyes and closed her office door with a look of relief. Turning the key to effectively lock away her possessions and space, she couldn't stop her mind from thinking about that nice bubble bath she was going to go home and take.

Upon turning around to exit the hallway, she smiled at who she saw making her way towards freedom's gates too after an exhausting day. Crossing the distance easily, she noticed her friend and work companion hadn't noticed her yet.

Smiling slyly, she wondered if she would be able to make the darker haired woman jump a little bit. Incidents like those were rare and numbered few for Sally Po.

"Hey," She greeted with a small wave of her hand.

"Hey to you too." The person with a shoulder length hair cut commented back as se looked to see who would bother her in her obvious 'don't mess with me' mood.

"Miss Une?" The woman turned around with a soft look on her face as the secretary knew not to bother her on days like these, "Yes?"

"Oh, uh—um—" Gulping, the secretary flushed deeply and pulled out a piece of paper, "Mr. Treize says that he'll still be expecting you for dinner."

She smiled, "Yes, of course."

Turning, both of the left and the secretary sighed in relief. She was new to this company and she had all but heard the people talk of the woman's split personalities.

"So, how did the meeting go?" Sally looked at Une who sighed heavily as they both made their way to the elevator, shuffling half empty coffee cups and papers from the meetings each had gone to.

"Not very well." A person next to the auburn haired woman said, flashing a weary smile before nodding to them and making his way to the elevator also.

"Unfortunately, the feelings of distrust between OZ and the—" She broke off, waving to a person in front of her, "Hold the door, hey!"

Chuckling with amusement at her friend's hasty movements, Sally quickened her pace and walked into the elevator too to join her friend and continue with their conversation.

"Mr. Treize says that, hopefully, things won't be as bad later on as they are now." Sally gave Une a sympathetic look.

"Luckily, all I have to do is worry about medical expenses and the works."

"Really now?" Une sarcastically commented, "That sounds so interesting." The two of them stepped into the elevator, filled with colleges from their own departments.

"Oh," Sally drawled, rolling her eyes, "You have no idea. Do you know how many people complain about not having Medicare when it's already included when they start working here?"

Une let out a small laugh that she politely hid behind her hand. She could tell by some of the blushes of the newer executives that they too had gone through the same experience.

Sally flashed them a smile, "Not that I mind of course." The embarrassed blush deepened on two of the people.

The doors closed as one more person slipped in.

Noin, a person that worked with Sally pressed the ground floor button, despite the light already being on.

Mueller, a person near Noin laughed, "Jeez, how many times do you have to press that button, Ms. Noin?" He joked with a hint of mock lacing his voice.

Slapping him lightly on the arm she crossed her arms defensively, "However many times I want to."

Sally leaned in, whispering, "You're just like a little kid sometimes, Noin!" The darker haired woman huffed and slapped her on top of the head with a folder of papers.

Then, the elevator began it's descent.

"So," Noin said as she flashed them one of their smiles, "How's work going for you?" Sally laughed good-heartily and Une sighed with exhaustion, shaking her head in a sorrowful manner.

"Oh, don't mind her." Sally commented, clasping her weary friend's shoulder, "She'll be fine tonight." A wicked gleam appeared in her eyes as she nudged her friend with her elbow in the side.

"Wh—h—w!" Une said, trying to get her voice working. She flushed indignantly and crossed her arms, closing her eyes and turned away. Noin and Sally laughed while apologizing in a truthful manner.

"Anything else new?" All the sudden, Noin frowned for a moment. Then, something shook the elevator with a loud 'boom!' to go with it.

Sh felt her gut almost reach her throat as she looked at the control panel and saw the numbers flashing in the semi-darkness as the lights flickered out and the emergency lights flickered on in a dusky tone.

'40…39…38…37…36…35…34…33…' The numbers flashed by so quickly, mixing in a blur it seemed before they were jerked to a halt.

Panting as she tried to regain herself from the sudden drop and equally sudden stop, she looked at her friends, "What was that?" She all but whispered.


"What's the situation, Zechs?" Still putting on equipment to his vest and holstering his gun, Duo, by all means, looked the part of a stealth assassin, decked out in black with a maniacal grin in place.

"Not good." The older man sighed, running a gloved hand through his white-blonde hair and looked at the men in front of him with serious, ice blue eyes. He too was decked out in black, his long hair was pulled into a low hanging pony tail so it wouldn't get in the way of his work—not that it ever had.

"How bad?" Duo looked over at his partner, Heero Yuy who shot him a small glance with his cold dark blue eyes when he caught the stare.

Duo simply smirked back and ignored the glare, sticking his tongue out and reached behind him, checking to make sure his own long hair, which was pulled into a braid, wouldn't get in the way or get loose. He took out another hair tie and wrapped it around securely, nodding his head to himself when he finished. "Perfect."

Heero snorted, "With you, it always is."

Duo grinned back, "I think you got the wrong person, buddy."

Clearing his throat, Zechs got the attention of the two bickering friends, and partners. "There are hostages in an elevator, express." He looked at Heero who nodded at the information. "There's a bomb attached to it." Everyone looked at one another with a worried glance. "It's stuck between the thirty-first and the thirty-second floor."

"How big is this building?" Duo mocked as he crossed his arms.

"Forty-six floors and more coming." Zechs replied back, "The top floor of the building is forty-seven and the roof is currently a construction site as they're planning on adding another floor."

Gaping Duo mumbled some brash words under his breath.

Shaking his head at Duo he looked at Zechs after a slight pause, "Have all the other elevators been stopped and all others evacuated?"

Nodding, Zechs leaned against the desk behind him from where they were positioned on the ground floor.

"Damn." Duo muttered as he glared at the floor. With the elevators shut down and nothing to stop the elevator, they were sitting ducks.

"We have a man, and he wants six million—no money, and they die. There's also a time frame—an hour and," Zechs looked at his watch, "Time is ticking as of now. We only got twenty-three minutes and counting."

Heero looked down at his watch—1:32. They had gotten the call at one o'clock and they were still nowhere along the lines of getting the money or saving the hostages.

Duo whistled at the amount the bomber was asking for—much more than his salary, Which he considered a lot for his and Heero's age since they got bonuses.

Someone else in the group spoke up, a man wearing a dark ski hat with some sandy brown hair sticking out from the hole for the forehead. "Is there anything that we can do to stop it?"

"What, the elevator?" Zechs shook his head in a negative, sighing and he closed his eyes. It seemed like they were never prepared for situations like these. Hopefully, Duo and Heero would find something to do—they were, after all, the top two Preventers.

"Nothing except the basement." Heero darkly commented on, running his own gloved hand through his long bangs to brush them out of his eyes. He crossed his arms and looked at the floor, leaning against the same desk Zechs was.

"Yuy, we can't allow that to happen." Heero nodded in affirmation.

Duo piped up after his monetary silence as he assessed the situation and weighed each plan or idea. "What do we have on the perp?" Simple question, right? Simple questions involved easy answers that might get them some way to figure something out.

Heero remained silent, as if pondering something.

"We got no info on the guy—not even a picture to look at of his face." Duo narrowed his eyes. This was rare, especially of Zechs who tried to do his job thoroughly. "There isn't much we know about the situation either. The guy is in radio silence, he won't negotiate or anything.

What we do know, is that there was a smaller bomb attached to the elevator and when it was set off, the bomb exploded. The emergency brakes were activated, but there's another bomb."

"Duo can deactivate it." Duo jerked his head up to look at his partner, who was smirking coldly.

Mouth hanging open, Duo got his jaw to work and said, "I can!" Sure he was an expert at creating and dismantling bombs, but—

"Good." Heero nodded curtly and turned on his heel sharply, quickly making his way from the room with Duo trailing behind him with a serious look on his face.

"Looks like we're hitting the stairs?" Duo commented as they slammed open the door and quickly made their way up the stairs… to floor thirty-two.


"Damn, Noin, what button did you push?" Mueller said, trying to lighten up the mood between the obviously tense people he was surrounded by. The only people who looked like they were in their right mind were himself, Noin, Sally, and Une.

Shooting Mueller a look, which silenced him, she turned to ignore him. After all, how could she respond to something like that without having the tensions in the cramped space rise?

The woman beside Noin was hyperventilating, "There's no air…" She panted, looking around with frantic eyes as she gripped the handlebar behind her tightly with sweaty palms.

"Hush," Noin soothing tried, "There's plenty of air."

"Why is no one up here to come and get us yet?" Mueller asked, biting his lower lip with frustration and anxiety. His eyes darted back and forth as he tried to remain calm.

"I'm sure that there's a reason." Sally said back calmly, as she remained cool and collected herself. Promising herself she wouldn't let the situation get the best of her, she looked over at Noin to see how she was holding up, and then to Une who was beside her.

Shooting Sally a look, Une gave a weak smile in the dim light of the elevator. "I've always hated Mondays."


"Thirty-one," Duo said as they passed by a couple of civilians being escorted down by some of the police guards. "And," he proclaimed as they reached the landing with the number's '32' on it, "Thirty-two!" He wiped the pretend sweat on his brow off and grinned at Heero who gave him a mock glare at his actions.

"Here it is." Heero kicked open the door with the slightest amount of strength as he cocked his submachine gun and flicked off the safety, quickly rolling into the room and checking both ways of the hall.

Duo came in next, eyes darting back and forth as he checked out their surroundings for any possible threats of danger. "Ready?"

Heero sharply nodded, getting up from his crouch. He turned in a direction, spotting the area for the elevator's and turned back to Duo, "This way!"

"Gotchya!" Duo reached up to his ear and walked up to Heero, "Radio?"

Reaching up also, Heero switched on his ear piece and put his gun at a more neutral position at his side. His body was tense like a spring, ready to pounce and fire.

Duo went first, running swiftly, and deadly silent, up to the tiles where the elevator opening was. He glanced back at Heero, beckoning with his head, "All clear, buddy."

The ear piece cackled silently as Duo's message was replayed. Heero looked up and relayed his message back to his partner and was off down the hall.

Heero was by his partner's side in a few seconds, drill in hand as he eased off his jacket full of things he wouldn't need.

"The only way in is through the access panels." Turning the drill on, he brought it to the metal and quickly removed the screws from their spots. Taking the metal off of the wall, he looked in.

"Is anyone there!" A voice called, muffled as Heero looked into the semi-darkness with skilled eyes. He spotted the elevator below and pulled back.

Duo came up, a chair from one of the offices in tote as he set it down below the opening, gave Heero a nod and climbed in with his partner following behind.


Deep down in the shadows, lurking like a predator watching it's prey, a figure paused in his work. Bending down and reaching over all the other strewn electronics, he smirked and picked up a nearby device and holding it up as he paused in his work to listen.

Frowned, he mumbled ever so softly, "What in the world…?" It sounded like rats scurrying about, but he knew better. Then, he heard the voices of the occupants in the elevator.

His hostages that would earn him the money he deserved.

He wouldn't let anyone screw him over this time. He looked down with venom at his hand. All those damned people would pay for what happened. He would get him money, and then everything would be fine.

His eyes narrowed, flashing darkly as he listened to the strange sounds again, only this time for closely. The movements were soft, so faint that a human ear would probably not pick them up.

However... No one would interfere with his plans, not while he was so far into the game…


Heero slipped into the darkness and followed Duo, letting his eyes adjust to the not as well lit area's that people, other than maintenance wouldn't see of a building. Both moved with expertise ease as they made their way through the metal and support devices.

He looked around the beams of steel and paused when he found what he was looking for.

Motioned for Duo to come and follow him as he located a ladder, the two of them made their way down to were he could see the elevator.

Moving like a cat, Duo made his way to the elevator.

"Is someone out there!" He heard a woman shout from inside the elevator. Duo looked at Heero for a moment and then looked back at the elevator. He hated involving civilians in things like these.

"Hello!" A man called this time, "If you can hear us, please get us out of here!"

Heero sighed, "Don't worry," he calmly stated, removing his flash light and flicking it on with his finger as he looked along the top of the structure for the threat. "We're Preventers."

The voices calmed down for a bit and, if Duo had been listening, they would have heard the people question, "Why are the Preventer's here, and not the maintenance people?"

Finding their bomb, Heero's light shone on the intricate machine that held these people's fate of life and death in their hands. Heero hated people who thought they were God, thinking they could control who lives and who dies.

"This is it?" Duo's hands graced over the machine.

"Well?" Heero looked at his friends eyes and he clenched his hands onto the light more tightly. He knew that look.

"What do you think?"

Heero sighed, "I don't know." He looked down at the bomb once more, "I'm not the bomb expert here."

"Yeah," Duo mumbled, choosing for more along the lines of stealth and bombs while Heero chose destruction, weapons, and demolition of everything. But, each did have experience in each, they just preferred certain things, like people with food.

"Well?" Heero questioned once again after his friend's long silence.

"It looks pretty solid." Heero knew Duo wouldn't try to deactivate the bomb with his words and tried to muffle out the words of the hostages as they tried to contact them.

"It's been made differently from others," Duo sighed and shut his eyes, "I don't know if there's some sort of other mechanism that can some how trigger it."

"So it'd be a fifty-fifty?" Heero mumbled, "We can't do that. Zech's skin us if we kill these hostages."

"Is there something else we can do?"

"What, then?" Heero looked over at his partner who got up from his spot on the elevator and hopped up on a support beam.

Duo stared at him, "I don't know. I guess there isn't much, huh buddy?" Heero nodded to that.

"Pop quiz." Heero looked at Duo who was staring off somewhere else, "A guy is at the airport, gunman. If the gunman is leaving to go on a jet with a hostage in front of him as cover, what would you do?"

Heero looked at Duo for a moment before turning away this time, "Shoot the hostage." He knew Duo jerked his head around to stare at him with that incredulous look in his violet-bluish eyes.

"What?" He hissed, laughing at Heero after the darker haired brunette didn't respond. "I'll never understand you, Hee-chan."

"Then, the hostage would be injured and would be out of the equation." Heero narrowed his eyes, finishing off his thought as he looked up, towards the top of the building,

"So what are we gonna do?"

"Get rid of the hostages." Heero replied cryptically.

"What? Are we gonna shoot 'em or something?" Duo raised an eyebrow at him, "We aren't… right?" This time, however, he didn't sound so sure.

Once they were out of the elevator shaft, Heero slid through the access panel and turned to face his partner with determined eyes. "No." Heero made his way quickly back to the stairs and looked up.

Duo followed behind, walking into the landing for the level. Following Heero's eyes, he sighed, "We're going up?" Heero nodded, "Up it is then!"

"So, Mr. Perfect Preventer, what's the plan?" The two of them kicked open the locked door to the top floor, looking around the construction equipment before their eyes fell on a small crane hooked down for construction on another floor.

Chewing his gum for a minute, Heero paused for only seconds to go over his plan before responding, "We're going to remove them from the equation." He reached for a beam, pulling himself up easily as he made his way over to the crane.

Grabbing the metal wire, he tossed the wire and hook to Duo who was standing near a vent. "You sure this'll work?"

"I have a gut feeling that he's going to set it off even if we do give him the six bill."

"Yeah, but gut feelings don't get anywhere with Zechs, and you know that better than anyone."

"Hn." Heero continued to feed the cable to Duo until he figured it was enough for them to work with.

Jumping down from the ledge, Heero stood up and walked over to the door. He paused as he turned to his partner, "Ready?"

Duo smirked and nodded and looked at his partner for a minute, dashing forward to catch up with him. "Well, we'd better hurry up. Time's running out."

"How much?"

Duo looked at his watch, taking a breath as they made their way quickly down the flights of stairs. "Six minutes."

Back down in the elevator shaft, all was quiet as the passengers in the elevator had no idea what was going on.

"Why don't they just pry the doors open?" Sally questioned as he looked at the doors, her ears picking up nothing outside the compartment but silence.

"I don't know…"

"Why aren't they doing anything?" Noin growled with a furious look in her eyes. They were paying these people to do things that helped them, so where were they now?

"Do you think they left?" A panicked business man questioned with beady black eyes that darted back and forth as he leaned into another disgruntled business man who growled and pushed the man away.

Une gave them a look that silenced them. Sally gave an encouraging smile, "They wouldn't abandon us."

"You're right…"

A woman wasn't so sure of that herself, feeling something in her gut that froze her body. She tried once more to get a response, "Hello?" A voice called out from the elevator, this time getting no response.


Author's note: Just finished watching the movie Speed, and it is AWE-some! I simply loved it, however, there were scratches (damn you, disk!) so I don't know some of the parts, but we're gonna buy it since it was so totally wicked!

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Info about the Story: This is an AU, meaning that it doesn't follow the Gundam Wing timeline, however, you will find references to it. I didn't want to do LAPD, so I decided to use the Preventer's instead. I'm also trying to work it so that the other characters in the show will have a bigger role (there aren't a lot of main characters) in this story. I will most likely alter the plot in one part, so you've been warned.

Love, Red Tail