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Okay, this is basically the exact same event, only more towards Temari's side.

He was of Leaf, She was of Sand (Temari's Version)


Temari was at home. Or rather, a small apartment in Konoha that she called home as long as she was here. She sighed, bringing her knees up to her chest. She should probably go out training soon... it was kind of like an unspoken agreement, Temari would go out and train, Naruto would watch.

She never talked to him. She never acknowledged that he was there. She just trained.

But she knew he was there. Why he was there that is what was bothering her. But she didn't dare hope that the blonde haired boy had any feelings for her. He was probably just watching out for her as long as she was in Konoha. Probably something Gaara set up.

That's what she told herself. Every single time.

Oh its probably something Gaara set up. Or perhaps he wants to watch to get ideas. What ideas he'd get, was beyond her. She supposed there could be things... but that isn't what she wanted to believe at all.

She was attracted to him, more like pulled towards him like she was metal and he was the magnet. She wanted him to have feelings for her more than anything in the world.

He was of Leaf, she was of Sand.

She brushed her fingers up against her fan, and decided it was time to get going. She didn't have time to ponder things that would never be. She released the grip she had around her knees, letting drape over the side of the bed before she put all of her weight on them. She picked up her fan and smoothly put it on her back, heading towards the door and putting on her shoes. She didn't feel much like training today, but that's where she should be at this time of day.

She should be out training, and Naruto should be watching.

When she approached her normal training area, she let a soft sigh escape her lips before she started. It was cold for her, so if she kept active, then at least she'd be a little warmer. She continued like this for several hours.

Then she finally sensed him. Somehow, she knew he wanted to talk this time around. She was rather tired by now anyway. "Naruto, its you again isn't it?" Her voice surprised even herself. She hadn't ever used that tone of voice before, and she didn't know where it had come from. She turned towards him, allowing herself to just examine him quickly without doing too much of it. Naruto, however, seemed to be memorizing every curve of her body. She searched for his eyes, and he finally allowed her to lock eyes with his.

He spoke very softly, like he was afraid if he took any other tone of voice it would shatter glass. "Yeah its me." He responded. His voice lacked the usual excitement and loud volume. She wondered why. "Out training again, I see."

"Yes. I noticed you've been watching me train a lot lately. Is there a reason for it?" That was all she could ask at the moment. She wanted to know. She wanted to know so she could prove that he would never love her the way that she loved him.

"No, there really is no reason for it." He answered. He approached her, slowly elimating the space between them. She had to look up at him slightly, although he was only about a half a head taller. She hadn't grown much at all... "Temari..."

That almost made her melt in place, the way he said her name. He had never said it with out the '-san' on the end... she liked the way he said it, so gently... so... lovingly? No. She refused to think like that. She knew he didn't feel the same. "..what?" Was all she could manage to say.

"Temari..." He gently pressed his lips against hers. She blinked rapidly, and he pulled away quickly. "...I'm sorry." He told her, still in that soft tone. He turned away, and began to walk.

She wasn't going to let this get away. It was now or never. She had to do it now. She reached her arm out, and gripped his, whirling him around and pressing her own lips against his, letting her eyes close. She had wanted this more than anything... but to think she actually had it... She opened her eyes, hers looking directly into his. She snaked her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. She broke the kiss, allowing herself to smile ever so slightly.

After moments of silence, Temari decided to say something, "You don't have to be sorry." It was almost a whisper. She hadn't meant to make it that way, it just came out that way. She searched through his eyes, trying to find what she wanted to believe. She had to stare into his eyes for moments before she could believe that she was, indeed, seeing what she wanted to.

She was seeing the pure love he had for her.

The love she never thought would be returned.

He was of Leaf, she was of Sand.

She felt one of Naruto's hands behind her back, and gently, he pushed one of his legs against both of hers, making her legs collapse under her. She let out a small gasp, but was soon caught by Naruto, who slipped his other free hand behind her knees, and picked her up. She felt him begin to walk, and soon, "...are you tired?" she heard him question.

"No." She lied. She looked around. There was a bench. She pointed to it, "Come on, let's go sit over there."

He smiled a little, walking over to the bench. He sat her down gently, sitting next to her to the right.

Temari was having an inner battle. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him, but shyness that usually wasn't present was taking over. She felt a light blush come on to her cheeks, and she heard Naruto say:

"You look cute when you blush you know."

She felt the blush turn darker. "...T-thanks I guess." She wasn't used to this, she wasn't used to being complimented on her looks... This made her think of her mother. When her mother told her how pretty she was... how much prettier she was than she could ever have hoped for. She felt the waves of sadness come over her.

" there something wrong, Temari?" it was Naruto. She turned her head towards him, seeing his face full of concern.

The best excuse she could think up was something she had lied about, "No... I'm just tired." She saw his doubtful look, but he once again, picked her up bridal style, carrying her home. She closed her eyes, and dozed off.

When she awoke for a moment, she was in her bed, underneath the covers, she was a bit frightened it was a dream for a moment, then she relaxed when she felt Naruto's presence in the room.

This was the perfect chance to say it. And she wasn't going to let it go. "Naruto... I love you."

Naruto turned towards her, and she looked up at him with half open eyes, waiting for his response.

"I love you to, Temari."