Title: He was of Leaf, She was of Sand

Pairing: NarutoxTemari

Summary: Naruto has been feeling something strange and unknown towards Temari. After pondering his feelings for her, he goes out to approach her. One-shot.


Whenever Temari was around, there was some sort of comfort between him and her. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it was different... even unknown to him. It didn't make him feel bad... in fact, it was quite the opposite. He felt happy and ready to do anything when she was around. He liked the feeling... It was like an addictive drug, tempting him, capturing him, making him believe he can't live without it.

He didn't quite understand the feelings he had suddenly developed for her. Three years ago, when they had first met, he hadn't even acknowledged her. But now, three years later, suddenly being around her, makes him suddenly wishing that he could be around her so much more... the warm feeling in his chest when he was around her... he wanted to feel it all the time. It was like a drug... exactly like a drug.

She was his drug.

He couldn't identify the feeling the first time that he had noticed it. But with some thinking, and some consulting from Jiraiya, he concluded that it had to have been love.

He loved an outsider. A girl from a different village. A girl older than him, even. But with all those feelings, he was scared of being rejected... he knew she would reject him. He knew from the way that the other people treated him in the village. The way they looked at him like he was disgusting... like he wasn't worth enough to breathe the air that he needed to live.

But she wasn't from Konoha.

She was different. She didn't look at him like he was something worthless. She might even have looked at him with a bit of respect. Respect definitely was something he wasn't used to... But why? What had he done to deserve her respect?

He loved her... she respected him. Would that ever change? He didn't even dare hope, that perhaps, someday, she'd love him back. That she'd feel that same warm feeling in her chest every single time she was around him. He didn't even dare dream about it. It was never meant to happen.

He was of Leaf, she was of Sand.

But it wasn't of his nature to run away from anything. Including love. His character didn't allow him to simply forget that warm feeling... something he was so addicted to. Something he knew he couldn't live without. Temari... no he couldn't live without that feeling... the feeling that he felt only towards her. Her and nobody else.

He had to approach her. No matter what. Now was the perfect chance... she was staying in the village. Looking out the window, he noted that it was late in the evening. Perhaps she'd be out training. He had often seen her training out this late... it was probably the only time she had free when she was visiting the village. He assumed she visited for politics.

Sighing, he sat up and swung his legs over the side of his bed, so they hung down for only moments before he slid off the bed, his bare feet hitting the cold floor. He walked swiftly and purposely towards the door, slipping on his shoes and opening the door, shutting it behind him. He was greeted by the darkening sky and the chilling air. 'It must be cold for Temari right now... she's used to heat.' He thought absentmindedly. He continued walking, his thoughts going on nonchalantly like this, although he could feel his heart racing, and he could hear it in the quiet of the night.

He found Temari training in a area a bit tucked away. He had come here often just to feel that feeling when she was around... he was sure she knew he was there, but she never did anything about it. Never acknowledged his presence, let alone commenting on it.

But this time was different. If she refused to acknowledge his presence on his own, then he'd make her acknowledge him. He did this on many occasions, wanting to be noticed by many people. However this was different. Temari was a girl-- a girl he liked. Someone he wanted more than anyone to acknowledge him. Someone he had to make notice him. No matter what.

"Naruto, its you again, isn't it?" Temari questioned, her voice soft. She halted in her training, turning in the direction that Naruto stood. Naruto could help but take in every bit of her. The way that one hip rose above the other as she stood with one leg holding more weight than the other one. His eyes traced the curves of her body... it was perfect, seemingly flawless. She had her hands on her hips, hands that were so smooth despite the environment that surrounded her. Her eyes weren't unkind, but still not kind either. But when her eyes searched for his, he could see a certain gentleness in them. He allowed himself to lock eyes with hers, and spoke softly.

"Yeah its me." He responded, although it was unnecessary, since she had already turned to him and proved herself right. "Out training again, I see." He said calmly, in an almost out of character manner. He felt the need to be calm right at this moment.

"Yes. I notice you've been watching me train a lot lately. Is there any reason for it?" She wasn't going to dodge around the main subject. She wasn't going to be set astray by side comments or sentences meant to be distractions. She was frank, almost so honest it hurt. Honesty. It was one of the many qualities he admired about her...

"No, there really is no reason for it." He lied. He couldn't just tell her that he liked being around her. He walked towards her, lessening the space between them. He was in front of her now, and he now stood a half a head higher than her, but when he had first met her, he had been shorter than her. But she looked like she had hardly grown at all. "Temari..." he said softly, a certain gentleness in his voice, a tone reserved specially for her, and her alone.

She froze at the tone in his voice. It was soft and gentle, a tone she had never heard him speak in before. It was far more gentle than his usual yelling and protesting. Even more gentle than his usual chattering. She had never heard anything like it before. "...what?" She managed to say. The way he said her name... it made her melt in place.

"Temari..." he pressed his lips gently against hers. He savored his taste for seemingly minutes, although it was just a few seconds. He pulled away quickly, knowing that what he had done was wrong. He had kissed someone he knew didn't love him back. He wasn't supposed to be loved... he was hated by everyone. He muttered softly, loud enough for her, still in that special tone for her, "...I'm sorry." He turned lightly on his heels, walking towards the buildings of the village. He felt something soft grip his arm, and swing him around and suddenly his lips were met with something soft and warm.

Temari's lips against his. His eyes widened a bit in confusion, his eyelids fluttering up and down several times in a blinking motion. He looked at her for a moment, wanting to see her eyes. He wanted to see the reason why she was kissing him. He wanted to know, but her eyes were closed. He stood there for seemingly minutes, lost for what to do. Temari's eyes fluttered open, staring directly into his. He could feel her arms wrap around his neck and pull him closer to her. Very suddenly, she broke the kiss, her lips forming a small smile at the corners of her mouth.

He was silent, lost in his own thoughts. Temari had just kissed him. Sabakuno Temari. The Temari that he often watched train. The Temari he discovered his love for. That Temari. He was speechless. He didn't know what to say, but the silence between them was deafening. He stole a look at her. She was still quite close to him, the look on her face was soft and gentle. He had never seen her look at anyone like that. He had that warm feeling in his chest again, the feeling he was so addicted to. She caused that feeling. That wonderful feeling that he couldn't get when he was with anyone else.

"...You don't have to be sorry." Temari's voice was quiet, almost a whisper. A smile was still threatening to overtake her lips, as she stared at him, her eyes searching his, while his searched hers. Both knew what the other was looking for. They both knew they were looking for proof of what they felt. Both of them found confirmation. They needn't have to say anything. They knew that they both had found something in each other that they could never find in someone else.

They found love.

For Naruto, it was a relief that he could be loved by someone. After all the years of being treated horribly by the villagers, he had began to doubt his humanity. But the feelings he had for her... they were definitely human. He wanted to feel the feeling that had been absent from his life. Love.

For Temari, it was proof that she had the ability to love someone. That she could actually begin to understand and share the same feeling with someone of the other gender. It was that wonderful feeling that had been vague to her. Love.

He was of Leaf, she was of Sand.

But that didn't matter. Or at least, they didn't think it did. It didn't matter really, as long as they could be together. As long as they could know that the other loved them.

Naruto put one hand behind his back, and gently, pushed one of his legs against both of his, making her legs fall out from underneath her. Before she could fall, however, he slipped his other hand behind her knees and hauled her up in his arms so she leaned against his chest. The expression on her face was that clearly of surprise. She hadn't been expecting that all. He grinned a little at her, "Its cold out here, isn't it?" He asked softly. He didn't need her to reply to know the answer. He turned, and began to walk back towards the village. He glanced down at her form in his arms. For the first time, he noticed how tattered she was from training. 'She must be exhausted...' he thought, noting several bruises on her arms, as well as a scratch on her cheek and a few rips in her sleeves. She had probably been training longer today than usual... her clothes were dirty, with spots of dirt here and there. "...are you tired?" He questioned her.

"...no." She lied, pointing to a bench, she said, "Come on. Let's go sit over there."

Naruto smiled a little, walking over to the bench, and sitting her down, then taking the spot to her right. Temari looked uncomfortable, like she wanted to say something, but she didn't have enough courage to do so. There was a light blush on her cheeks, which made her look cuter than usual in Naruto eyes. "You're cute when you blush you know."

That made the light pink turn to a darker pink, "...T-thanks, I guess." She wasn't used to this. She wasn't used to be complimented on her looks. Sure, being complimented on her skills as a ninja was no problem, she was used to that. But on other, more personal things, that was something different. For some reason, this mad her think of her mother, who had died when she was three years old. She had one distinct memory, when she had told Temari that she loved her, and that she was prettier than she could have ever hoped. Whenever she thought about this, the sickening feeling of sadness washed over her, and it must have showed on her face.

"...is there something wrong, Temari?" Naruto asked, looking at her with concern.

"No... I'm just tired." Temari half lied. Naruto gave her a look that clearly told Temari that he didn't buy it. But rather than questioning her farther on it, he picked her up again, gently, just like before. This time, he started walking towards the place she was staying while she was in Konoha. It was an apartment, used on and off by important people from other villages. By this time, Temari had fallen asleep in his arms. He opened the door, and was careful not to bump her head against the doorframe, taking her inside the apartment. He found the bedroom easily, sliding Temari underneath the covers. He kissed her on the forehead, and turned to leave, when he heard a soft, sleepy voice talk to him.

"Naruto... I love you."

Naruto turned towards the bed, to see Temari with her eyes half open. "I love you to, Temari." He responded, in return. A smile formed on her lips, and her eyes fluttered shut. Knowing that Temari was sleeping, he quietly left, slipping out into the night. He looked up at the darkening sky, and knew, that he had exactly what he wanted right now. He had Temari.

Yes, he was of Leaf, she was of Sand.


Author's Note: Yes. This is an unusual pairing in Naruto, I know. But I've found it very adorable, and actually, more likely than some of the other pairings I've seen. This was very random, one day, after trying to find fanart for this pairing (no I wasn't successful…) I decided to write a fic to share the love. Review.